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Rohinni Lightpaper : la carta luminosa che potrebbe rivoluzionare la fotografia - Cibo per la mente. Da fotografo, videomaker o direttore della fotografia, ti piacerebbe avere un illuminatore spesso come un foglio di carta, senza cavi, tagliato della forma che vuoi ed adesivo in modo da poterlo applicare a qualsiasi superficie?

Rohinni Lightpaper : la carta luminosa che potrebbe rivoluzionare la fotografia - Cibo per la mente

\r\n\r\nSe la risposta è si allora sarai d’accoro con me che Rohinni potebbe davvero rivoluzionare il mondo dell’illuminazione fotografica (e cinematografica) nel futuro. \r\n\r\nAvevo avuto l’occasione di vedere una tecnologia simile circa 5 anni fa in un’azienda che si occupa di illuminzion fotografica, si trattava di una sorta di carta, piuttosto spessa, ma flessibile, che alimentata da una carica elettrica grazie ad un processo elettrochimico emetteva luce. Il problema di quel prototipo era che necessitava di una discreta corrente elettrica, aveva bisogno di un grosso alimentatore, non era sagomabile ed essendo elettrochimica aveva una pessima dominante verde ed un ancor pessimo CRI. Un esempio di Lightpaper. Computer Assisted Design CAD Systems for clothing and textiles. CadCam Technology, Ltd (United Kingdom) : Developers of stitch editing, punching and organizing software for the embroidery industry.

Computer Assisted Design CAD Systems for clothing and textiles

Cadterns Custom Cloting, Inc (Canada) : Developers of software for the creation of flat patterns, drafted to personal measurements, and fit and style requirements. On-line learning for recreational fashion designers. C-Design Fashion : C-DESIGN provides the garment industry with access to leading edge technology with innovative tools and an internal communication network which allows quick transfer of information between all departments. Their clients can optimize their entire creation and production process. They gain in terms of reactivity, execution time, efficiency and profitability. Compucon SA (Greece) : Developers of software for embroidery designers and manufacturers. Datas, Ltd (Romania) : Developers of software programs for production performance analysis applications in the garment manufacturing industry. Fibre processing tools and machines that the whole world can use and help improve.

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Military Fire Resistant Clothes, Military Flame Retardant Clothing

You cannot afford to let sweat or discomfort become a distraction. Whether you’re serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Special Ops, or work in Maintenance and Repair Operations, the proper military apparel can protect you from harsh conditions you may face overseas or at home. The DRIFIRE® line of Comfortable FR Wear gives you the permanent flame resistant (FR) protection you need to be safe, with the comfort you deserve to keep you fresh and focused in any situation.

Because at DRIFIRE, keeping you protected, comfortable, and able to do your job safely is our business. Protecting Those Who Protect and Serve Take Comfort in the DRIFIRE® Line of Comfortable FR Wear DRIFIRE’s military apparel is designed to withstand extreme conditions. We know that comfort is vital when it comes to your clothing. DRIFIRE features include: Delivery Terms. Pricing & Shipping All orders are billed in EURO.

Delivery Terms

Other currencies may be displayed and should only be taken as a guideline regarding the latest exchange rates. Whilst every care is taken to maintain this as accurate as possible, Xion PG cannot accept any liability for any discrepancy in the true currency rate as charged to you via your chosen method of payment, and that displayed upon this website. Please check for the latest 'real-time' currency exchange rates. All prices are Inclusive VAT where applicable. Returns If, in the unlikely event, you are not happy with your purchase from Xion PG, any item can be returned in original condition with the original packaging including all of the original tags and labels, within 14 days from receipt of purchase. Return your goods to: Customer Service Dept.

Technology. Products / Fabrication - Primary Materials. Textile Wire >Home. Conductive Felts Coated with conductive polymer coating. Quality Fabric Of The Month. Tessuti doppi.

Patents Filato a fiocco - Textiles Software. Glitch Knit !!! I'd like to introduce the New project "Knitting Machine Hack and Glitch Knit" Glitch Knit is an art project for extending the fabric making, information tech, and fashion.

Glitch Knit !!!

The member Nukeme is a fashion designer uses the method named "Glitch Embroidery". Glitch Embroidery is constructed with the special broken data for sewing machine. Nukeme glitches the data with binary editor and stitches with computer sewing machine. Nukeme's "Glitch Embroidery" received the "Jury Selection" in Japan Media Arts Festival 2013.

This work "Knitting Machine Hack and Glitch Knit" was inspired from the many experiments between knitting and computing. In order to hack the our Brother KH-970 Knitting Machine to "Glitch Knitter", we chose the Arduino Due instead of the original circuit board. This project is supported by Emi Yamamoto (FabLab Shibuya Tokyo) On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics.