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White Papers Archive - Endeavour PartnersEndeavour Partners. Wearable Technology Database. Fitbit Prices I.P.O. at $20 a Share, Above Top of Its Range. Photo When Fitbit begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, it will do so at a healthy valuation.

Fitbit Prices I.P.O. at $20 a Share, Above Top of Its Range

The company, which sells popular wearable fitness-tracking devices like the Fitbit Surge bracelet, priced its initial public offering at $20 a share on Wednesday, a dollar above its already heightened price range of $17 to $19 a share. At that level, the company will raise $732 million for itself and its selling stockholders after increasing the number of shares to be sold to 36.6 million from 34.5 million. The price values Fitbit at $4.1 billion.

The shares will begin trading on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FIT. Smartwatches: less than half a million in use in the UK. Wearable computing faces an uphill battle breaking through to the mainstream, new data shows.

Smartwatches: less than half a million in use in the UK

Smartwatches are only half as popular as fitness bands in the UK - but neither has yet gone beyond the “early adopter” stage, according to data from the research company KWP ComTech. In all there are 426,000 smartwatches currently owned in Great Britain, the company says, meaning that less than 1% of the population owns one. Of those owners, 72% (306,000) are male, 56% (238,000) are aged under 35 and 34% (145,000) live in London. By contrast, fitness bands such as the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit One or Shine are more widely used with 1.8% penetration, representing about 1 million owners. White Papers Archive - Endeavour PartnersEndeavour Partners. Welcome to Forbes. Making wearable technology meaningful: Part 1. Despite a lot of hype, it’s not much of a stretch to say that wearables haven’t made much of an impact on consumers and haven’t come close to reaching their full potential.

Making wearable technology meaningful: Part 1

The problem today is that wearables are being generalized to a mass population for simple, discrete and short-term events (like tracking how many steps you walk per day), which offers very little long-term value to a person. Making wearable technology meaningful: Part 2. In this series our designers, strategists and technologists have envisaged how wearable technology might better impact health care management.

Making wearable technology meaningful: Part 2

With the recent $4.1 billion valuation of fitbit it seems like we are on track to meet some analysts predictions that the wearables market will reach $12.6 billion with in the next three years. Wearables certainly offer huge business potential but to fulfill this prophecy we believe that we will need to shift away from creating solutions that target the general population with broad use cases and focus in on more specialized situations to for smaller groups of people. Wearable Computing for Medical Applications - IEEE Life Sciences. By Michael Lawo and Otthein Herzog NOTE: This is an overview of the article, which was presented at the CEWIT 2011 Conference.

Wearable Computing for Medical Applications - IEEE Life Sciences

(CEWIT 2011 Conference papers are available here).Click here to read the entire article. Crafting Wearables // NEWS. On March 19, the Dutch live television programme devoted an item to the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

Crafting Wearables // NEWS

Pauline van Dongen's solar dress was presented during the broadcast as one of the promising art projects shown during the SXSW festival: 10 October - 24 November 2013 // Progress in nano technology, genetic manipulation and clones promise a future in which nature will be copied and personalised to our taste. Are your body and genetic code properties that you may copy, remix and destroy at will? Sproutling Baby Monitor. Wearables Get Weird, Lovely Sex Tracker And ‘Coach’ Aims To Put Swag In Your Shag. I may have been wrong about the wearables market.

Wearables Get Weird, Lovely Sex Tracker And ‘Coach’ Aims To Put Swag In Your Shag

Here's the thing, I still don't think smartwatches are the the next big thing, to borrow a line from Samsung, and I don't see fitness bands being the thing that companies like Apple and Google throw their full weight behind. 4 Eye Openers At The Wearable Technology Show 2015 - Rootnotion. In the Wearable world of technology, this year has plenty of surprises to offer with some exciting products already here and those coming to market.

4 Eye Openers At The Wearable Technology Show 2015 - Rootnotion

The Wearable Technology Show summed these events in just one event, jam packed with astonishing and interactive devices, Virtual Reality Headsets, Clothing, Conceptual ideas to Hackathons, Augmented Reality and plenty more. Futuristic Wearable Tech For Health [infographic] ~ Visualistan. Wearable Drone Technology Is Coming, So Brace Yourselves For The Future. Tech of the Week: Rewind to the Future with some self-lacing shoes.

This year marks the year where Marty McFly and Doc Brown make their trip to the future.

Tech of the Week: Rewind to the Future with some self-lacing shoes

While we are still years away from hovercrafts and hover skateboards, and we certainly don’t use faxes anymore, Nike has come up with the next best thing – the self-lacing shoes. To Sell Wearables to Women, First Make Them Feel Bad. Women are the early adopters of all kinds of technology.

To Sell Wearables to Women, First Make Them Feel Bad

We talk on our phones and send more text messages than men, spend more time using location-based services, and own the vast majority of Internet-connected devices, including e-readers and health gadgets. Not that you would learn any of this while walking around the International Consumer Electronics Show, the colossal gadget convention that wrapped up last week in Las Vegas. CES is a four-day festival of tech at its most hyper-masculine, complete with booth babes, the most ridiculous TVs ever, thousands of square feet devoted to such classic man-toys as high-fidelity audio equipment and car tech. What little was on display for women spoke volumes about how gadget makers see us, their female consumers.

Industry assumption No. 1: To get more women to buy wearables, offer more glamorous options. Latest in wearables, a 'smart' ring. Wearables and mHealth: New FDA Draft Guidance on Low-Risk General Wellness Products. One of the most widely discussed trends that has emerged within the medical device industry is the development of wellness and health-focused wearable devices and mobile health applications. These devices and related apps, often grouped under the term mHealth, can perform a wide range of functions that are becoming increasingly important to users. These include tracking daily exercise, recording food intake, monitoring vital signs, and delivering critical data to healthcare practitioners who may be providing remote diagnosis and treatment, or to researchers who are conducting clinical studies.

Soleus GO! Activity and Sleep Tracker. Check the SUPPORT / VIDEOS tabs for latest troubleshooting and manuals[ Keep Going. ]Learn more about the GO! The FDA will regulate wearables making health claims. Everyone loves the idea of strapping a smartwatch to their wrist and using it to get a bit healthier, but there's a fine line between casual wearables and serious medical devices. It's an important distinction, since while the former can be sold without any sort of oversight, the latter is rightly covered by the FDA's regulations. Wearables, Andrew Wiggins and the Irony of Hype. If you follow college basketball, you probably noticed that this pre-season had an enormous amount of attention directed at several freshmen athletes, notably Andrew Wiggins of the University of Kansas. These young men were asked for autographs before attending a practice, had their jerseys sold before playing their first game and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated before enrolling for classes.

Further, if you continued to follow the college basketball season, you probably noticed that these young men have had moments and games of brilliance as well as terrible games. Infographic: All The Wearables You Could Be Wearing Right Now. QardioArm: The smart wireless blood pressure monitor. QardioArm offers a number of unique features such as PLACES, allowing you to monitor your blood pressure across multiple locations and helping you to understand how your lifestyle impacts your health.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY function lets you follow others or allows others to follow you back, creating a support network for better health outcomes. Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge (#WHPC15) Flex Insulin Pump. Novartis Joins With Google to Develop Contact Lens That Monitors Blood Sugar. Photo LONDON — Google announced on Tuesday a partnership with the European drug maker Novartis to develop a smart contact lens with the potential to monitor the wearer’s blood sugar levels.

The agreement is among recent moves into the health care sector by technology giants including Apple and Samsung as they develop devices and mobile applications to track people’s daily lives. Tech of the Week: stroke your hair to control your phone.

Wearable Technology. Gucci Is Getting Into the Wearable-Tech Game. Painmaster Micro Current Therapy. ARDAEngine: the Arthur C Clarke definition of magic? Wearable Technology: Technology Trends 2014. The Wearable Technology Show - Top Mobile Trends. PSFK Future Of Wearable Tech Report. Peeking into the Future of Wearable Tech E-Waste - Green Hippo. Will Wearable Tech Be In Demand In The Future? - TechMalak. Wearable Tech Festival Fashion of the Future. Wearable Tech The Future Of Accessorizing [Infographic] ~ Visualistan. Wearable technology – fad or the future? Infographic: Wearable Technology Roundup. Wearable World News. Wearable Wednesday Barcelona- Eventbrite. Frog Wearables - Consumer Electronics Product Design. 8 Brilliant Concepts For The Future Of Wearable Tech. The Potential Behind Wearable Gadgets. An exclusive look at Bragi's ambitious smart headphones.

Wearables are ugly and inessential, let's fix them. Wearable Sensors Gather Lots of Data. 2014, the wearable year? - Corke Wallis. Wearable Tech: More Than Just Google Glass [Infographic] Wearable cloud tech makes users feel more self-confident, clever... and sexy? Wearables. AAPL, GOOG, BRCM Tops in Credit Suisse’s ‘Wearables’ Weltanschauung.