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CoolTech - Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Kapture Audio-Recording Wristband Device. Myo Gesture Control Armband - Wearable Technology by Thalmic Labs. Martian Notifier Smartwatch. How the Apple Watch Can Spark Creativity in Special Ed Classrooms. At the A.

How the Apple Watch Can Spark Creativity in Special Ed Classrooms

Harry Moore School of New Jersey City University, we have a rich tradition of embracing best practice in educational and therapeutic research and applying that knowledge in the classrooms of our demonstration laboratory school. As a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, I am always looking for innovative tools that will help improve the education of our unique population of low-incidence special education students ranging from ages 3-21.

Also, I look for new 21st century devices that enhance the creativity of our dynamic teaching faculty and inspire them to craft and design innovative lessons. And what’s recently piqued my interest? The Apple Watch. Not Just a Shiny Object Globally recognized edtech thought leader Monica Burns recently visited our school to demo the Apple Watch with our students, teachers, and technology coordinator Ms. Participate Learning - Apple Watch Education apps. Babel Voice Translator Free.

Participate Learning - Apple Watch Education apps

10 Very Good Apple Watch Apps for Teachers. January 19, 2016 It’s too early to talk about the use of wearable technology in education but the buzz Apple Watch is making within education circles heralds a promising future for a potential integration of this device in mainstream education.

10 Very Good Apple Watch Apps for Teachers

Early adopters have already been tinkering with the different possibilities to use Apple Watch for educational purposes and have come up with some interesting ideas. For instance, Maureen Yoder talks about 5 ways to use Apple Watch in class, Paul Hamilton demonstrates how to use Apple Watch to collect students data and observations in a particular learning activity and automatically sync them to Google Sheet, Brightspark has these handy tips to help you better integrate Apple watch in your teaching, and Courtney Pepe explains some of the ways to use Apple Watch to spark creativity in special-ed classrooms.

In addition to these resources, we have also curated this short list featuring some good educational apps for teachers using Apple Watch. 5 ways to use the Apple Watch in your classroom. 6 Education Lessons from Fitbit. I continue my monthlong reflection on gamification in education.

6 Education Lessons from Fitbit

One activity that I find helpful is looking at specific gamification examples “in the wild” and thinking about what insights educators can garner. That is where I got the idea for the recent article on What Educators Can Learn from Angry Birds. While a bit less viral than that addictive game that seeks revenge against the pigs, Fitbit has a growing fan base. Unlike Angry Birds, this device merges the physical and the digital, which offers educators the opportunity to think about mixing two of the hottest educational trends, gamification and blended learning. Have you heard of Fitbit? Constant Feedback in Easy to Understand Formats – With the Fitbit, you can quickly look at the device to find out the number of steps that you’ve taken at any point in the day. Related 10 Gamification Challenges for Educators What can educators learn from games? January 16, 2013. Wearable technology in the classroom: what's available and what does it do?

The terracotta brickwork of the Great Wall of China transfixes a group of students, who reach out to touch the stone in front of them.

Wearable technology in the classroom: what's available and what does it do?

But these children are not in east Asia. Instead, they’ve been magically transported to the historic monument by a virtual reality (VR) headset. They are using Expeditions, a new classroom initiative unveiled by Google in May. The inexpensive cardboard contraption – literally a folded piece of cardboard with lenses attached – turns a smartphone into a VR viewer. Search for "fitbit" Early this month I purchased the long awaited Fitbit Flex , which is a super impressive wireless sleep and activity tracker.

Search for "fitbit"

The slim & stylish device is intended to be worn 24/7 and it most certainly has not left my wrist since it was setup on July 1st. During the day, it tracks my steps, cumulative distance, and calories burned. At night, it works to track my sleep quality and has become a replacement to my usual alarm clock, waking me via a silent vibration.

At any stage throughout the day I can check the Fitbit mobile app or login to to check how I am progressing towards my daily, weekly and long term goals. The following data highlights the sort of information I receive throughout the day. Pinterest. Fitbit Friends in the Classroom. Click the link above to read the article in the Fall publication: I ordered the materials and supplies early October and by the end of October we were off on our Fitbit adventure!

Fitbit Friends in the Classroom

What do you plan to accomplish with this project? I plan to accomplish improving my students' critical thinking skills such as reasoning and problem solving by providing real life experiences that make educational standards relevant. Students will wear Fitbit trackers at all times throughout the day as a tool to make personal goals, conduct experiments, analyze data and report results. A Fitbit is a small wireless tracker that tracks how many steps you take in a day, how many flights of stairs you climb, and how many ounces of water you drink. The Fitbit will not only motivate students to be active, but it will also provide meaningful data to integrate into math lesson, writing lessons, geography lessons, and cooperative learning lessons.

The First Citizens National Bank sponsored 7 Fitbits for our classroom. EEEK! Pokémon GO Plus. FitBit for PE Class.