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How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages
Facebook business pages just went through quite a change with the release of the new page design that includes the addition of Timeline. But that also means your old way of customizing page tabs -- the tabs you could use to pull in your own custom content alongside the standard tabs like "Photos" and "Likes" -- has changed. These tabs are important for your social media marketing, because they let you create a much richer user experience on Facebook and control the content that your followers see when they visit your page. So, with the new layout, how do you create your own custom Facebook tabs? Wait, Where Do Tabs Exist on the New Facebook Page Layout? Before we get started, let's make sure we're all on the same page about where tabs now exist since the layout is still new to many. Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, let's start customizing! Step 1: Log In as a Facebook Developer Visit Step 2: Create and Name Your New App

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7 Killer Facebook Applications to Create Impressive Custom Tabs Have you ever felt troubled when trying to add a stunning custom tab to your page but don’t know how? Since last year, I had found several that works great in providing sub-tabs and some with fan gate options. Today, it’s all about templates and widgets! Wouldn’t it be great if you can add one of these facebook applications together with some from 23+ Facebook Page applications to improve fans engagement? After all, it’s all about trial and error. Let’s head right to the facebook apps: 7 Killer Tab Customizers for Facebook Pages #1 GroSocial Requirement of Coding Knowledge: No Fans-Gating Content Settings: Available I love GroSocial for the fact that it makes Facebook customization a breeze with its drag and drop interface, along with slick, sophisticated templates and widgets for all packages. #2 Lujure Requirement of Coding Knowledge: No (except email/button embed) Lujure provides templates (limited layout for free plan) and 35 social suites you can choose to add to your tab. #4 FaceItPages

12 Top Tools For Facebook More businesses are turning to Facebook as a cost effective means to connect with and build solid relationships with customers. Subsequently, thousands of tools for Facebook have poured onto the market to help businesses effectively manage and increase ROI from Facebook. Narrowing down the options into a manageable list to consider for your business can be a challenge in itself. That’s why I’ve listed the 12 top tools for Facebook worth checking out below. Klout is considered the standard for influence within the social media industry. TwentyFeet provides you with an overview of your entire online presence from a range of social sites including Facebook. This is a popular social management platform allowing businesses to manage multiple accounts from one interface. Tweetdeck is another popular social management platform. Conversocial enables businesses to provide efficient customer service in Facebook through prioritizing social media customer service messages.

13 Landing Page Tricks that Increase Conversion When it comes to business on the Web, conversion is truly king. Whether it’s email subscribers, new accounts or good ole-fashioned purchases, conversion makes or breaks businesses online. Thousands of articles, hundreds of papers and dozens of books have been written on the subject. 13 Landing Page Tricks that Increase Conversion 1) Test, Test, Test – Start testing before you even start spending. 2) Epic headlines – Most people abandon your landing page within 8 seconds, so your headline is often your one and only shot at convincing them to stick around. 3) Write Killer Copy – If you’ve hooked them with the headline, you’ll need to land them with awesome copy. 4) Eliminate Options – Don’t create analysis paralysis for your visitors. 5) Ask for the absolute bare minimum – Fewer fields = more conversions. 6) Keep it above the fold – As designers, we hate the notion of boxing ourselves into the top 600 pixels of the design. 8)Try a Video – Need to do some product ‘splanin?

Graphics & Logos - The United Methodist Church 16 Creative Ways to Make Your FB Timeline Cover Photo At the 2011 f8 conference, Facebook announced Timeline — a major overhaul of the personal Facebook profiles to which we’ve all grown accustomed. UPDATE December 15, 2011: Facebook announced that Timeline is now available worldwide. Read how to get started. When Timeline is rolled out, your personal profile will be organized in reverse chronological order, as a “timeline” of your life, like an online scrapbook. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “Timeline is the story of your life… in a new way to express who you are.” When Will Timeline Become Available? At this point, only those who are registered Facebook application developers have the option of converting their personal profiles to the Timeline format. However, it’s quite easy to become a “developer” for purposes of getting access to Timeline. The Timeline Cover Photo: A Great Opportunity for Creativity Inserted into the lower left of the Timeline cover is your profile photo. Tim Ware from young boy to adult! E3 — Milan, Italy

Social Media Management The explosive growth of Social Networking websites in Australia has made a well managed Social Media Marketing Campaign an essential part of a businesses marketing plan. Outsource your Social Media Management to our Dedicated Team Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and various other forms of Social Media now connect with millions of Australians on a daily basis. We can assist you by establishing a Social Media presence and providing an ongoing Social Media Management service to ensure your business is promoted effectively online. - Establish a Facebook Fan Page - Establish a Twitter Account - Run your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles - Grow your fan numbers - Link your website and other online marketing to your Social Media profiles A well-managed, engaging, popular Social Media profile directly contributes to higher search engine rankings. Affordable Social Media Management Packages

Web 2.0 and grudge free buttons generator! The new retina mobile Texturized Glassy Badge Shine Big 3d Ribbon iPhone and iPod touch Vista and 7 Download Cartoon Apple Apple style buttons generator! Bubble Bubble style buttons generator! Tooltip Small 22 Inspiring Examples of FB Page Designs The standard landing tab for your Facebook page is the wall. It’s often covered with random discussions and there’s no clear call to action. To get your audience engaged give them a little more than just a generic wall. How to get people to like you? I have selected the pages where new visitors are directed to somewhere else than wall. Kit Kat Victoria’s Secret Gary Vaynerchuk Toyota USA Sony Football

Social Media Templates 2013 Free PSD | Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube — Andrew Macarthy | Social Media Tutorials, How Tos, and Videos Introduction I've previously posted several social media templates in individual blog posts, but I think it would probably be more handy for you guys to be able to grab them all in one spot. This also means that I can easily update the templates and links should the designs change - as we know they often do! The templates for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube are in the .psd file format, which can be opened and edited in Photoshop or GIMP (a free photo editing program). Each template includes simple instructions for where your design should be placed in order to be viewed optimally on each site. Want me to build and design your social profiles? Even with the templates below, I understand that designing and building great social media branding can be tricky, especially if you have never used Photoshop or don't have the time to do the work due to a busy schedule... that's where I can help!

Content Sharing Best Practices 1. Use Facebook Insights to measure the success of your content Facebook Insights provides developers and site owners with metrics about their content. You can view the reach of particular stories, track creation and consumption of pieces of content, and view demographics of who is sharing and engaging with your content. This data is available online and through an API for developers. Some plugins also have a ref parameter which can be used to track traffic generation on your site. 2. The Facebook Crawler fetches content from your site and generates a preview for people on Facebook. You can learn more about how to make sure the Facebook Crawler can access your site in the Facebook Crawler Guide. When someone shares content from your site to Facebook, our crawler will scrape the HTML of the URL that is shared. Take control of what the Facebook crawler picks up from each page by using Open Graph meta tags. Good Examples Title A clear title without branding or mentioning the domain itself. 4.

26 Great FB Landing Page Examples Welcoming people has been a sign of respect and politeness for a long, long time. Businesses can do the same and welcome users who arrive at their page. Having a great Facebook landing page can also help to engage new users from the first interaction. Below is a list of Facebook welcome pages that are great for reasons such as engaging content, call-to-actions, incentives, design, interactivity and so on. While compiling this list I browsed about 600 or so Facebook pages from which most of them didn’t have a landing page or had a really poor one. Digital strategy for business Is your business ready for the digital economy? Do you have a digital strategy in place? Keeping up with digital technologies and incorporating them into your day-to-day business is essential if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace. As technology adoption rises across Australia, your customers' expectations of your business will increase. Your customers will demand high-quality communication through the internet and social media. An up-to-date digital strategy - covering 9 key components - should be part of your ongoing business planning. This guide helps you assess your business's digital readiness and explains how you can create and implement a successful digital strategy.