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White Label A white label solution allows you to use the website optimizer as a vehicle to enchance your own product offering to your customers. Our white label product is a customized solution that provides the same functionality as the BuiltWith Website Optimizer but with your brand customization and logos. What we provide with the White Label MySQL Engines: MyISAM vs. InnoDB This article provides a comparison between the MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines for MySQL. InnoDB is commonly considered to perform worse than MyISAM, but this article aims to dispel this myth by describing the differences between these engines and what makes InnoDB a good fit for many database needs. In addition, a look at when it is better to use MyISAM and a case study of the site provide insight for determining which engine is best for a given situation. Why use InnoDB? InnoDB is commonly viewed as anything but performant, especially when compared to MyISAM.

5 Tips to Use SlideShare for Personal Branding What is Personal Branding? Dan Schawbel, personal branding guru, defines it as: The process by which we market ourselves to others. As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. Introduction to the Technology - Support - Nevoa Networks Wiki Browse Pages Blog LoCI The Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) is middleware for managing and using remote storage. It was invented to support Logistical Networking in large scale, distributed systems and applications. We define logistical networking as the global scheduling and optimization of data movement, storage and computation based on a model that takes into account all the network's underlying physical resources. This contrasts with more traditional networking, which does not explicitly model storage or computation resources in the network. We call this approach "logistical" because of the analogy it bears with the systems of warehouses, depots and distribution channels commonly used in the logistics of military and industrial activity. IBP provides a mechanism for using distributed storage for logistical purposes.

Ways to Use Pinterest for Blog Branding Some time back, I wrote a detailed guide on Pinterest advertising, which is basically on handling paid Pinterest advertising and tips to make the most of business branding. If you’re in an online business, it’s an informative read. In this article, I will look into some ways to use Pinterest for blog branding. Even though blogging is a business, it’s slightly different. To begin with, a blogger may not have a budget for paid advertising and second, bloggers tend to take blog branding less seriously. Let’s see how bloggers can use the image sharing site.

ThoughtWorks Interview Questions ThoughtWorks Interview Questions Filter: Sort By: Date | Number of Comments | Most Recent Comment | Votes The Cougar Skin cosmetics range: Cynical branding or simply clever marketing? Cosmetic company Rodial has a habit of pushing the boundaries with its upmarket skincare range. However the imminent launch of Cougar Skin, a skincare range aimed at menopausal women, seems to be pushing all the wrong buttons. Respected beauty writers such as Sali Hughes have labelled the company cynical and exploitative for producing a line that plays to the insulting stereotype of sexually aggressive older women chasing toy boys.

Software - Percona Percona is committed to producing open-source software for Percona Server, MySQL®, and MariaDB® users. We offer a range of our own MySQL software solutions, and also participate actively in many non-Percona software projects. All of our software is open source and free of charge. “Percona is well known in the industry and offers trusted software, so it just made sense to move to it instead of MySQL Community Edition.” Percona Software Projects The following software is the sole creation of Percona: