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How Observant Are You? A co-worker sent this to me and I found it very clever and supported the fact that I’m totally oblivious to most things LOL!

How Observant Are You?

Do you see the arrow between the “E” and “x” (in white)? The 2nd and 3rd “T’s” are two people sharing (or fighting over) a tortilla and a bowl of salsa. The world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist. The yellow circle is the front wheel of a bicycle, the “O” is the back wheel. The arrow means Amazon has everything from A to Z The gap between the “K” and the “I” is a sideways chocolate kiss. There is a dancing bear above the “ble”. See the ” 31″ embedded in the ” BR”? Northwest Airlines. See the gorilla and lioness (in white) facing each other? The smiley half face is also a ‘g”.

Why Trust Matters More Than Ever for Brands - Deepa Prahalad. By Deepa Prahalad | 10:43 AM December 8, 2011 We’ve all been taught that trust and reputation are important elements of branding.

Why Trust Matters More Than Ever for Brands - Deepa Prahalad

Today, though, trust is not simply a nice thing to have, but a critical strategic asset. Therefore, it makes sense to be specific about how and why it adds value. The drivers of brand value have changed over time, and there are three forces at play that have brought the issue of trust to the center stage: 35 Enviable Brands That Blow Content Marketers Away.

Want to amplify your content marketing?

35 Enviable Brands That Blow Content Marketers Away

Forward Thinking. The Cost Of A Logo. With the highly controversial London 2012 Olympic logo soon to be gone from our billboards and television screens once and for all, we decided to take a look at some other well-known logos and find out exactly how much their respective creative agencies charged for them.

The Cost Of A Logo

Of course, the worth of a logo is a famously hard thing to determine. The very fact that a simple or low-key design often works far better than something intricate or brightly coloured means traditional methods for calculating how much to charge - using things like time and experience - are often thrown out the window. How to Analyze What’s Happening on Your Brand « Beloved Brands. May 26, 2013 As a senior brand leader, I have to confess a frustration when I knew the details better than my Brand Manager.

How to Analyze What’s Happening on Your Brand « Beloved Brands

And it’s not just that senior leaders micro manage, it’s really that they can just analyze situations faster. They taught themselves the fundamentals of analysis. And they know when a Brand Manager hasn’t done the deep dive thinking. Opinions are great. How to go Deeper The best way go deep on your analysis, ask “so what does that mean” at least five times and watch the information gets richer and deeper. Looking at the Gray’s Cookie example above, intuitively, it makes sense that going after Health Food Stores could be one option put on the table. Analytical Tools: SWOT, PEST, FORCE FIELD A good analytical tool helps to separate out attributes on the brand that may contribute positively or negatively, are happening vs could happen.

A SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The Tools Help Frame Your Thinking but Never Replace it. Color Psychology In Marketing. Color Psychology in Logo Design. COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY IN LOGO DESIGN Our minds are inherently programmed to respond to colour.

Color Psychology in Logo Design

They shape our thoughts and emotions. And according to studies, colour affects more than mood — it has the ability to change our buying habits. Colour can invoke as much as an 80 per cent change in motivation when it comes to online shopping, advertising, and marketing campaigns. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, some color effects have universal meaning. Here are some examples of how different colours are perceived, and logos that were designed to aggressively or subtly reach their market.

->white The universal colour of peace and purity. Cleanliness Innocence Peace Purity Refined Sterile Simplicity Surrender Truthfulness ->yellow Can have conflicting messages Bright and highly visible, it’s often used in logo design to get attention, create happiness and warmth. Caution Cheerful Cowardice Curiosity Happiness Joy Playful Positivity Sunshine Warmth. The Power Of Brands Lies In Shared Values. Brands, just like people, have values – bedrock principals they stand for and hold near and dear to the heart.

The Power Of Brands Lies In Shared Values

These principals form the reason brands exist. Brand values influence two important business assets – relationships and reputation. Relationships are built on trust and reputation is built on delivering on your promise. In our over-crowded, me-too marketplace, points of difference that are function and feature based are no longer sustainable. Consumers today are tuning out marketing and tuning in to those brands that represent shared values. Nothing else really matters.

Connections begin with respect and empathy Brands aren’t human, they have no consciousness, brands are not things, nor do they do anything. At the end of the day, we’re still talking about an idea of value in the mind. Shared values form the basis for all relationships Wherever we go in business and in life, we bring are own values along as well.

Leading brands are always differentiated by their shared values.