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Nueve estudio - comunicación y diseño - identidad, naming, packaging. Bunker3022. Branding & Design Boutique Studio. BADV Studio | Branding | Illustration | Graphic Design. Branding & Design Studio. Estudio de Diseño Gráfico y Branding. Farm Design | Cultivating Brands. Global Brand Consultancy. Hello | Bert. Home • LIBBY Co. Boutique Branding & Design Studio. Smart! Grupo Creativo. Paul&Louise | eyegix™ The Deep End. 7 great examples of Corporate identity design done right | What do you think when you heard “Corporate Identity“?

A corporate identity is more than just a logo applied to promotional material. Just look at apple, every detail is thought. In these awesome examples we will focus on the logos, packagings and guidelines. Discover how they use colors, shapes and the material to make their company recognizable right away. The following picks are excellent examples of what corporate identity design can be and should be!

Autentika Corporate Identity by Jakub Rutkowski AVIVO Corporate Identity by Denis Olenik Avivo is an interactive company based in Slovenia. Dimitrovi & Co. By Kliment Kalchev Founded in the early 90 in the city of Pleven and focused on delivering heavy machinery services (excavators, bulldozers and heavy trucks) Dimitrovi & Co. is now one of the largest construction companies in North Bulgaria. Chempaq Corporate identity by Muggie Ramadani Valens – engergy drink Corporate identity by Maxime Quoilin Amova Corporate identity by Roger Oddone.

102 Best Corporate Identity Design Inspiration. Cool Business Cards | Inspiredology. Showcasing some very cool business cards and different approaches compared to the traditional ways of the business cards. I have been building up this posts for quite some time now…here is a Flickr group that has some great business cards. David Airey, graphic designer. How to Make Awesome Business Cards at Home - Matthew Inman. While working at SEOmoz I was tasked with designing our corporate business cards. This was always terribly frustrating, not because of any wrongdoing on their part, but simply because I was always unhappy with how the cards turned out. I have very little experience with print design, and somewhere along the way my designs would always end up looking terrible in print. The type would look distorted, the colors were always off, and I even had several cases where elements came out improperly aligned when I got them back from the printer.

With pubcon coming up, I wanted to make some new business cards for myself that were unique, memorable, and looked good. I also didn't want them to be a standard size, but I didn't want to make them shorter than regular cards because I've had people give me cards like that before and it's irrtating. The smaller cards end up sinking down into the pocket of your wallet and you can't find them.

Here's how I did it: Screenshots from Business Card Designer Plus: Feltron Eight. Rogeroddone. 36 Inspiring Corporate Identity Designs | Graphic Fetish. OMG It even has a watermark. Denis Olenik : Corporate and Brand Identity Services. Smart! Grupo Creativo. Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Corporate Identity, Package Design, Art works, Графичен Дизайн, Уеб Дизайн, Принт Дизайн, Корпоративна идентичност, Дизайн опаковки, Арт. 35 cool and inspirational business card designs | CrazyLeaf Design Blog.

Cool business cards are pretty hard to find. Nowadays the materials used for creating cool business cards have diversified very much. Paper is no longer the election material used for the creation of business cards. Metal and plastic business cards are becoming more and more popular due to the development of new technologies and the lowering of printing prices. Below we have prepared a compilation of beautiful business cards for your inspiration. If you like business cards inspiration you might also like our previous articles on plastic business cards, creative business cards, black and white business cards, metal business cards. We also have some beautiful free business card templates for you to take a look and download for free. Eric Kass | design by Heads Inc | design by Melvin | design by Thielen Designs | design by Diesel Design | design by Promptt | design by Kinos Aarau | design by heinz wild Front :

Respiro Media website, logo and print design agency | Custom design services and visual identity development. The Coolest Business Cards - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog. The Coolest Business Cards I Have Ever Seen - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent This was the most fun that I have ever had posting a blog. This blog is for showcasing the most amazing and innovative business card designs that I have ever seen.

Some of the following business cards are shaped like objects, some have pop-up textures, some of these business cards even have plants growing from within the card itself. This business card is for a company named Tag in the shape of a tag. This is similar to the tags above but these are dog tags for a pet adoption program. A business card to look like matches inside a matchbook. This business card is stretchable. A really cool business card in the shape of a leaf for a produce company. A transparent business card on some sort of plastic. Same company as above, but this time the text on the business card is 3d-like.

Isn’t this cool. Business card design that looks like a chocolate bar with a bite out of it. A really cool business card. The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4 : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog. The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4 This is the 4th part of our Coolest Business Card series. This time, we are including the printer (when we can find out the information) who printed these business cards. We received many responses from graphic designers wishing to know how to get similar business cards printed since many of the business cards displayed have complicated folds, cuts, etc. I hope that you enjoy the next set of ‘cool business cards’. Feel free to submit your own. This is a business card created for Viewzi.

This business card for AIGA Knoxville might be my favorite. Dolce Press prints out beautiful business cards with the letterpress process. Isn’t this the coolest business card? Emerson says that he got these printed at Emerson Taymor had these business cards printout as a diecut out with the bottom of the card being scored. I know that it is hard to believe but this is a business card for Ed McCulloch.

400+ Creative Business Card Design Inspiration.