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Logo Collection #01 on Behance. Personal Branding / Identity on Behance. Porto / City Identity and Branding Proposal on Behance. A historical perspective The city of Porto dates back to the Bronze Age, and has been a key location throughout the history of Portugal.

Porto / City Identity and Branding Proposal on Behance

Having been through a lot of different stages and influences since its foundation, its physicality clearly reflects its origins on the banks of the Douro river, cascading all the way up to its high points. The city itself has approximately 200.000 inhabitants, is the capital of its district, forming — with its adjacent municipalities — a single urban area with 2 million inhabitants, the largest in the northwestern part of the peninsula. It is known as the “capital of the north” for its history, its entrepreneurship and work capacity alongside a tradition of underground cultural movements and activism. Porto takes pride in its city, its inhabitants and its tittle of “Undefeated, Highly Noble and Always Loyal”, being a good example of history and modernity, tradition and hipness blended together.

d09a79fdd3e3b93f8ab094e757a619fc.jpg (JPEG Image, 1240 × 9614 pixels) - Scaled (10%) Swarm: Branding and Visual Design. Meet Swarm Swarm is the fastest and easiest way to keep up and meet up with friends.

Swarm: Branding and Visual Design

As an evolution of the original Foursquare check-in experience, Swarm provides an at-a-glance view of all your friends and what they’re up to, making it easier to keep up online and meet up in real life. The Branding Process We worked closely with our friends at Red Antler throughout the branding process for both Swarm and Foursquare and I was happy to call their headquarters home for a little over a month while working together.

During the process I had the unique opportunity to work closely with the Swarm team on visual design within the app while simultaneously working with Red Antler on the app’s branding. Part I: Drawing Inspiration We wanted Swarm to feel fast, playful, and evoke serendipity so we needed an identity that matched this personality. Part II: Ideating and Iterating Logomark Development Wordmark Development Part III: Finalizing the System Swarm’s Visual Design Stickers. Behance. Vogadors Architectural Rowers on Behance. KIDS on Behance. SUPERSILA on Behance. Rain Wine by Misha Petrick. Target Branding 2015 - Allan Peters. About Shop Blog The Quick Tour Logos Badges Target Branding 2015 Cartwheel Rebrand Greatland Target Branding 2011-14 Target Art Gift & Greet Cards Target: Big Red Basket Target: Hello Neighbor Food For Thought Paul & Babe Cycling Club C9 2014 Rebrand The Badge Hunt Branding Target: 50th Anniversary Target: Anniversary Party Target Summer 2012 Target Design Month Nike 6.0 Motocross Target: Momentum Artcrank 2014 Artcrank 2010 ESPN College Basketball Icons.

Target Branding 2015 - Allan Peters

503 Service Unavailable. We know that the issues related to the design of a visual identity are many.

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The visual identity must simultaneously identify and make a difference, to be recognized for the greatest number and establish a singularity. Therefore, the question of visibility and uniqueness in a public space filled with thousands of logos arises. Traditionally, visual identity, whether that of a product, brand or organization, is designed on the basis of a number of parameters, usually related to the constraints of its context of use, but especially of production.

Since the arrival of the screen has greatly expanded the range of possibilities. We observe today a transformation, both at the bottom as the form of the monolithic archetypal logo we all know. Discover some generative identities: Behance. Behance. Bass Music Fest on Behance. JUNGLA | Bass Music FestDiseño de identidad de un festival de musica El partido gráfico se pensó y se diseño bajo el concepto de ¨vibración¨.

Bass Music Fest on Behance

La musica bass es todo aquella música que tiene un gran contenido rítmico, y además se basa en el sonido del bajo. Los graves son un gran protagonista en este tipo de musica. Es una musica que eleva tus sentidos, tu mente y te hace vibrar. De allí el concepto con el cual se trabajó. El nombre del festival, JUNGLA, se penso directamente refiriendose al término "jungle", que era un término que se utilizaba en Jamaica a partir de 1970 en el ambito de la musica reggae, dub y dancehall y se referia a este tipo de musica con mucho ritmo. Las fotografías también fueron tomadas por mi, especialmente para el trabajo JUNGLA | Bass Music FestIdentity design for a music festival The graphic style was thought under the concept of ¨vibration¨.

Photographs also were taken by me, especially for work. Behance. TV 2 Humor Identity on Behance.