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The Emotional Nature of a Brand: Creating images to become world leaders: Jose Souza Martins, Camila Andreoni, Luiz Cersosimo: Books. Diagnostic in Visual Communication Design — Hacking creativity trough drawing. Building a diagnostic method for visual communication design projects Often we see how many projects start merely in intuitive grounds due to the designers intuitive approach.

Diagnostic in Visual Communication Design — Hacking creativity trough drawing

Their intuitive approach can result from their experience in the area or from their visually literacy skills. In the classroom when approaching a methodic approach to project is difficult to instill an idea of process using merely examples supported on intuitive grounds. In this difficult task there are some useful metaphors to explain the problem to learners. A metaphor close to a problem/solution situation, able to bring light to the problem in how to engage the project. Brand Deck. Work Tiko. We identified and designed for the key moments in the customer journey – a constant voice from Tiko would reassure users that their data is safe, and demystify the process.

Work Tiko

We gave guidance on how to apply the system to the app interface, website and physical and digital stationery, and supported the Tiko team to create launch campaigns to educate and incentivise users. With over 5,000 people already participating, Tiko is the first active smart grid in Switzerland, and is one of the biggest smart grids in the world. Given the technical nature of tiko, and the unprecedented nature of the partnership (between RePower and Swisscom), the brand needed to bring clarity to the customer experience.

Moving Brands worked with us to create a compelling human story amidst this complexity, and helped us to set a long term vision that Swisscom, RePower and our audience could embrace. Sandra Trittin, Founder and Head of Business Development and Marketing Tiko. Work Hillary Clinton – a hypothetical campaign. Generally, a rebrand project would start with a brief – a foundation from which to pose questions – and face-to-face working sessions with key stakeholders to understand the business and challenges.

Work Hillary Clinton – a hypothetical campaign

In this instance, as we couldn’t spend time with Hillary, we immersed ourselves in her world; her interviews, essays, and speeches, as well as media analysis of her team. Through studio-wide brainstorms, research and conversations between the MB teams in San Francisco, New York and London, we formed some key insights into what is unique about Hillary: Her name: • Hillary has more personal brand equity than any other candidate.

The International Flag of Planet Earth. The scientific study of flags is called vexillology, and the practice of designing flags is called vexillography.

The International Flag of Planet Earth

Facebook Visual Identity. Aesop – Fabled Brand, Fabulous Marketing. – the Australian boutique Beauty Care brand founded in 1987 – intuitively masters the art of “class branding”.

Aesop – Fabled Brand, Fabulous Marketing

It is a perfect case to illustrate key principles that – when lived by – can lift a brand above the masses. Of course their way to execute is not the one and only way to go. If fact, it is the very individualistic choices brands make in following the principles that make them stand out from the masses. Mission Incomparable – An intelligent beauty brand. No matter where and how you first meet the Aesop brand it will strike you as the prototype of a modern beauty brand. Can branding be agile? Listen again to Ben Casey's take 5 talk. Soma and charity: water in Ethiopia. Beautifully innovative, sustainable glass water filters by Soma. Adrian Goldthorpe, Managing Director of Lothar Böhm London: “I attack the mindless filling in of boxes to show that the brief has been ‘written’” – POPSOP.

How to shape the direction of creative thinking and get the desired result for a company?

Adrian Goldthorpe, Managing Director of Lothar Böhm London: “I attack the mindless filling in of boxes to show that the brief has been ‘written’” – POPSOP

Japan, Switzerland and Germany have the strongest “country brands” in 2014-2015, FutureBrand has researched – POPSOP. This week the global brand consultancy FutureBrand, part of Interpublic Group, have released the sixth annual Country Brand Index 2014-2015 report that ranks 75 countries by seven perceptional dimensions, such as: awareness, familiarity, preference, associations, consideration, decision/visitation and advocacy; where the main factor—associations—is weighted across six more related attributes of status and experience (Value System, Quality of Life, Business Potential, Heritage and Culture, Tourism, and “Made In”).

Japan, Switzerland and Germany have the strongest “country brands” in 2014-2015, FutureBrand has researched – POPSOP

The top five leaders of 2014-2015 ranking are Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Canada with 17 more country brands to follow. Pic.: Top 20 country brands, The Country Brand Index 2014-2015 by FutureBrand. 17 European Countries Band Together to Create Meetings-Themed Marketing Organization. This fall, 17 European convention bureaus across the continent announced the formation of a new alliance, designed to pool resources and share best practices to protect market share in the global meetings and convention arena.

17 European Countries Band Together to Create Meetings-Themed Marketing Organization

This initiative—presently positioned as the European National Convention Bureaux—parallels the leisure consumer-facing Visit Europe consortia of 33 tourism bureaus, operated by the European Travel Commission. The launch date for an official website has not yet been announced. U.S. bookings for meetings, conventions and incentive travel are coming back strong throughout Europe, as they are in many other long-haul destinations that were also deemed prohibitively expensive during the recession. “We’re increasing our group sales staff 20% in Europe for 2015,” says Christopher Koleros, area director of sales/marketing, Europe, InterContinental Hotels. Protecting & Expanding European Interests. Hungary's brand image film wins an award in Cannes! - About Hungary.

The Hungarian Tourist board and the State Opera House were among the winners at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014, a prestigious gala ceremony honouring achievements in corporate audiovisual productions.

Hungary's brand image film wins an award in Cannes! - About Hungary

Watch the recent Tourist Board campaign film "Hungary, more than expected" and find out more about how it won a silver Dolphin award! Every year the city of Cannes hosts an alternative film event, where corporate and advertising films are compared and presented with dolphin awards for expertise in a number of categories. Ivano-Frankivsk city (Ukraine) visual identity. Is Your Brand the Problem? Think Again. When companies struggle to launch innovative new products, find growth or – most importantly – improve business performance, they often blame the brand.

Is Your Brand the Problem? Think Again.

It’s either a lack of customer engagement, or not having enough brand awareness and customer activation. However, that is not always true. I recently spent time with a group of mid-level executives and had candid conversations on the topic of leveraging the user/consumer decision. At the heart of the user or consumer’s decision process is, ultimately, the value proposition. Understandably, that is the most integral part of any business other than the channel pipeline, and yet companies race to launch new products without understanding what their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is. Gen Y Trends: The end of conspicuous branding?

Millennials are increasingly less interested in logo-centric clothes and want unbranded goods more and more. This growing trend for unbranded goods fits, in turn, in another broader trend among Millennials; the increasing trend to create their own personal style. If you let me, me and the hip hop artist Macklemore – both Gen Yers in heart and mind, we will show you how these different future trends fit together in one broad story. Build a Sensational Personal Brand: 7 Tips to Spark Creativity! 7 Rebranding Mistakes To Avoid. Ilya Pozin is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and investor. He is the founder of online video entertainment platform Pluto.TV, social greeting card company Open Me and digital marketing agency Ciplex. Rebranding can be a risky business. What's wrong with brand thinking? By Robert Jones It struck me one grey winter’s morning at the end of last year: is my whole way of thinking wrong? We’re starting a new business at the moment in Wolff Olins – a kind of school of branding.

Fanboys. Fanboys Have you ever loved something so much it hurt? By Lessley Anderson Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Anytime anybody in the universe says something negative about Microsoft, Brad Thorne* loses it. He fires up Twitter: “You’re fucking pathetic!... You have your head so far up your ass!... BrandColors: a collection of major brand color codes.

How Airbnb Gets Us to Create Its Brand. Whether you want to call it the sharing economy or the rise of collaborative consumption or our new peer-to-peer mode of exchanging goods, one of the more pressing questions in this, the era of Airbnb, is: What do we call an "Airbnb" exactly? A company? A platform? A movement? "User-generated brand" is the seemingly oxymoronic term that researchers from a trio of British universities have settled on, at least in this study published in the journal Contemporary Management Research.

Peter Saville on brand tribalism. Branded Interactions. One or two key functions. Marc Stoiber: Can Your Brand See the Future? We live in a time of unprecedented chaos. The Inside Story Of How Microsoft Built The Windows 8 Brand. Remember those horrendous Windows commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld? To Create The Future Of Brand Identity, Ideo Looks Inward. On March 25, the designers at each of Ideo’s 11 international offices put their other projects aside and spent the day thinking about Ideo. The Top Ten Brand Measures. Metricsintegrated's Blog. Go back to Metrics Integrated “The most effective way to cope withchange is to help create it” -I.W. Branding Transparency.

Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism

Branding design brief. Brand Alignement. ARTC. Audio Branding. Memetic branding. Brand Narratives. Air BnB iD. Branding for the experience economy. iD. Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge. Responsive Logos. Swarm: Branding and Visual Design. Meet Swarm. Dynamic Identities by BIS Publishers. Team.