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400+ Creative Business Card Design Inspiration

400+ Creative Business Card Design Inspiration

Inspirations Celebrities are individuals or groups we usually see in our television sets and cinemas. Usually they are the epitome of beauty, looks, fashion, etc. one way or another, they have… Share Wires are usually seen and used for electrical purposes which act as conductors to electricity and electrical signals. Geisha are well known as skilled and traditional entertainers that have been present since the early years of Japan. Toph Beifong or Toph for short, is one of the fictional characters in famous animated series: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jack frost is well known as a fictional character in a movie where he was an immortal being who has the marvelous power of controlling the ice, snow, and cold… A logo is a valuable element in a business. Oranges are very common in almost all places around the world. One of the significant thing about these beasts are their impressive physical characteristics. Can you already smell the love in the air folks?

Great List of the Most Creative and Beautiful Business Cards Business cards for a long time ceased to be just business cards. Today business cards are not just pieces of cardboard or plastic – it’s something more, some business cards are a real masterpiece. Todays business card can look like anything and be similar to anything except business card in ordinary sense of this word. To a greater extent, it has become possible thanks to the wide development of promotional printing, that allow to transform into reality any unusual design ideas. In our current collection we’ve selected 40 + the most creative and beautiful business cards. FeelMe Crew Business Card Casabella Furniture: Sofa by Amanda Casabella NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card by Lori Boos ACME estudio Business Card Thielen Designs Business Card Business Cards for Sage Media Michael But Business Card by Michael But Business card for Daniel V J Sweeney Limited Edition Photography by Total Brand MIXTAPE GENERATION Business Card by kozzy Sattom Media Business Card by tom Wet Business Card by BBDO

Logo Procastination Tout ce qu'il y a à savoir pour réussir ses cartes de visite ( + 90 exemples) Le numérique a beau prendre de plus en plus de place dans nos vies, certains bouts de papier restent encore irremplaçables. Je pense aujourd’hui aux cartes de visites, les fameuses business cards que l’on s’échange à tour de bras lors de réunions ou de conférences. Et il faut bien dire que le jour où vous devez créer vos propres cartes de visite, la question se pose forcément : quel design ?!? Quelle couleur, quelle typo, quelles informations vais-je choisir pour illustrer celui que je suis vraiment ? Je vais essayer ici de résumer les best pratices en la matière compilée depuis plusieurs lectures et retours d’expériences. Le contenu : quelles informations ? La fonction première d’une carte de visite est de transmettre une information : votre identité. Le minimum légal Sans parler de norme, il y a un minimum d’informations qu’un interlocuteur s’attend à trouver sur une carte de visite. Les freelances remplaceront évidemment la société et le poste par le nom de leur activité principale.

Neyun :: Social Network Content Management DESIGN MICROMAX LOGO 1) Upload jpeg samples of your design entries; submit minimum 1 design and maximum 3 designs in JPG. format ,up to 5MB per image. (Upload only one design per attachment) 2) The design must be original 3) Voting begins after the submission deadline 4) Invite your friends to vote for your designs once the voting begins 5) In the title box mention the name of your designs/project & in the description box mention the other details 6) The designs must be an original piece of work and must not have been commercially used before or during the time of this creative invite 7) The logo must have the following: The Brand – Micromax mobile with more weightage on micromax the tagline – nothing like the new entity ‘m’ – which can also be used without the rest of the logo to communicate the brand. 9) Here is a sample/example of the logo design for your refrence. 10) Good luck! I agree to the Guidelines, Official Rules and Terms and Conditions

Inspiration: Unique Business Cards Designing a unique business card can often times be challenging. Your goal is to showcase your talent and originality, but at the same time, you need to integrate your information. Here are some unusual and highly creative business cards to get your wheels turning. Any other examples of unique business cards you would like to share? Tagged as: business cards, graphics, Inspiration

Creare Brochure: Consigli ed Ispirazioni Grafiche La realizzazione di Brochure Grafiche è un processo da affrontare con un buon studio di comunicazione, infatti bisogna individuare bene alcuni aspetti da inserire e mettere in evidenza. A me piace definire le Brochure come dei grandi biglietti da visita, nei quali grazie alla loro dimensione possiamo usare maggiore creatività. Vediamo alcuni consigli, che voglio condividere con voi, maturati durante la mia esperienza. I Colori I colori possono incidere parecchio sulla visibilità di alcuni elementi presenti nelle brochure. Usare forti contrasti può a volte essere utile, ma cerchiamo di non esagerare senza uscire troppo dai colori primari del brand. Ricordiamoci che i colori web sono differenti dai colori della stampa, quindi cerchiamo di adoperare una colorazione corretta. Qui di seguito possiamo vedere alcune Brochure nelle quali i colori insieme al tipo di carattere caratterizzano molto la presentazione rendendola originale e mai noiosa. Le Forme Ho reso l’idea? Le Immagini I Testi

35 Beautiful & Creative Business Card Designs - TutorArt | Graph Designing has been growing lately, as the image is always in important in any business , so today Tutorart brings you a pack of 35 amazing business cards for your inspiration.