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Page. 69162.pdf. +1500 Free PowerPoint Templates & Backgrounds for Presentations. Understanding perceptual maps. The Consumer Buying Decision Process. When people are buying something that’s important, expensive, or risky, they don’t generally do it on a whim.

The Consumer Buying Decision Process

They go through a few stages weighing up options and looking at alternatives. Every step on this journey is one where they could lose interest. By plugging gaps between stages, you will generate and retain more profitable customers. How considered is their buying decision? People don’t typically go from blissful ignorance to paying customer in one great leap. At one end of the spectrum there are buying decisions made in a heartbeat. The further to the right a buyer would place their decision to buy what you’re selling on this continuum, the more complex their thought processes… and the harder your marketing will need to work.

In a considered purchase both emotional and rational appeals need to be met. Expense: there is a high financial outlay involved or an ongoing commitment.Other people: the purchase affects more than one person. Understand the cause to influence the effect.


18 Strategies and Tools for Naming Your Business or Product. Naming.

18 Strategies and Tools for Naming Your Business or Product

Doesn't matter what you're naming—your product, your business, your Web site or heck, even your child (which happens to be my current project), your choice is important. Below, you'll find a flock of ideas, strategies, and tools to make your name discovery a little easier. Through researching and writing this article, I tried to make name discovery a point-by-point affair. I've also noticed that most, if not all, of the articles and reports I've read over the years do the same. Start here, end there, do this and don't do that. Lemme tell you, though, that it's not nearly that cut and dry. There is NO chronological set of events that promise to lead you to naming perfection. There is NO set of naming principles you must adhere to. Sure, there are certain guidelines and ideas that are good to keep in mind, but I promise you that there's an exception to every rule.

The process of naming also has its idiosyncrasies. Consider this: The basic stuff. Corporate-branding. The process we recommend, and have now successfully performed with hundreds of companies in various businesses, is designed to recreate the process of the entrepreneur, but in management teams of all sizes.


The process is described in the book 4D Branding by Thomas Gad (Financial Times-Prentice Hall/Bookhouse, London/Stockholm, 2001). Our role in this process is to be creative facilitators to help to produce a complete brand platform. The branding outcome of this process will be inventive and dynamic, but it always requires top management involvement, thus also offering top management ownership of the Brand - the very power tool of the company.

The basis of our branding process is a 24-hour workshop with the top management team, with preparation beforehand and follow-up work afterwards. Implementing the Brand is the key to success. For more details, please contact us for a specific offer. For more details and ‎ Tools - common identity tools. Components Of Identity > The three kinds of components that need to be understood, to determine and shape an institution's identity Corporate Identity Process > The four universal phases of an identity program... analysis & planning, creative development (naming if needed, and design), application design, and documentation/launch/maintenance. Corporate Brand Platforms > The six strategic foundations for planning, designing and managing institutional identity.

Coca-Cola and The Matrix. By Oliver Reichenstein Brands make us associate positive values and positive experiences with the products they mark.

Coca-Cola and The Matrix

Brand values are defined by the senior management in the “Brand Matrix”. Coca-Cola recently changed their brand matrix. Are we soon going to associate other things with Coca-Cola? Ugly logo, strong logo Brands are signals and signals work best if they’re bold. With its iconographic bottle, Coca-Cola has an appealing and typical interface, overall it has a loud and bold appearance and it has established the prototype of an ugly logo. Coca-Cola’s yearly revenue: 23 Billion USDCoca-Cola’s brand value: 67 Billion USD. “I’m lovin’ it” What I usually hear after this is: “Ugly, ugly not nice… Well that’s just like your opinion, man. The Brand Matrix You judge what you see by what you feel when you see it. Public Affairs and Media Relations Office - corporate identity - DCU identity. Important information regarding cookies and the website.

Public Affairs and Media Relations Office - corporate identity - DCU identity

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