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CoolMiniOrNot - The Internet's largest gallery of Painted Miniatures and Miniature Painting art

CoolMiniOrNot - The Internet's largest gallery of Painted Miniatures and Miniature Painting art
Need help/advicd for snowball dryad Finally finished after a long long always with my minis....Here it is: [url] - Jike Ichi 17-4 02:33pm While we are waiting? [QUOTE=willyc;731313]We got to thinking it was so sad that only the heroes in this game got names an... - comedianmasta 17-4 02:12pm Layering The tutorials on CMON can be very helpful. Another good source for tutorials is [URL]http://tutofig... - Bailey03 17-4 02:00pm BloodFather's Axis of Chaos More pics of the ronin to follow today.

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cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog: Articles When I blog about my wargaming activities I try to squeeze as much information into a post as possible. Because of this they are usually full of links to other websites, cross-links to other blog posts, colour references and whatnot. I do this because I am terrible at remembering this and I am no friend of managing tons of bookmarks (which I have to do nonetheless). Making Miniature Buildings Here are some pictures of miniature buildings. They were made by a web visitor (Charles B.) and he really has a knack for making buildings that look realistic. They are for colonial period dioramas but they would do just as well for medieval period dioramas. For the most part they are just thin pieces of wood and hand made bricks.

Full of Monkey – Miniature Painting & Design Full of Monkey Painting Miniature Painting and Art Wow – it has been too long Lots and lots of stuff. I am finishing up more and more minis and getting things done. My Grey Knights have gotten huge because I have mini buying issues haha. MASSIVE VOODOO Tutorial Overview Welcome to the Tutorial Section of MV is supported by: For quicker navigation to your Pics of the full village... By popular request (well, Malamute asked, so... ) here's the Green Man Inn plus the church in situ in the full village board. Yes, that's one hell of a lot of resin The inn is by Forgeworld, the church by Scenic Effects, the market hall by TM Terrain, the Peel tower by PMC, all the rest by Conflix and Sellthatstuffboy/PMC, including the bridge. River sections and boards by moi. Barrels, tables, benches, sacks, bundles, toilet shack, from a variety of sources including Ainsty, Frontline, Monolith and Skytrex. Walls from the elusive Last Valley.

Adventures in painting toy soldiers I was at my first WFB tournament for a while last weekend and managed to cover my self in a moderate amount of glory in the process. V-Con is a regular event run by the local games store and comprises Wh40k, WFB and Warmachines/Hordes events along with boardgames, CCGs and a console game room. Turnout is what you’d expect for rural Germany but there are more than enough gamers in the local area to make it worthwhile. I was competing in the WFB event with my (mostly complete) Warriors of Chaos. Armies are small at 1500 points and the event features some strict composition rules that prohibit most of the nastier elements. No more than two total magic levels are allowed for example along with a blanket ban on named characters and restrictions on flyers and large targets.

Tutorials Archives - Tiny Worlds Wargaming Blog Today we’re going to paint something to look like painted metal which has received some scrapes and weathering along with a bit of rust. This is a simple version of some of the more in-depth techniques used in military modelling and used some more common paints and tools available to wargamers without having to buy specialist equipment and is designed tp produce a quick effect for tabletop miniatures and scenery. Continue Reading Building the medieval city - WarSeer Hello friends, we are couple of enthusiasts who, back in 1997, started to create scenic pieces for our own gaming table. As time passed, our skills evolved and the projects became more and more complex and challenging. We decided to undertake a big project of building entire city.

Rob Hawkins Hobby: WWX Terrain: Mine Tunnels This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Medieval Buildings – Part 1 « Do-it-Yourself Terrain Assembled medieval building Wargaming doesn’t generally bode well with full intact buildings. So the odds of seeing something on a 4×4 table that represents a medival inn, pub, house, or any various other type of structure with the ability to be entered are slim to none. Even small model count skirmish games tend to contain fluff which binds terrain making to ruins or partial buildings of some sort. Mordheim loves ruined buildings.

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