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Mapping the Stairs to Visual Excellence

Mapping the Stairs to Visual Excellence

Visual Thinking Spatial & Sequential Thinking Spatial and sequential thinking are two different mental organisations that affect the way people view the world. Sequential thinking is step by step linear thinking over time, while spatial thinking is an holistic system where all knowledge is interconnected in space. Auditory thinking is associated with sequential thinking and visual-spatial thinking is associated with spatial thinking. The sequential system involves analysis, progression from simple to complex, organisation of information and linear deductive reasoning. It is influenced by hearing and language and an awareness of time.

via Facebook Shoes Passion | via Facebook | We Heart It Facebook Also found in these collections You might like these too Interesting Letterhead Five glorious presentations on visual thinking Do you think in words or pictures, or both? Visual thinking engages the part of the brain that handles visual processing, and is said to be both "emotional and creative" so you can "organise information in an intuitive and simultaneous way". A picture really might be worth a thousand words, while being easier to understand and recall. Therefore it is worth exploring how visual thinking can help you communicate ideas to colleagues and clients. I have collated a few presentations to help you do exactly that.

10 Most Fascinating Tombs in the World There is perhaps nothing else so distinctive of the condition and character of a people as the method in which they treat their dead. - William Tegg, 1876 Throughout the history of human civilization, different cultures mourn and treat the dead differently. Some, like Tibetan Buddhists, have no use for burials as they dispose the dead by feeding corpses to vultures or by burning them in funeral pyres. Most cultures, however, show their respect by burying the dead, sometimes in complex and ornate tombs, crypts, and catacombs. This article takes a look at ten of the most fascinating final resting places around the world, from the largest prehistoric burial mound in Europe to the the tombs of pharaohs to the most beautiful mausoleum in the world: Newgrange

Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics Managers publics : que pensent-ils du design thinking ? Billet publié par Stéphane Vincent dans la catégorie Tags: Design , Politique publique Comment, au sein des organisations publiques, les dirigeants et élus qui les ont testé perçoivent-ils l’application du design thinking et de l’innovation sociale dans l’élaboration de leurs politiques ? En filigrane, c’est une des questions auxquelles nous sommes confrontés dans la conduite de notre programme la Transfo depuis son lancement en juin 2011.

Eco-village Coopérative d'habitat convivial - village éco-spirituel - Ecologie des relations, écologie de l'argent, écologie de l'environnement L'émergence de la conscience écologique remet en cause l'individualisme forcené de ces dernières décennies. Nous prenons la mesure de notre communauté de destins et de notre responsabilité envers le vivant sous toutes ses formes. Ben Greenman’s Museum of Silly Charts