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Index of Help for Excel functions, graphs and testing

Index of Help for Excel functions, graphs and testing

vba_corner: Working with Internet Explorer Using VBA - Nightly Ok, Excel probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when needing to deal with web pages. But sometimes it's necessary to access them from your Excel Application (or Word or any other MS Office Application). And it's easier than you probably think. To make the following code work, you'll need to include the "Microsoft Internet Controls" library in your VBA references first.Go to your Visual Basic Editor, Menu Tools -> References... and select the entry "Microsoft Internet Controls". If you can't find it in the list of available references, search for a file named shdocvw.dll, usually to be found in your Windows directory, subfolder System32. Alternatively, you can skip the referencing and use late binding, defining the pointer to the Internet Explorer instance as Object instead of SHDocVw.InternetExplorer in your VBA code. Before you can do anything with the Internet Explorer, of course you'll need one, and you'll need something to address it.

Using the FSO (File System Object) in VB6 | Visual Basic 6 (VB6) - Nightly The File System Object (FSO) object model provides an object-based tool for working with folders and files. Using "object.method" syntax, it exposes a comprehensive set of properties and methods to perform file system operations such as creating, moving, deleting, and providing information about folders and files. The FSO also provides methods for reading and writing sequential text files, however it does NOT have methods for processing binary or random files. The FSO is (or should be) used primarily with VBScript. There are some trade-offs in using the FSO with Visual Basic. To use the FSO with your VB project, you must add a reference to "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" (which is the system file "SCRRUN.DLL"). From the References dialog box, check Microsoft Scripting Runtime, as shown below, and click OK. Once you have done the above, you can use the FSO in your VB project. Dim objFSO As New Scripting.FileSystemObject Dim objFSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject Dim objFSO As Object FSO Objects

Navigate Internet Explorer using VBA There are certainly a lot of questions out there about the internet and VBA. I use internet explorer quite often with VBA to navigate and perform other various automation tasks. This thread will hopefully give you the basics of navigating the internet with IE through VBA code. Which browser do I use to read webpage source code?They're making it easier to read through stuff, but I would recommend using Firefox to read source code. First thing to know is how to open IE in Access. Code: dim ie as object set ie = createobject("internetexplorer.application") ie.visible = true Navigating from webpage to webpage can be done like this:After navigating to a page, it is always a good idea to pause the code until the page completely loads. While ie.busy DoEvents Wend You may also want to manipulate some data while you're browsing the internet. How do I get a value from a page? ie.document.getElementById("ELEMENT ID").value Then you need to find the ID of the element you want to manipulate. PHP Code:

Free Microsoft Excel Leaning Materials Beginners-Specific Tasks Help from George M To listen to narrated slides you need Flash. Download► Introduction to worksheets, cells, formulas Slides► Listen► Excel basic functions, sum, average, count Slides► Listen► How to plot a control chart Slides► Listen► How to use an IF function Listen► You Tube► SWF► If you wish to use Excel to conduct statistical analysis of data, you have to turn this feature on (SWF file) within Excel and then examine the following tutorials: Descriptive statistics (slides part 1 & 2, narrated slides part 1 & part 2) Analysis of mean of a sample (slides or narrated slides) Analysis of means of two samples (slides or narrated slides) Analysis of variance (slides or narrated slides) Correlation (slides or narrated slides) Single variable regression (slides or narrated slides) Multiple regression analysis (slides or narrated slides) Better Solutions has an extensive help that is indexed by subject area Excel Tutors can help with difficult assignments.