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Business Software Directory, SaaS & Cloud Applications - Reviews

Business Software Directory, SaaS & Cloud Applications - Reviews
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New Features | eyeOS – Cloud Computing – Web Desktop – Cloud Desktop That said, this is not a new application or add-on: once you are in eyeOS, you have already joined the conversation. The wall made it to the top menu and now it has a spot next to the projects menu. You will find two options: Feed and My Wall. The feed gathers all the activity from the groups you belong to in one place. Use it to stay informed about events within your reach. In essence, we want to bring social networking to enterprises. Still not convinced? A study in 2011 estimated that email usage costs an average of between £5,000 and £10,000 per employee. Click to pop up.

Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs | There are many websites out there that can help entrepreneurs grow a bigger, better business--but there are many more time-suck websites. How can you tell the difference? By depending on a cheat sheet for the best websites for entrepreneurs. Here, a cheat sheet of 50 to get you started: 1. The name says it all: This website is the result of David Skok's years of experience at Matrix Partners. 2. One of the most reputable of crowdfunding sites, this is where you can raise a maximum of $5 million from investors with a proven background. 3. You're an entrepreneur, not an SEO guru, so leave the technical aspects of your online presence to the pros. 4. The go-to site for social entrepreneurs, you can glean information on how to succeed as a nonprofit and ways to incorporate social into any type of business. 5. This one's a no-brainer for many. 6. Do you dream of finding an angel investor? 7. 8. This simple guide is straightforward with no fluff. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Les techniques secrêtes pour contrôler les forums et l’opinion publique Attention, c'est du lourd ! Le 12 juillet dernier, le site Cryptome, sorte d'ancêtre à Wikileaks, qui publie des documents que les gouvernements et les sociétés n'aimeraient pas voir sur le net, a mis en ligne le témoignage et les explications techniques d'un ex-agent de Cointelpro. Cointelpro est une organisation US liée au FBI dont la mission était de faire de la désinformation et de foutre le bordel parmi les groupes d'activistes. Officiellement, Cointelpro a disparu en 71, mais l'organisation a juste changé de noms. Maintenant en plus d'infiltrer de manière classique des groupes d'activistes, cette ou ces organisations gouvernementales officient sur Internet pour enterrer les bad buzz et noyer le poisson sur les forums d'activistes. Le 18 juillet, ce témoignage sur Cryptome a été mis en avant sur Slashdot par un contributeur de longue date. Mais peu importe... Techniques pour manipuler les forums sur Internet Technique #1 – " FORUM SLIDING " Technique #2 – " CONSENSUS CRACKING " 1. 1.

Logiciel de gestion de projet rapide, facile et efficace VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations Five Organizational Must-Have Apps for the Entrepreneur on the Go If you’re like me, the more programs and mobile apps claim to help keep your small business productive, the harder it is to find the time to sift through the clutter and determine which are worth a closer look. So I’ve done the research for you; here are my top five ranked organizational apps for the entrepreneur on the go. The latest newcomer to the organizational apps lineup is Google Keep, which integrates note taking and web surfing. Just released last month, the new Google Keep has set its sights on overtaking the big name in organizational apps—Evernote. Google Keep makes it easy for iPhone users to get started— sync your notes with Siri, and have a ready-to-use note function right away. Another great tool for keeping your office workflow running smoothly is Jumpchart. Does time tracking across various client accounts have you frustrated? Miss that dry cleaning pickup (again)? What apps do you use to help your small business stay organized?


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