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Railway modelling

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Bradford Model Railway Club BMRC Useful Data. BMRC welcomes new members age 16 and over for just £10 a month.

Bradford Model Railway Club BMRC Useful Data

Why not pay us a visit on Mondays and Thursdays from 7.45pm on. Please check first before travelling. See Club Info for more details on how to contact us! Railway Correspondance and Travel Soc Interesing talks approximatly monthly at Saltaire Methodist Church A DVD from Vidpics To visit the new DCC page goto For previous years PROGRAMS goto For an archive of our previous shows click here N and OO standards click to enlarge Standard bell codes (British usage) 1 Call attention - All codes must be preceeded by this except where marked *.

"Is Line Clear ? " There are also general and specific suffixes for the above codes. Other codes: BR Lamp codes post 1923 Auto paint colours and data (courtesy of Dave Tomlinson, RAF Kinloss MRC and others) See also Wire Sizes Screw Sizes. GMES - Recommended by the Webmaster. Steam Locomotive Information. OO/HO Locomotive Driving Wheels, axles, crankpins. Magnetic Uncoupling For Bachmann Couplings - Model Rail Forum. Thanks Chaps, I actually thought this up about ten years ago, just after Bachmann introduced their narrow Blue Riband couplings and i was having no end of trouble with the dreaded plastic uncoupling ramps.

Magnetic Uncoupling For Bachmann Couplings - Model Rail Forum

Apologies for sitting on this for so long, some of the RTR manufacturers have been shown this and liked it, we'll see if they decide to use it. It works best on these Bachmann couplings, because luckily, they use hooks made from non-ferrous alloy. All the other makes of tension-lock coupling (i.e. Hornby, Dapol, Airfix, Lima and even Heljan) use steel hooks that can become magnetized and then stick together. The principle will work on these other types, but is not quite as effective. I must admit that i've already published this idea, on a certain "other forum", which some of you may have already seen, so this is for anyone who has missed it. Steam valve plans. Rail3D.

Signalling and control

Weird and Wacky Railways of The British Isles - Monorails. Woolwich Arsenal Monorail The world’s first monorail system was in operation across the Lea Valley in 1825 In 1816 the Royal Small Arms factory at Enfield.

Weird and Wacky Railways of The British Isles - Monorails

Cheshunt Monorail The first passenger carrying monorail, it opened in 1825, It was built to carry bricks but had a bit of a sideline in passengers. It was horse powered and travelled from Gibbs Brick Pit, west of Gews Corner in Cheshunt High Street, and the Lee Navigation. It was a suspended monorail. Minehead - Butlins Opened in 1967 a half mile track in a figure of 8. Skegness - Butlins Opened in 1965 and ran until 2002 and has now been scrapped. Alton Towers Built in 1987 with 2 stations using the Vancouver Expo 86 Monorail, there are 7 trains with 8 cars per train, the line is 3.2km long. Chester Zoo 1.5 miles long, 2 stations travelling through Chester Zoo. Beaulieu Motor Museum Opened in 1974 inspied by the 1967 expo monorail in Montreal. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Merryhill Shopping Centre.


Standard gauge prototypes. NM70. Giles Favell - Miniature Steam Locomotive Management. Miniature Steam Locomotive Management If anyone wishes to reproduce this in whole or part, would they please ask me first.

Giles Favell - Miniature Steam Locomotive Management

G.F. • Basic Principles • Inspection • Lubrication • Lighting up • Driving • Disposal It is important that all those who have the responsibility of a steam loco have a thorough understanding of the machine in their care. It is a valuable machine, it may not even belong to them, it is easily damaged through ignorance or inattention, and most importantly is only safe when handled competently. Boilers The only thing that stops the fire from burning the copper or steel of the firebox and causing an explosion, is the water above it.

On locos of 7.25 gauge or less, copper boilers are the most common, whereas 10.25 gauge and above, steel is more often used. The corrosion factor aside, all boilers suffer over time, and this is largely due to differential expansion. There are five types of boiler in large scale locos you may come across. 1. Safety Valves.

Modelling tools and techniques

Narrow gauge. Wheels Axles and Crankpins Page 1. WHEELS, AXLES, and CRANKPINS Page 1 of 2 Wheels, axles, crankpins, motors or gears are not included in Finecast kits, because of the wide variety of types now available on the market.

Wheels Axles and Crankpins Page 1

Also there are the many different standards that modellers use, i.e. "00", "EM", "P4" etc. We as a company can offer the ROMFORD / JACKSON range as wheel packs, to suit each of the locomotives in our range, or supply any mix to customers requirements. Details of the wheel packs are on the Technical Information pages , with details of the individual products held by us, on the Locomotive Wheels page. On the Technical Information pages, prototype wheel information can be found for the locomotive range. It should be noted that the ROMFORD / JACKSON range is a general range of wheels and that because of the thickness of the flanges, some wheels have to be the next size down in the wheel packs, because of clearance problems.

JACKSON wheels cover the BOGIE, PONY TRUCK and TENDER wheels.