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storyful Trapit Aggregage - Aggregating Great Content and Engaging Audiences MySyndicaat Understanding Content Curation July 7, 2012 Come to my session at ISTE 2016: “Personalize Learning With Student Curation” 6/28 4:00 – 5:00 CCC 113, Table 2 There are many buzzwords and phrases prevalent in education today. “21st Century Learning”, “Blended Learning”, “Personalized Learning”, “Flipped Classroom” – just to name a few. The one that has recently caught my attention and curiosity is “content curation.” I manage a grant project in my district designed to assure students acquire “21st century skills” A current strategy for this is using backwards design, formative assessments of 21st century skills, and “blended-learning.” This curiosity led to further questions: Why curate? Collecting vs. I set out to read as much as possible of what others have written on the subject, (see my Scoop-It on Curating Learning Resources) to help with my understanding. Defining Curating in Education by Nancy White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Thinking Level Process Organization Value

Video Content Discovery Platform Video Discovery: The Key to Online Engagement A viewer who watches one video is great; a viewer who stays to experience more assets is a truly valuable customer. Businesses who retain and engage viewers are executing a sophisticated online video discovery strategy, which help their customers discover videos, increase video views, and build long-term engagement. To execute such a strategy, companies require a top-notch video platform, which uses complex video recommendation algorithms to put the right video in front of the right viewer at the right time. Ooyala Discovery delivers on this promise, including: Video Discovery Using a combination of metadata analysis, behavioral analysis, and editorial control, provide a foundation from which to select assets. Video Engagement As a video starts to draw to a close, make new recommendations, ensuring the viewer remains engaged and sticks around to watch more from your video library. Video Recommendation Video Reach

BlogBridge How To Find and Friend Your Influencers Let’s face it, there are a lot of experts in this world of ours, and the field of social media is no exception. How do you reasonably uncover who is influential in your industry, sift through the smoke and mirrors, and really get to know the folks you want to be friends with? Here are a few thoughts and ideas on how to start developing wonderful relationships with influencers. 1. Good old-fashioned Google won’t let you down in the preliminary stages of influencer super-sleuthing. 2. Plunk each name, one by one, into Twitter search for starters. 3. Twitter is also a great tool for finding the people that Google didn’t tell you about right away. 4. There are a number of great tools that measure someone’s influence. 5. People will try and tell you that @MrInfluencerPerson is the most influential person in industry X, and that you MUST follow. 6. 7. When following people on Twitter or Google+, do yourself a favor early on and group your marked influencers together for easy interaction. 8.

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