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Area of Study: Discovery

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UTS Creative Workshops Schedule. Scope and Sequence – Year 12 Advanced 2016 2017. Scope and Sequence – Year 12 Standard 2016 2017. English Standard and Advanced 2016 2017 Assessment Schedule. English prescriptions 2015 20. 2015 hsc english p1 std and adv. 2015 hsc english p2 adv. 2015 hsc english p2 std. The NEW Area of Study: Discovery - Matrix Education. Kai Fine Art – Duy Huynh 1.

The NEW Area of Study: Discovery - Matrix Education

What is Discovery? Discovery is something that we have all participated in. It is important, however, for students to recognise that Discovery is also a concept. When thinking about the Year 12 English Area of Study, discovery is treated as an abstract and dynamic idea. In the past, Area of Study concepts have included ‘change’, ‘journeys’ and ‘belonging’. When analysing a text for the Area of Study, and when preparing for your HSC Exam, it is vital that time is spent reviewing this document and the types of discovery that may form the basis of the HSC paper. The Board of Studies divides the concept of discovery, generally, into two spheres – discovery and rediscovery. What ideas about discovery exist within my text? 2. Paper 1 of your final exams is focused purely on the Area of Study, and is sat by all students studying English Standard and Advanced in Australia.

Furthermore, they can combine a number of texts and expect a 5-mark extended response: DISCOVERY 2015. Inside Break: Discovery. 2015 – 2020 Area of Study: Discovery. Updated 15 June 2014: I’ve previously tutored Discovery as a preliminary Area of Study, but now it’s actually come around to be the upcoming Area of Study for 2015 to 2020 HSC years!

2015 – 2020 Area of Study: Discovery

What is Discovery? 1. the act, process, or an instance of discovering2. a person, place, or thing that has been discovered Synonyms for discovery are: finding out, news, announcement, revelation, disclosure, realizationinvention, launch, institution, introduction, pioneering, innovation, initiation, inauguration, induction, coinage, originationbreakthrough, find, finding, development, advance, leap, coup, invention, step forward, godsend, quantum leapfinding, turning up, locating, revelation, uncovering, disclosure, detection, unearthing, espialself discovery, rediscovery Concepts about Discovery? What can we discover? Discoveries can be physical, emotional and intellectual.

How do we make discoveries? Curiosity, amongst other things, can be a catalyst for discovery. What is the significance of discoveries? Novels. Discovery - EDSE4027 - Children's and Young Adult Literature (Education) - Guides at University of Sydney. AUSTLIT & Black Words AUSTLIT is the Australian Literature Gateway database.

Discovery - EDSE4027 - Children's and Young Adult Literature (Education) - Guides at University of Sydney

It references Australian literature published in both print and electronic sources. The database includes both creative and critical Australian literature and references the work of many Indigenous writers in a subset called Black words. Use the advanced search feature to scope your search to Black Words if required. Austlit now includes "In the Classroom" a resource specifically for teachers. Discovery - Texts on Pinterest. Discovery - HSC Area of Study from 2015 on Pinterest. HSC: English. HSC 2015: First in Course English Janek Drevikovsky, First in Course in English Extension 1, English Extension 2, German Continuers, German Extension and Latin Continuers 2014, gives his tips for doing well in your HSC.

HSC: English

Discovery is the new 'Area of Study' for all English students in 2015. The concept provides rich opportunities for students to explore how ideas are conveyed through their English texts and broaden and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. It is designed to be a voyage of discovery for students themselves.

There's a diverse range of prescribed texts related to discovery that includes Shakespeare's The Tempest, the poetry of Robert Frost and of Rosemary Dobson, Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, Tara June Winch's novel Swallow the Air, the film Life of Pi, and Simon Nast's documentary about the Antarctic photography of Frank Hurley. Shakespeare's The Tempest and the film Life of Pi are prescribed texts in 2015. English Standard. AOS: Discovery ("The Tempest") Top 10 Tips AOS: Discovery. Metatheatre in The Tempest.