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Main Page - OneCMDB

RapidOSS In today's organizations, managing the IT infrastructure is a complex undertaking. Most organizations use number of tools for different management disciplines and for different technologies, yet the need to manage the infrastructure holistically is apparent. RapidOSS is an integration, automation and presentation suite for IT operations management. It brings the leading web technologies into the IT management field, designed from the ground up as an open solution to minimize implementation time and the total cost of ownership and maximize skills reuse. RapidOSS is typically used to integrate management information from disparate management systems and present to users through a simple, unified, consistent web based user interface. Some of the more common uses of RapidOSS include the following:

Archi | Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool GLPI Home Software distribute under GNU/GPL licence GLPI make life better ! 19 February 2014 GLPI 0.85 Beta-Test We enter in the beta-test period of the 0.85 version of GLPI. 21 September 2013 Security alert A security update (GLPI 0.84.2) was published on September 12th 2013 in order to correct a security issue in the installation process. 2 July 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 3 We are very happy to announce the birth of the third release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC3. 4 June 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 2 We are very happy to announce the birth of the second release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC2. 14 May 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 1 We are very happy to announce the birth of the first release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC1.

Community Edition | iteraplan - Enterprise Architecture Management einfach und effektiv There are two versions of iteraplan: the Community Edition, available as open-source software, and the Enterprise Edition. Both have a shared code base and are being developed and enhanced all the time. Which version is right for you depends on what you're looking to accomplish, and how you intend to use the software. The iteraplan Community Editioncan be used free of charge as per the AGPLv3 Open Source Licence,is available for download as source code - to inspect, evolve and test,can in many cases be used without restriction. For a feature comparison between the iteraplan Community and Enterprise Editions, see iteraplan Enterprise Edition.

Graphviz | Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software Downloads Follow 3 simple steps to get started with the Essential Architecture Manager. Step 1: Download the Essential Software Please ensure that the necessary software pre-requisites are installed before installing the Essential Architecture Manager. Registered? Note: Internet Explorer may try to change the name of 'essentialinstall4.jar' to '' when downloading. Current Release: essentialinstall4_3_1.jar version 4.3.1 (file size: 157.9 MB) Essential Architecture Manager is the reference implementation of the Essential Meta Model. Details of what has changed in each version of Essential Architecture Manager can be found in the release notes. The following table provides links to packs that contain updates to one or more components of Essential Architecture Manager (with installation instructions enclosed). Note: Updates for previous versions of Essential Architecture Manager are available here. Step 2: Check the Software Pre-Requisites Step 3: Follow the Install Guide

Download and install | IT Strategy made easy Download For downloading MappIT (New frontend+ New database), please use following Links: MappIT Full. Before installing please read carefully system requirements below and setup instructions. All concepts used in this tools have been inspired by the MAPPIT IT Strategy Framework and Approach as described in our latest book: If you like our MappIT tool, please support us. System Requirements MappIT is a freeware tool that run under Microsoft Access runtime engine. Full Installation procedure To properly setup the application, please follow the following instructions. It is REQUIRED to install the application in a user directory (where you have read/write permission) otherwise you will incur in problems during execution. Launch MappIT.exe (with administrative permissions) and follow the setup wizard: After clicking “Install” the wizard will configure all MappIT components and create icons in you desktop Post-installation procedure When Setup procedure is completed follow this step: Like this:

Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects 2014 Release 2 - Golden ware Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects is a package containing Altova's intelligent application development, data management and modeling tools. It is ideal for programmers and developers needing UML software architecture and database query. The design capabilities of the suite include advanced XML creation, data integration, and Web services functionality. For the enterprise software architect who needs UML modeling and database query / design capabilities in addition to advanced XML, Web services, and data integration capabilities. The suite includes Altova's top products: XMLSpy Enterprise Edition, MapForce Enterprise Edition, StyleVision Enterprise Edition, UModel Enterprise Edition,DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition, DiffDog Enterprise Edition, SchemaAgent and SemanticWorks. Here are some key features of "Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects":