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Main Page - OneCMDB
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Unified Security Management - Community Security for You, Powered by All. Join Us Today! Join OTX Now Leverage the Power of OTX to Stop Threats. About Open Threat Exchange AlienVault created the Open Threat Exchange (OTX™) in order to put good security measures within the reach of all businesses and organizations, but especially mid-market organizations that often cannot afford the tools and threat intelligence information that are available to large enterprises and federal governments. Through the Open Threat Exchange, security professionals on the front lines of cyber security defense and incident response now have access to free resources, projects, services and threat intelligence sourced by participants from around the world. AlienVault OTX is an open information sharing and analysis network that provides access to real-time, detailed information about incidents that may impact you, allowing you to learn from, and work with, others who have already experienced them.

RapidOSS In today's organizations, managing the IT infrastructure is a complex undertaking. Most organizations use number of tools for different management disciplines and for different technologies, yet the need to manage the infrastructure holistically is apparent. RapidOSS is an integration, automation and presentation suite for IT operations management. It brings the leading web technologies into the IT management field, designed from the ground up as an open solution to minimize implementation time and the total cost of ownership and maximize skills reuse. RapidOSS is typically used to integrate management information from disparate management systems and present to users through a simple, unified, consistent web based user interface. Some of the more common uses of RapidOSS include the following:

API for Generation of OpenRules Decision Tables in Excel | OpenRules Blog API for Generation of OpenRules Decision Tables in Excel With a new release 6.2.6 of OpenRules® you may generate Excel files with multiple decision tables using a simple Java API. It includes class DecisionBook that corresponds to one Excel workbook (an xls-file), to which you may add multiple OpenRules® decision tables. DecisionBook provides the following public method: For example, the following code will create the following table in the “decisionBook”: Similarly you may add many more single-hit and multi-hit decision tables using different decision templates defined by the second parameter. At the end you simply save this decision book as an Excel file like in the following statement: decisionBook.saveToFile(“. This new API was created based on real-world needs of our customers: actually we generalized a mechanism that our consultants have been using in their practice for a while. Like this: Like Loading... About jacobfeldman

Archi | Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool Open-AudIT GLPI Home Software distribute under GNU/GPL licence GLPI make life better ! 19 February 2014 GLPI 0.85 Beta-Test We enter in the beta-test period of the 0.85 version of GLPI. 21 September 2013 Security alert A security update (GLPI 0.84.2) was published on September 12th 2013 in order to correct a security issue in the installation process. 2 July 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 3 We are very happy to announce the birth of the third release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC3. 4 June 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 2 We are very happy to announce the birth of the second release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC2. 14 May 2013 GLPI 0.84 Release Candidate 1 We are very happy to announce the birth of the first release candidate of the v0.84 : GLPI-0.84-RC1.

Form Follows Function | All Things Architectural Community Edition | iteraplan - Enterprise Architecture Management einfach und effektiv There are two versions of iteraplan: the Community Edition, available as open-source software, and the Enterprise Edition. Both have a shared code base and are being developed and enhanced all the time. Which version is right for you depends on what you're looking to accomplish, and how you intend to use the software. The iteraplan Community Editioncan be used free of charge as per the AGPLv3 Open Source Licence,is available for download as source code - to inspect, evolve and test,can in many cases be used without restriction. For a feature comparison between the iteraplan Community and Enterprise Editions, see iteraplan Enterprise Edition.

Solutions for Management: Service Management Functions: Configuration Management Published: April 25, 2008 | Updated: July 12, 2012 Launch the download of the MOF 4.0 core documentation in its entirety. Launch the download of Getting Started with MOF 4.0: An Implementation Guide. View the entire list of MOF supporting content available for download. Updated! Launch the download of the MOF Quick Start Kit for IT pros. Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping users establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. Community-generated processes for planning, delivering, operating, and managing IT. Newly Released! New! Launch the download of MOF graphics and mind maps. Microsoft Operations Framework supporting content guidance documents may be available as beta releases on the Connect Web site. To join the Microsoft Operations Framework Beta, follow these steps: Visit the Microsoft Connect Web site at

OCS Inventory NG - Welcome to OCS Inventory NG web site ! Applied Enterprise Architecture | Hands-On Architecture An earlier post (How to Build a Roadmap) in this series summarized the specific steps required to develop a well thought out road map. This roadmap identified specific actions using an overall pattern ALL roadmaps should follow. The steps required to complete this work: This post explores the step where we discover the optimum sequence of actions recognizing predecessor – successor relationships. The goal is to collect and group the set of activities (projects) into a cohesive view of the work ordered in a typical leaf, branch, and trunk pattern so we can begin to assemble the road map with a good understanding what needs to be accomplished in what order. Finding or discovering the optimal sequence of projects within the larger program demands you be able to think across multiple dimensions recognizing where there may be second and third order consequences for every action undertaken (see the Future Wheel method for more on this). We use this to guide us to select the proper sequence.

Graphviz | Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software SharePoint 2007 Review - Six Pillars of MOSS Microsoft's Office SharePoint Server 2007, or "MOSS" for short, is Microsoft's first integrated server platform that aims to provide web content management, enterprise content services, and enterprise search, as well as shared business processes and business intelligence dashboarding to the small/medium enterprise. Like its predecessor SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003/WSS 2.0, MOSS is fundamentally dedicated to unstructured document storage, structured list storage, and group collaboration. The word "share" has not been removed from the mission concept, which goes something like "connecting people, processes, and information." The Six Pillars of MOSS 2007 1. In Summary The story and the product is certainly evolving.