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Stanford Social Innovation Review: Informing and Inspiring Leaders of Social Change

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Informing and Inspiring Leaders of Social Change

CompassPoint Organizational & Leadership Coaching ". . . it's a fresh approach with remarkable results." - Sylvia Yee, Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund on Executive Coaching for Nonprofits What promise does coaching offer to nonprofit leaders? New Canadian Social Enterprise Guide is now available Enterprising Nonprofits Program has just released the new Canadian Social Enterprise Guide. This fabulous resource gives you everything that you ever wanted to know about starting and operating your social enterprise. Download your free copy here. The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide was originally published in 2006 and was the first extensive and comprehensive published resource, tool kit, and collection of social enterprise stories in Canada. The revised 2nd Edition of the Guide reflects the learning of Enterprising Non-Profits program and its 10 years of supporting the development and success of social enterprise through technical assistance and resource development.

Our Approach The MaRS Solutions Lab is a team committed to tackling complex societal and economic challenges that require systems change; challenges to which there are no easy answers, and answers that demand action by many different individuals and organizations. We convene stakeholders and citizens to experiment, learn and scale new solutions. To do this, we apply tools and techniques from various fields, like social innovation, design thinking, change management and social movement theory. And we help build capacity for systems change through policies and learning opportunities that support people and organizations to drive change.

$300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-Round, Even in Severe Climates With staggering food prices and shortages looming, there’s no better time to grow your own produce. Sadly, most greenhouses are expensive to build and impractical to heat during cold, wintery conditions. Thankfully, a solution is found with the Walipini. Developed for South American mountainous regions over twenty years ago, it allows edibles to be grown year-round – even in the most inhospitable weather. Ric Young - "Innovators in Action" Speaker Series The SiG@Waterloo "Innovators in Action" Speaker Series, applied the ideas of social innovation to a number of specific sectors and issues - education, youth mentorship, inclusion, collaboration and cultural change. Each of the keynote speakers shared their experiences of operating at the national level to identify and address the root causes of intractable social challenges. Each keynote lecture was followed by a local panel discussion who shared their reflections on the presentation and offered insight into their own experiences.

Government launches consultation on Society Act Ministry of Finance, Government Operations Sector, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region, Kootenay Rockies Region, Northern B.C. Region, Provincewide, Thompson / Okanagan Region, Vancouver Coast & Mountains Region, Vancouver Island / Coast Region VANCOUVER - Starting today and until mid-October, non-profit organizations in British Columbia will have the chance to weigh in on revisions being proposed to the legislation that governs them. Finance Minister Michael de Jong is inviting British Columbia’s 27,000 non-profit societies to provide feedback and submit ideas on a new White Paper representing the next phase of the Society Act review. The White Paper includes draft legislation and provides an opportunity for societies to see what new legislation may look like and to contribute their suggestions before final legislation is developed. The Ministry of Finance review began in 2009 when it was identified that the current Society Act required modernization.

Aquaponics Main > Food and Agriculture > Controlled-environment growing Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants using water rather than soil). It is an incredibly productive means of growing food, allowing a person to sustain themselves on less than 100m2. About the EVOKE game Posted by Alchemy on 27 Jan under Behind the scenes EVOKE is a ten-week crash course in changing the world. It is free to play and open to anyone, anywhere. The goal of the social network game is to help empower people all over the world to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems. The game’s first season began on March 3, 2010 and ended on May 12th, 2010.

16 Year Old Girl Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels The typical 16 year old is not usually concerned with starch and cellulose based biomass that can be used as feedstock for bio-plastic. But then again, Elif Bilgin is far from typical. Winner of the $50,000 prize from the Science in Action Award, part of the 2013 Google Science Fair, Elif found a way to produce bio-plastic from banana peels. The ingredients, Elif says, are relatively benign, “it is possible to say that one could do it at home.”

An Imaginary Platform: 2010 Municipal Elections in Windsor Posted by Justin on Monday, August 2, 2010 · 3 Comments We’ve updated our imaginary campaign post to reflect some recent (positive) changes: Our projects try to work around the realities that we encounter in Windsor on a daily basis. We address these realities creatively, and so the ways in which we address them don’t always translate to solutions. We usually try to suggest the change we’d like to see, albeit on a small scale. So, in continuing with this work, we offer the following:

DIY Aquaponics System Design & Build The best way to learn aquaponics is to start building your own DIY Aquaponics system. With a little ingenuity you’ll be able to utilize inexpensive stuff around the house to build a very small test system then scale up as you gain experience and confidence. Here are our favorite “do it yourself” aquaponics videos that should give you enough information to start building your own system! IBC Tote Aquaponics System Design and Build Good detailed 30 minute video from on the complete system design and buildout of an aquaponic system using an IBC tote using a minimal amount of tools. 3 IBC Tote Aquaponics System Build