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Agriculture urbaine

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- Office de consultation publique – Montrez votre jardin. 9 Healing Herbs You Can Grow at Home. By Gaye Levy, Contributor Herbs have been used for centuries to soothe and to heal. According to Wikipedia: ”Herbs have long been used as the basis of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, with usage dating as far back as the first century CE and before. Medicinal use of herbs in Western cultures has its roots in the Hippocratic (Greek) elemental healing system, based on a quaternary elemental healing metaphor.” With such a long history of use, herbs most certainly have a place in the survival garden. Basil: People don’t usually think of basil as a healing herb and yet traditionally it is called the “king of herbs”. It is also superb on spaghetti and in pesto, but then you already knew that. German Chamomile: Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the Western world.

Feverfew: This perennial is a member of the sunflower family and has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches, arthritis, and fevers. Lavender: I saved my personal favorite for last. Agriculture urbaine Montréal. Carrot City - Home. Welcome to the Carrot City website! Carrot City is a research initiative that explores how design can enable the production of food in cities. It examines the relationships between design and urban food systems according to five categories: City, Community & Knowledge, Housing, Rooftops and Components for growing. Building on a 2008 symposium Carrot City was conceived by students and faculty at the Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University, as an exhibit held in early 2009 at the Design Exchange in Toronto.

Since then, the initiative has expanded into a traveling exhibit that has been shown at a number of venues around North America, Europe and Africa. To date, content from this exhibit has been translated into French and Arabic. A book by the curators, based on the exhibit, was published by The Monacelli Press in September of 2011. Garden Planting Guide, Schedule, and Tips | Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers | Urban Farmer Seeds. Choosing Seed Varieties Part of the enjoyment of planning your garden is choosing which seed varieties you want to grow.

Choosing varieties that work best for your growing conditions and take advantage of your environment will ultimately decide the outcome of your growing experience. Below are a few tips when selecting your vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Vegetables: Selecting your veggies before you design your garden will help ensure you have the correct amount of room and the best growing conditions. For smaller gardens choose bush varieties that take up less room. For shorter growing seasons try fast maturing varieties that can produce maximum yields for your growing season. Planning Planning is the key to success for any garden or landscaping you plan to grow this season. Sowing Most soil mixes consisting of peat, perlite, and vermiculite are excellent seed sowing media for bedding plants. Transplanting After the seeds have germinated, let the surface dry out occasionally. Incredible edible info | Incroyables Comestibles France.

La récolte des fruits urbains : une initiative écologique et citoyenne | Les projets des écostagiaires. Par Ruth Ainsworth, éco-stagiaire à Montréal Né en juin 2011 de l’engagement d’une poignée de bénévoles, le collectif Les Fruits Défendus est le premier groupe de récolte de fruits urbains à Montréal. Abrité et soutenu par le Santropol Roulant, ce projet communautaire vise un développement concrètement durable permettant aux Montréalais de s’approvisionner gratuitement en fruits frais et locaux. En échange, les propriétaires d’arbres fruitiers participant bénéficient d’un service gratuit de cueillette et de nettoyage. Inspiré par des projets similaires partout en Amérique du Nord, j’ai fondé ce projet avec quelques amis. Le programme Éco-stage me permet de consacrer assez de temps cet été pour établir le projet d’une manière permanente et durable. La cueillette des fruits urbains : pourquoi et comment Les cours et jardins de Montréal regorgent d’arbres fruitiers.

Récoltes de fruits urbains à Montréal : Les Fruits Défendus Like this: J'aime chargement… Welcome to PlantCatching. Éco-Quartier. Programme d’adoption de carré d’arbre >Ruelle verte >Distribution de fleurs >Initiatives locales > Programme d’adoption de carré d’arbre Vous avez un carré d’arbre devant votre domicile? Vous aimez jardiner? Vous êtes fatigué de le voir envahit par des déchets et autres immondices? Rendez-le florissant et fringuant! Ce programme invite les résidents de Sainte-Marie à s’approprier le domaine public en entretenant un carré d’arbre pendant toute la belle saison (c’est-à-dire l’été). Guide d'entretien de votre carré >