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Colombian Coffee Hub 1. TYPES OF INFORMATION THAT MAY BE COLLECTED The following are the types of information we may collect: Information You Provide Us In the course of using the Website, we may ask you to provide us with certain information, including contact information, such as your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, or fax number; unique identifiers, such as your user ID, or user password; demographic information, such as your date of birth or age. at communications you have selected to receive or not to receive. Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion So today we’re going to showcase animated GIF artwork but there are not the regular GIF we use on websites. These are beautiful twist from somehow nasty animated Gif artworks with the use of high quality photos from modern photography, and the pioneer, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg called it – Cinemagraph. (Image source: From Me To You) Like what you’ve seen in most GIF animation, cinemagraph is a product of still photo with minor elements moving on. It’s nothing impressive on technique but what makes cinemagraph unique is it brings back certain part of the photo to life, thus making the entire photo more realistic, attractive and sometimes even thought-provoking, just like the magical newspaper from the movie Harry Potter. Dozens of photographers have found this technique interesting, so do we.

25 New Free High-Quality Fonts - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Every now and then we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. How To Make a Cool Cinemagraph Image in Photoshop No doubt you’ll have heard of the term Cinemagraph since it exploded onto the Internets. Originally coined by Photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a cinemagraph is a clever revival of the classic animated GIF. It combines features of video and photography to create a the illusion of a still image but with cool motion effects. Let’s take a look at how to create your own animated GIF cinemagraph by playing around with Photoshop’s animation tools. Some of the best cinemagraph examples can be found on the creators’ own website.

101 Amazing Examples of Photo Manipulation Design 101 Amazing Examples of Photo Manipulation Here are some incredible examples of amazing Photo manipulated images from some really extremely talented artists. Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used extensively. Some of these you may have seen before, but most of these you probably haven’t. Dubai Web Design - About Our Company : Website Experts Why? Well partly because of our proven track record but also because we are passionate about what we do. You could say we've all found our Dharma and when you are doing what you were meant to do, you tend to be very good at it. We are not a huge company. We don't want to be. We take enjoyment in being a small, nimble and productive Dubai web design studio that can give your project the attention it deserves from some of the best designers in the business.

The Workshop: A Design Lab Work by Ben Hodson ▲Title: Chinese Scooter in HDRDescription: 50cc Chinese Scooter: A $150, 50cc Chinese Scooter I purchased while living in Guangdong. I "Pimped it": Including, 100cc head and barrel, extractors, turbo and NOS - using my 'Engineering Degree' to transform crap "Made In China", into quality made by Dr.SJC Racing.Medium: Hammer and fuckin' Screwdriver Location: China, GuangdongConcept to Completion: 6 MonthsCosting: $350 give or take. ▲Title: ESL & The Very Best of Chinese EducationDescription: An advertisement for a Chinese education centre: Using my prior five years experience living and working in Asia and the PRC - both as a doctor of psychology, an economics theorist, and teacher of marketing & design. ▲Title: Urbex Thailand in HDRDescription: HDR & Urban Exploration with and without models.Formally, working in cooperation with local Lady BoysMedium: Digital PhotographicLocation: ThailandConcept to Completion: 3 Months Work by Ben Hodson

Web Blog / Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography [infographic] by COLOURlovers Comic Sans is installed more on PCs. Why so serious Linux & Mac? That's just one of the many things we discovered while looking into the creative history of typography aka fonts. They play a huge part in branding and logos. 10 Most Unbelievable Places in the World There are ten most unbelievable places in the world that you definitely must visit before you die. 1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Image credits: Oleg Gordienko This powerful train tunnel of trees called the Tunnel of Love is located in Kleven, Ukraine.

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