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Sarachmet Photography & Illustration

Sarachmet Photography & Illustration

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Claire Mallett: Bodies and Shadows More and more are women shooting nudes these days which is a refreshing perspective on an age old subject matter. I’m not sure how the interpretation of the female form differs when shot from a female perspective, but perhaps less sexual and more based on beauty. Los Angeles photographer, Claire Mallet has been exploring the female form for many years, and will open an exhibition of her work tonight at the Duncan Miller Projects Gallery in Los Angeles as part of the Verge Collective. Home page of Jacob Holdt Melody: "Climbing Jacob's ladder" Who am I? Due to the seriousness of American Pictures I am often perceived as a very serious person.

Helen Lyon - Stephanie Hoppen Fine Art Gallery Helen Lyon’s photographs of women are both beautiful and arresting at once. Their small scale, muted colours and incongruous focus enables Lyon to portray a glimpsed intimacy. They are ethereal and glamorous works, the image of pared down antiqued luxury. note de lecture : joel peter witkin - the bone house Joel-Peter Witkin © The Result of War : Cornucopian Dog, New Mexico, 1984 Comment peut-on en arriver à composer des natures mortes de cadavres ?Le talent photographique de Witkin oblige à répondre à une question que le franchissement des tabous pourrait renvoyer à l'absurde. De ces extraits choisis on comprendra que le photographe rend compte tout autant d'un événement personnel que d'une éducation catholique... Cet article est composé d'extraits choisis et traduits du livre« The Bone House », Corpus, New York, 1974(Traduction Henri Peyre) Joel-Peter Witkin © The Capitulation of France, New Mexico, 1982

Le comportement des internautes CSP++ et Hauts Revenus Le comportement des internautes Hauts Revenus Médiamétrie//NetRatings livre des résultats exclusifs issus de sa nouvelle étude « Cibles+ 2009 » destinée aux agences, régies, éditeurs et annonceurs. Elle croise les usages des internautes et leur comportement offline – leur mode de consommation, leurs équipements, leurs habitudes d’achats, leur comportement par rapport aux loisirs,…- afin de mieux connaître certaines catégories d’entre eux. Traditional Pinup Photos with Splashes of Milk as Clothes Captured with High-Speed Photography Inspired by the classic pin-ups of the 1940’s and 1950’s, photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz came up with a current version of those iconic posters. The twist introduced by the London based lensman was to use a highly unusual substance to cloth his models. Wieczorkiewicz used milk, (yes the kind you get from cows) along with high speed photography to capture the drink while being poured over his scantily clad (or near naked) models. He snapped hundreds of photos of every pose while pouring actual milk over the ladies, producing some unbelievable shots. All of the images of milk splashing on these women are real, with each of the milk ‘dresses” worn by the pretty models produced thru a layering process using dozens of different photographs.

Edward Quinn. Photographer - Mozilla Firefox Faded light - Gloria Marigo Faded light // Maria Minogarova @ Das Models Stylist: Alessandra Faja // Mua/Hair stylist: Elisabetta Paiano Sarah Small ARTIST STATEMENT: The Delirium Constructions (as a titled photographic series) was born in 2003, though its thematic content has figured in Small’s work since she began photographing at thirteen. Up-close examinations of emotional authenticity resonate throughout Small’s images as a teenager, in her life-long diaristic Polaroid-of-the-Day project, and through her past and current endeavors in fine art, fashion, advertising, and editorial photography. Throughout two decades, Small has developed a unique process for directing photography, involving high-energy interaction and the encouragement of unmediated playfulness and emotional reveal.

The disturbing world of the Street Apes in Jakarta The disturbing world of the Street Apes in Jakarta “A kind of you“, a disturbing series about the world of street monkeys in the city of Jakarta, created by the Finnish photographer Perttu Saska. Trained and dressed as humans to ask for money to passersby, as is an old Asian tradition, these monkeys have now become real objects, even wearing doll heads to accent mimicry, turning them into real living toys… A cruel phenomenon that leaves a strong sense of unease… most beautiful places in the world The 100 most beautiful places in the world (click a screenshot to enlarge it) - 1 - The inca city of Machu Picchu country : Peru place : near Cuzco - 2 - The Iguazu waterfalls country : Argentina - Brazil place : borders between the two countries - 3 - The Tadj Mahall country : India place : Agra, south-west of Delhi

50 Awesome Opencourseware Links to Effectively Get Your Photography Degree for Free Whether you are a first time digital camera owner, or someone looking to start a professional photography business, knowledge is key. Utilize these 50 courses, guides, and more to bring out the best in your photos. For Beginners These courses are a must for the first time photographer, or those looking to brush up on their camera skills. 1. Photography Course: This site offers free photography lessons ranging from the basics of film, optics, cameras and light to web page layout and digital photography.

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