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Luis Sanchis is the Forgotten '90s Fashion Photographer Ready to Be Rediscovered. In 1997 Spanish photographer Luis Sanchis got a call from his friend Lee Swillingham of “The Face” to shoot the latest Gucci campaign.

Luis Sanchis is the Forgotten '90s Fashion Photographer Ready to Be Rediscovered

The shoot — a moody mise en scène inspired by 1970s blue movies and science fiction — is frequently referenced as a turning point for the brand and catapulted Sanchis to superstardom. LENS. Sam Wilson - Portfolio. REPLICA MAN. Estelle Hanania. Personal project Texte et portfolio publiés dans la revue ​“Mémoire Universelle” Le voyage immobile — Laure Fernandez Dans l’imaginaire populaire, le Kansas est un lieu dont on ne cesse de chercher à s’échapper, mais qui toujours retient, revient, rattrape.

Estelle Hanania

Peu importe ce que les hommes souhaitent. Les tornades et cyclones violents qui s’abattent régulièrement sur cette région du Midwest semblent rappeler constamment à ses habitants la suprématie de la nature sur la fragilité de leur existence. Fermant très fort de grands yeux embués de larmes, Dorothy frappe trois fois les talons de ses souliers rouges : « There’s no place like home », répète-t-elle, « there’s no place like home ». Revenue du Royaume de Oz, elle se réveille au fond d’un lit, enfin parmi les siens. Cheveux dorés, gueule d’amour, présence douce et maladroite de l’adolescent encore mal dans sa peau, Seth ne quitte généralement la banlieue de Wichita, où il vit, qu’une fois par année. EMILY GARTHWAITE. Index of Time.

Index of Time project in collaboration with Peter Watkins Býčí skála Cave is situated in the central part of the Moravian Karst in the Josefovské Valley, between the towns of Adamov and Křtiny.

Index of Time

Its current known length is over 13km, the second-longest cave system in the Czech Republic. Although the entrance to the cave has always been known, it was the explorer and archaeologist Jindřich Wankel who in 1872 discovered traces of a Paleolithic settlement thought to originate from between 100,000 to 10,000 BC.

Wankel found the skeletons of one man and forty young women at the site. Tom Beard. Catching up with London’s enigmatic photographer Tom Beard. In an age of internet hype, Tom Beard is an enigma.

Catching up with London’s enigmatic photographer Tom Beard

An online search of the 30-year-old, who has been photographing professionally since he was 16, will bring up few details and even fewer interviews. His website? “I haven’t updated that in ages”. Social media? Your ultimate guide to Nobuyoshi Araki. Artist, pornographer, diarist – Nobuyoshi Araki has been called many things.

Your ultimate guide to Nobuyoshi Araki

Often lauded, sometimes reviled, the Tokyo-born photographic maestro is notorious from east to west. Photography. Cameron Alexander Photographer. ABOVEGROUND - Film Chronicles. Ava Nirui. Overpainted Photographs » Gerhard Richter. James Friedman photographed the effect of 1,029,398 cigarettes on a mother and son’s relationship. SUSAN HILLER. URBANAUTICA - PHOTOTALK WITH MATTHIAS HEIDERICH. 1.


Colors! That’s what first caught my eye by seeing your works. Geometry was the second one. Noemiegoudal. "Oral History Interview with John Baldessari" (1992) National City (w, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, B), 1996-2009 Color photographs with acrylic paint “In the sixties the scene in Los Angeles was beginning to get some attention.”

"Oral History Interview with John Baldessari" (1992)

The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with John Baldessari on April 4, 1992. The interview took place in Santa Monica, CA and was conducted by Christopher Knight for the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Tape 1, side A (30-minute tape sides) JOHN BALDESSARI: . . . should have the ringers off the phone.

CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT: Okay. Exploring, Entering a World and Earning Your Dues - An Interview with Bruce Davidson. Rebecca Newman Photography Blog. ABDUL KIRCHER: GIMME A LOW FADE - Review: Photographer Gordon Parks told “Segregation Story” in his own way, and superbly, at High. Tom Manley Glasgow Architecture Photography & Urban Landscapes. A documentary and reportage approach to photography, my urban landscape photography, has developed alongside extensive research and assignments in different communities with an interest and knowledge in how places change over time and the factors contributing to both positive and negative change to the environment.

Tom Manley Glasgow Architecture Photography & Urban Landscapes

Often this is combined with an in depth study of an area over time, drawing on my background in architecture with both photo essays and written work that get beneath the surface of a community, to capture the true identity of a place… Providing consultation on urban environments, photography is often an important part helping to create an analysis of an area, identify opportunities, and compliments my research and collaborative practice in urban communities.

CHRISTIAN PATTERSON. Fond du Lac (Blue Lake), 2013 Shore 1, 2015 Wax and ink on silver gelatin print Shore 2, 2015 Self Portrait (Old Man), 2015.


How do we define the ‘ideal body’? Human bodies are magnificent, from the internal intrinsic workings to the external skin and hair that constitutes flesh.

How do we define the ‘ideal body’?

While, yes, we can acknowledge the biological wonders of our bodies, we also often neglect them. It is not in a vain or “I forgot to brush my teeth” kind of way. Instead, we emotionally neglect and punish our bodies for not fitting an idealised archetype or digitally enhanced version of the human form, we often label ourselves as “imperfect”. Christopher Anderson Photographs. Andrew kuykendall. FOTOGRAFIA /// Romi Front – Percha MAG! DATOS CONTACTO ARTISTA /// #Fotografía #Analógica. FOTOGRAFIA /// Romi Front – Percha MAG!

11 Lessons Diane Arbus Can Teach You About Street Photography. (All photographs copyrighted by the Estate of Diane Arbus) Diane Arbus is a photographer that has a very profound impact on me. Stacy Kranitz. Amber Asaly - New York. Gia Coppola on her Camera. Streetshooter. Surrealist photographers. Adam Panczuk - Karczeby: The Roots of Polish Life. In eastern Poland, the word Karczeb is used to describe a stubborn tree stump as well as a farmer firmly rooted to the land he cultivates. Adam Panczuk's book gives us a personal look at these people and their way of life. We see the connection between these people and their land from the first image of the book (and the first image of the slideshow above). Social Documentary & Street Photography.

London Dust. Meet Jude Liana: Photographer, Model and All Around Beast. Emily scarlett romain. A Cow Called Ecstasy for 032 Online (032C) A Cow Called Ecstasy for 032 Online (032C) Sage Sohier - Photographs. Hayleylouisabrown. Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography? Galleries. Jacob Aue Sobol. Detroit - Bruce Gilden. Background. Photographs - Colin O'Brien, Photographer, London. The last days of London - in pictures. Jo Spence: Work. ​alec soth: in the pool of images.