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It's Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Regina Pagles! Hi!

It's Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Regina Pagles!

My name is Regina Pagles and I am a portrait photographer residing in the rural community of Springdale, Utah (Pop. 450), just outside of Zion National Park. I have a small studio where I have been taking portraits of friends and family since I discovered studio lighting in 2010. I have combined the techniques learned from my biggest inspirations, Peter Hurley (expression), Sue Bryce (posing), Don Giannatti (lighting) and Scott Kelby (post processing) to develop and hone my own style.

In the spirit of â˜paying it forward,' I would like to share with you what I have learned and the techniques I use, in honor of those that have inspired me and who have offered their knowledge so graciously. I will take you through my post processing workflow, using a recent image of one of my favorite subjects, model Yolanda Damon Harris. Straight out of the camera, you can see the image doesn’t look too good… I begin by making initial adjustments in Lightroom and the image starts to improve.

Next in LR: 10 Myths About the Rule of Thirds - Master Composition without it! Carl Warner's Foodscapes: A Lesson on Playing w/your Food. The Gallery. Martin Roemers Photographer. Win 1 of 5 signed copies of ‘Metamorphosis’ by Rupert Soskin - Photo Answers. Win a 1 of 5 signed copies of ‘Metamorphosis’ by Rupert Soskin, published by Bloomsbury.

Win 1 of 5 signed copies of ‘Metamorphosis’ by Rupert Soskin - Photo Answers

Hardback, £30.00. A unique project to photograph creatures that transform their bodies as they grow at every stage of the process. Insects truly are the ugly ducklings of the natural world. How does something as beautiful as a butterfly begin life as little more than a fancy maggot? What are the circumstances that require a creature to transform from one body shape into another, a shape that is often so utterly different from the first that you would be forgiven for thinking they were completely unrelated organisms? This book illustrates some of the dramatic transformations insects undergo in their life cycles and explore why evolution has arrived at these remarkable solutions to survival.

The book is divided into two main sections, the first being insects that undergo partial metamorphosis such as dragonflies and grasshoppers. Bloomsbury. Deborah Sandidge World Photography. Ncont. Moon Exposure Calculator. This calculator provides an estimated shutter speed based on the selected ISO, aperture, weather condition, and the location and phase of the Moon.

Moon Exposure Calculator

A similar calculator is available for lunar eclipse photography. Instructions To display the suggested exposure for a lunar eclipse, select the type of event, the film or sensor speed (ISO), and the lens aperture (f/number). The altitude of the Moon and the elevation of the observer have a measurable influence on the exposure time, as do sky conditions. The suggested exposure will be computed and displayed every time a parameter is changed. Tips for taking successful Moon pictures Use a tripod. A general exposure guide is as follows: Full moon -> shutter = 1/ISO and aperture at f/16 Gibbous moon -> shutter = 2/ISO and aperture at f/16 Quarter moon -> shutter = 5/ISO and aperture at f/16 Crescent moon -> shutter = 10/ISO and aperture at f/16 Exposure compensation: Bracketing shots by 1 or 2 stops on each side is always a wise precaution.

Chris Crisman Photography. We work like crazy.

Chris Crisman Photography

As a studio manager/producer/assistant/blogger life very rarely slows down to the point where I can step back and reflect on it. When it does though, I find myself mulling over aspects of this job that might seem so inconsequential, but for me hold deeper meanings. I’ve decided to start this monthly series on the blog to take a minute and stop, reflect, and write about some of the aspects of being a studio manager that really impact me.

These are my studio manager meditations. Up in the Air. The Legographer. Sand Paintings With a rake as his only tool, San Francisco based artist Andreas Amador creates large scale sand paintings primarily on beaches along the California coast.

The Legographer

Andreas usually waits for a full moon to make sure the ocean’s tides […] On The Wall If you’ve got a few minutes to spare today and are looking to be inspired, check out this short film showing how French artists Supakitch and Koralie created a beautifully detailed mural from start to finish. Tim Flach. Hugh Kretschmer.