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Iwata Nakayama - Wikipedia. Aline Smithson. Albert Sands Southworth. Albert Sands Southworth (ca.1845–1850)

Albert Sands Southworth

Joel-Peter Witkin. Joel-Peter Witkin (born September 13, 1939) is an American photographer who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work often deals with such themes as death, corpses (and sometimes dismembered portions thereof), and various outsiders such as dwarves, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, and physically deformed people. Witkin's complex tableaux often recall religious episodes or classical paintings.[1] Biography[edit] Michal Florence Schorro - Constantine 2357-2387. John Heartfield. John Heartfield (* 19.

John Heartfield

John Heartfield. Henry Peach Robinson. Henry Peach Robinson (* 9.

Henry Peach Robinson

Oscar Gustave Rejlander. Oscar Gustave Rejlander (* Schweden 1813; † 18.

Oscar Gustave Rejlander

Jean-Paul Goude. Ruth Hogben. STUDIO ERWIN OLAF. Another David Richardson. The online portfolio of photographic artist Marc Erwin Babej. A Short Film on Photography Featuring Juergen Teller, Petra Collins, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Arne Svenson. Pierre Debusschere. Saul Leiter. Saul Leiter (December 3, 1923 – November 26, 2013) was an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940s and 1950s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as the New York School.[1] Biography[edit] Saul Leiter was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Saul Leiter

His father was a well known Talmud scholar and Saul studied to become a Rabbi. His mother gave him hist first camera at age 12.[2] At age 23, he left theology school and moved to New York City to become an artist. He had developed an early interest in painting and was fortunate to meet the Abstract Expressionist painter Richard Pousette-Dart. Outside Syria, Outside Camps. Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, almost three years ago, the Syrian people have had flee the fights, the poverty, the radical groups, etc.

Outside Syria, Outside Camps

Some stay in Syria, others manage to reach bordering countries. In Turkey, refugee camps are full, the conditions there are relatively good, but a part of the refugees remain outside the camps because of lack of space. They are on their own, without legal status. Tim Flach. Terry Richardson Official Website. Roger Ballen Photography. Julian Salamon. McDermott and McGough. Other — Paavo Ruch. Catharine maloney. René Burri. René Burri (born 9 April 1933, Zurich) is a Swiss photographer known for his photos of major political, historical and cultural events and key figures of the second half of the 20th century.

René Burri

Burri worked for Magnum Photos and has been photographing political, military and artistic figures and scenes since 1946. He has made portraits of Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso as well as iconic pictures of São Paulo and Brasília. Career[edit] Che Guevara[edit] Awards[edit] 1998—Dr. Steven Klein. Biography — CRISTINA NUÑEZ. Born in 1962 in Figueras, Spain, Cristina Nuñez is a self-taught artist, who works on photography, video and performance.


Awards and grants. MAXPHOTOS FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY. Visual artists. F & d c a r t i e r f&d cartier > CV f&d cartier >2 artist books> Wait and See, 2013 & f & d c a r t i e r R O S E S, 2006 Françoise Cartier (1952) and Daniel Cartier (1950), exhibit as f&d cartier and live in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland Since 1995, the visual artist couple merged their practices –plastic arts & photography- to move toward new approaches.

Visual artists

Examining two indispensable prerequisites for photography - light and sensitive paper – they opt for “camera-less” combined with “found-objects” concepts, resulting in photo-graphics in the literal sense: the light draws a unique image on sensitive photographic paper, without being bundled by any lens.

Series of daylight photograms, extreme solarisations, reinterpretation of albumen glass plate’s are completed. They experiment with various kinds of collected photosensitive papers and light, creating evolutional series. Martin Juergens, Fotorestaurator. Conscientious. Conscientious is a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography.


Evgen Bavcar. Cv - Joachim Froese. Jan Banning. Jan Banning (born 4 May 1954, Almelo)[1] is a Dutch photographer and artist. Banning was born in the Netherlands from Dutch-East-Indies parents. He studied social and economic history at the Radbout University of Nijmegen, and has been working as a photographer[2] since 1981. A central theme of Banning's practice is state power, having produced series about the long-term consequences of war and the world of government bureaucracy. His Dutch East Indies’ roots are expressed in his choice of subjects, such as Indonesian women who were forced to become prostitutes for the Japanese army during the Second World War in ‘Comfort Women’; or former forced labourers in South East Asia during the same period in ‘Traces of War: Survivors of the Burma and Sumatra Railways’; also the repatriation of elderly Moluccans from the Netherlands to the Indonesian Moluccas in ‘Pulang: Back to Maluku’.

Sally Mann. Joel-Peter Witkin. WILLIAM EGGLESTON PHOTOGRAPHER. Mein Leben - Die Fotografin Sibylle Bergemann. Mein Leben „Hier kommt das Vögelchen raus“, sagt sie und drückt ab, nachdem sie zuvor den Film in ihre alte Kamera eingelegt hat. Im Portrait „Mein Leben – Die Fotografin Sybille Bergemann“ von Maria Wischnewski und Sabine Michel lässt die Ikone der Autorenfotografie die Kamera ganz nah an sich heran.

Es schwingt Melancholie mit, wenn Bergemann über ihre Entwicklung hinter der Kamera spricht. Diese Stimmung spiegelt sich auch häufig in ihren Bildern wieder. Nachdem sie zunächst nur Fenster abgelichtet hat - „Ich habe mich nicht getraut, Leute zu fotografieren“ -, fokussierte sie ihre Kamera während der Arbeit bei der Wochenzeitung 'Sonntag' auch auf Menschen. Produktion: IT WORKS! Federführender Sender: ZDF Buch: Maria Wischnewski. Visual artists. Benjamin Schmidt. Arthur Tress. Arthur Tress is a notable American photographer born on November 24, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York.

He is well known for his staged surrealism[1] and exposition of the human body. Education[edit] Abraham Lincoln High School, Coney Island, New YorkB.F.A. Arthur Tress. Marfa Girl (2012)

Flo Fox

Jan von Holleben. Alex Kayser. Beat Presser. Taryn Simon. Amy Arbus Photography.