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ExE ASCII | Astrobaby's random thoughts A quick post here. I have already written a Teensy loader for this, and thought somebody might enjoy it without the device. So I decided to fill in a gap while all this craziness about BadBios is around… Magical text here (Will only work in DOS/Win9x/Win2k/XP) so fire up your virtual machines … and enjoy some Descent …. Copy and paste the above text and save with .COM extension & run.. Amazing what can be achieved in only 105 lines of ASCII data. Like this: Like Loading...

Personal Growth gmoseralini Top 10 Witnesses Who Died Suddenly Crime A witness is someone who has firsthand knowledge about an event. An expert witness is a person who, by virtue of education, training or experience, is believed to have expertise in a particular area. A different type of witness is an eyewitness, who is a person that saw a specific event first hand. Witnessed Event: U.S. On September 11, 2001, David Wherley Jr. was the commander in charge of the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews Air Force base, in Maryland. On June 22, 2009, David Wherley and his wife Ann boarded a Red Line Washington Metro train (#214) in Northeast Washington, D.C. A preliminary investigation found that the accident occurred when the replacement of a track circuit component failed, which prevented certain signals from being reported. Witnessed Event: North Philadelphia Shooting On April 29, 2008, a convicted drug dealer named Dwight Dixon got into an altercation with former NFL star Marvin Harrison, at a North Philadelphia car wash named Chuckie’s Garage. Dr. Dr.

Pegasus Research Consortium Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years Michael Forrester, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive geo-archaeological research has failed to reach mainstream audiences for some reason. The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source. Dr. The very first thing world powers do when their control systems are threatened (and they can’t elimate the idea) is they create a misinformation system to make people believe that powerful new or ancient technologies are a hoax. It’s more than time to rewrite our history books, however there are such vast divisions between the old paradigm thinking and the new, that conflicts between the two camps have continued to cause the regression in the understanding of ancient technology rather than its advancement. Take note of the following facts Dr. The energy beam is theorized by Dr. Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Morgellons Cure Part 2 Pentagon Secret - The Anunnaki Are Returning | Last updated on November 18, 2013 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! by Gregg Prescott, M.S. The Anunnaki may be returning to Earth according to one recent interview from a man with insider Pentagon sources. According to Stan Deyo, the buzzword around the Pentagon is that the Sumerian Gods are returning back to Earth. Anunnaki Ties to Comets ISON and Encke With two well known celestial objects on the horizon, one must question why the comets ISON and Encke were given those particular names. The word "on" is associated with the word An (pronounced "on"), as in Anunnaki, and one of their leaders, Anu (ON-nu). Comet Encke is much more obvious to those who have studied the Anunnaki. Western Sky UFO = Anunnaki? As evidence from many reports and videos from all around the globe, this UFO changes color and size.

High Strangeness Kansas - Jeff Templin is a amateur photographer. He says he's seen it all until now. While taking pictures of wildlife back in February, something caught his eye. He said it looked like an unusual contrail. "Right over the city, clear as a bell," said Templin. Templin says the aircraft made several; severe 180 degree turns in the sky in the shape of an "S", even more unusual. "Absolutely silent, no sound," he said. So he snapped a few photos and took it home. "When I put it on my computer and processed them, I was surprised to see this triangular shape that is not like anything you typically see," he said. Templin says he's a big fan of air planes, so there was no doubt what he saw wasn't....we'll you know. "It was one of ours or at least man made for sure, so unidentified yes, but alien, no," he said. We reached out to several aviation experts, including McConnell.

Mystic Places - Nazca (Nasca) Lines Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets - NG special On Sunday, Feb 21, 2010, the National Geographic Channel presented a new documentary, Nasca Lines: Buried Secrets, from Edge West Productions, directed by celebrated British documentarian Philip J. Day. This in-depth doc brings new light to the lines and the mysteries surround their construction and purpose. Recent archeological discoveries documented in the show give new insights to the people purported to have built the lines—their society, religion, practice of human sacrifice and much, much more. Are they ancient road maps or messages for visiting aliens? For photos, video, aerial tour and more, go to: Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets on National Geographic and Edge West Productions >> Nazca Lines Photos & Pictures Nazca Lines: an ancient astronaut? Could also be a spaceman, alien, astronomer, or Wiseman. Ancient Astronauts' Landing Strip? Image Source >> Nazca Lines: Condor Geoglyph Humming Bird ( Colibri) Get Google Earth. Read More >

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into Twelfth Bough: another country heard from Algeria Algeria: 80% Arab, 20% Berber, multi-party republic with a president and prime minister, approximately 38 million people, the land is 80% desert. Algeria celebrated independence from colonial master France on July 5, 1962 More than a century where the colonized suffered famine, torture, illiteracy, illnesses, and misery. The 1st February, the FLN was formed and declared war against the French colonialist. Read an interesting account of a Italian movie, The Battle of Algiers (1965). Afterward the French government sends in the paratroopers, led by Colonel Mathieu. We aren’t madmen or sadists, gentlemen. Colonel Mathieu ...In late 2003, months after President George W. How to win a battle against terrorism and lose the war of ideas. Some more history: Their independence was not won easily with the death of over 1 million deaths over the course of eight years. So, progress then? And did you think Israel is *our* bestest friend? 4. Algeria in the news today. Who is Paul Mikolashek?