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Instant Eyedropper

12 herramientas gratuitas para crear el contenido creativo visual perfecto Una imagen vale más que mil palabras… o al menos puede ser procesada 60.000 veces más rápido que las palabras. Si quieres llamar la atención de tu audiencia es el momento de volverte más visual. Los tuits con imágenes tienen un 94% más de probabilidades de ser retuiteado, y los artículos de un blog que ofrecen imágenes rompen con el texto y hace los posts mucho más atractivos. Hemos elaborado una lista de herramientas estrella, fáciles de usar y gratuitas, que te permitirán diseñar y elaborar creativas imágenes en muy poco tiempo. Canva Canva hace que sea más sencillo para los principiantes en esto del diseño crear bonitas imágenes. Canva es de libre acceso y cuenta con una amplia biblioteca de imágenes donde poder elegir; se toman la molestia de abastecerte con imágenes para que las uses. Piktochart Las infografías están de moda, pero sin un diseñador que las cree, los profesionales del marketing se encuentran entre la espada y la pared. BeFunky Recite This Pictaculous Skitch Compfight

HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser Structure of an HTML 4 Document Elements and Tags Elements are the structures that describe parts of an HTML document. For example, the P element represents a paragraph while the EM element gives emphasized content. An element has three parts: a start tag, content, and an end tag. tag is special text--"markup"--that is delimited by "<" and ">". <EM>This is emphasized text</EM> Element names are always case-insensitive, so <em>, <eM>, and <EM> are all the same. Elements cannot overlap each other. Some elements allow the start or end tag to be omitted. <UL><LI>First list item; no end tag <LI>Second list item; optional end tag included</LI><LI>Third list item; no end tag </UL> Some elements have no end tag because they have no content. Attributes An element's attributes define various properties for the element. An attribute is included in the start tag only--never the end tag--and takes the form ="". Attribute names are case-insensitive, but attribute values may be case-sensitive. Special Characters Comments <! Validating your HTML

Social Image Resizer Resize and crop your images for web use Today there are innumerable uses for photos and images on the web. Websites need favicon and content images, people need Twitter profile pictures and Facebook profile banners, others want to create custom-sized photos for other uses – the need is endless. To optimize images for web use, you likely need to resize, crop or change their file format type from the source image for their final use. There are many big, complex image manipulation tools available for such work, but not everyone can afford to buy Photoshop or even figure out how to do such simple tasks in its cluttered, confusing user interface. Internet Marketing Ninjas is pleased to offer just such a tool for webmasters, social media fans, and everyone else who wants a simple tool for work with images for the web. Favicon Generator to Crop Images for Twitter, Facebook, and More Tool To use to free online image editing tool, simply follow these instructions: Rerun this Tool

Welcome to ClearDB! HTML Help by The Web Design Group BeFunky 30 Must See Web Generator for Lazy Webmasters Here’s a list of 70 hand-picked, easy to use, and free web generators that will save you tons of time and energy. I have grouped these tools into 10 categories: Color Palettes, Robots.txt, Website Screenshots, Favicons, Web Backgrounds, Webpage Elements (buttons, tabs, etc), Memes, Forms, Logos, and Dummy Texts. The best part about these tools is that they are completely free (some need you to signup though). If you are looking ways speed up your work and channel more time and energy to new content ideas and marketing strategies, I believe the list is a must-bookmark. According to my last check on stats, there were more than 42 million blogposts published in May 2014 – and that’s just alone. Category #1: Color Palettes Generator Functions/Details: To generate color palettes based on image input.Allow users to compare, review, and select color combination at ease. Palette Generator Palette Generator – click image to visit online. Pictaculous Kuler Other Alternatives