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Javascript PC Emulator

Javascript PC Emulator

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Social Galleries Order by Date ascending | Popular descending Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | User Support Copyrigth © 2013 by 0 Views Javascript PC Emulator - Technical Notes By Fabrice Bellard - May 23, 2011 This PC emulator is written in Javascript. The emulated hardware consists in the following devices: 32 bit x86 compatible CPU 8259 Programmble Interrupt Controller 8254 Programmble Interrupt Timer 16450 UART Real Time Clock. Backlink Checker Advertisment How Valuable Are Your Inbound Links? Let’s find out, right now!

Always Innovating: Introducing the Smart Book Four OS fully optimized and configured for the Beagleboard Always Innovating is pleased to announce Super-Jumbo for the Beagleboard family (also compatible with Touch Book & Smart Book). Super-Jumbo a single image which provides four operating systems fully optimized for the OMAP3 chip, and aggregates hundreds of applications already set up for you across the four major ARM operating, i.e. AIOS (complete full features Angstrom fork), Android Gingerbread v2.3, Ubuntu Maverick 10.10, and ChromiumOS (first time ever released for OMAP3). Our single kernel is compatible across the whole Beagleboard and Touch Book families. Last, Super-Jumbo includes the feature to switch at run-time between those four operating systems without any performance loss.

jsScrollbar Preparation Before initializing the scrollbar, you must create a jsScroller object. So if you haven't, follow the previous tutorial and find out how! First thing is the HTML: Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wireframed Responsive layouts, responsively wireframed Made with HTML/CSS (no images, no JS*) this is a simple interactive experiment with responsive design techniques. Use the buttons top-right to toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Windows vs. Ubuntu’s Best Applications « Bruce’s Journal For Ubuntu, ALL software is free! On Ubuntu, all software is free. It’s also equal to, or superior to, the Windows versions. I now use loads of new software that I could not even justify the expense of buying for Windows — just to play with it, or try it out… And I mean, ALL software… like: Office Professional, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Photoshop, Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Project, Adobe Illustrator, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Nero, Avid Liquid, Final Cut Pro, video editing, backup, …you name it! EVERYTHING …except anti-virus software — no such thing… (There is no such thing as a virus or spyware in Ubuntu — because, unlike Windows, Ubuntu is a secure operating system.) I’ve organized the links below like this…

Coding - the new Latin 28 November 2011Last updated at 08:45 <div class="warning"><img class="holding" src=" alt="students on computers" /><p><strong>Please turn on JavaScript.</strong> Media requires JavaScript to play.</p></div> The campaign to boost the teaching of computer skills - particularly coding - in schools is gathering force. Today the likes of Google, Microsoft and other leading technology names will lend their support to the case made to the government earlier this year in a report called Next Gen. Animated Content Menu with jQuery Today we will create a slick animated content menu with jQuery for a restaurant theme. The menu items will be animated and when clicked, a content area with more information will appear. Also, he background image is going to change according to which menu item was clicked. The main idea is to […] View demoDownload source Today we will create a slick animated content menu with jQuery for a restaurant theme.

Downloads Here, you will find links to VirtualBox binaries and its source code. VirtualBox binaries ¶ By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective license. Easy Facebook Scripting in Python « Heterogenous Mixture UPDATED: fbconsole Pypi Package and Github Repository Sometimes you just want to write a little script using Facebook’s api that updates your status, or downloads all your photos, or deletes all those empty albums you accidentally created. In order to streamline my writing of one-off facebook scripts, I created a micro api client that implements the client-side authentication flow and has a few utility functions for accessing the graph api and fql.

50 jQuery Tools for Awesome Websites By now, everyone has heard of jQuery. It’s a framework that makes JavaScript development much easier, and has become massively popular for adding JavaScript functionality to websites. In this post, we’ve picked out 50 of the best scripts we know of and talked about why they rock. HTML Mail - Send HTML Emails Online Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and most other popular email programs support HTML email (Rich Text) but neither of the programs offer you an option to compose email messages directly using HTML markup. That's where HTML Mail fits in. To get started, sign-in with your Gmail or Google Account.

DevGuide - supersonic - The page contains a developer's guide to Supersonic. - Supersonic Query Engine - a column oriented database query engine library. First, let's give you some background of the project. Licensing All Supersonic Query Engine source and pre-built packages are provided under the Apache License 2.0.

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