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Classified Material Beyond This Point Unauthorized access will be monitored, located and dealt with This is your sole warning News 01/12/14 - We now have our very own official Facebook Page! Check it out if you want to be updated on the various goings-on the site has!01/01/14 - Happy New Year, Foundation personnel!12/30/13 - Roget has a new SCP RP, called Origins, all about the Foundation in the days before they were the biggest players in the room, way back in 1954(Soon to be 1955.)

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The Ancestral Myth of the Hollow Earth and Underground Civilizations Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet. There are many rumors surrounding these underground portals. We have only to remember the mysterious stories that revolve around the tunnels and galleries of the Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador, or stories about entrances to underground worlds, supposedly located in the Andes , the Himalayas , the Gobi Desert , Turkey, and even below the Sphinx of Giza .

Meta-analysis A meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies. The basic tenet behind meta-analyses is that there is a common truth behind all conceptually similar scientific studies, but which has been measured with a certain error within individual studies. The aim then is to use approaches from statistics to derive a pooled estimate closest to the unknown common truth based on how this error is perceived. In essence, all existing methods yield a weighted average from the results of the individual studies and what differs is the manner in which these weights are allocated and also the manner in which the uncertainty is computed around the point estimate thus generated. A key benefit of this approach is the aggregation of information leading to a higher statistical power and more robust point estimate than is possible from the measure derived from any individual study. History[edit]

The Nuts and Bolts of Digital Civic Imagination I grew up in Oakland when the Black Panthers were setting up free lunches and breakfasts for me and my classmates in Oakland public schools and carrying guns to defend themselves and their community from the Oakland police. I grew up not trusting the police. It wasn’t an active distrust, but a vague terror that the police might at any moment stop me, arrest me, beat me for no reason at all. I still carry that quiet terror with me 40 years later. Every black man in my life has had experiences of police violence similar to the experiences of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Milton Hall up to the point just before the fatal chokehold or gunfire. You asked ... so here it is A while ago, I brought you a crazy special on SlideDeck 2 for WordPress. You all loved it, but ... you begged for the Developer’s license, not just the Personal license. Well, I won’t lie, it took me a couple months of hard work and constantly bothering the guys over at SlideDeck, but I’m extremely happy to say, I got what you guys wanted so bad :-) SlideDeck 2 is a killer WordPress plug-in that’ll put a stunning content slider on your WordPress site without having to code anything.

NOVA Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? Residents living in the shadows of wind turbines say the sound is making them sick. But so far the science isn't there. From NOVA Next | Jun 27, 2018 Thirty Years Ago Today, Global Warming First Made Headline News On June 23, a NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, told a U.S. ummo Exhibit / February 12, 2019 Cutaway image of an Ummite UFO, from UMMO letter D69-1, 1968. Photo purportedly taken on the outskirts of Madrid of a UFO with UMMO markings on its underside, 1967 Typical Ummite home, or “XAABIUANNAA” in the UMMO language, from UMMO letter D41-2, 1966 Mechanism for the mushroom-like UMMO homes to extend and retract, from UMMO letter D41-2, 1966 Detailed cutaway of an UMMO home, from UMMO letter D41-2, 1966

Hellblazer Vol 1 1 "Hunger": In New York City, a man named Henry Wambach feels something dark rumbling in his gut. The feeling drives him to want to eat more and more. His hunger is insatiable. The more he eats, the more he wants to eat. Stumbling into a restaurant, his hunger becomes so intense that he tries Appearing in "Hunger" Alternate Reality Games Alternate Reality Games, or ARGs, are interactive storytelling devices that make use of the real-world interaction devices and media to add realism in order to help tell a story, which may be altered by 'participant' action. Well-known ARGs are include Halo's I Love Bees , A.I.'s The Beast, The Blair Witch Project, The Potatofools ARG, Team Fortress 2 Update ARGs and Cloverfield's internet campaign. In the Slenderman universe, videomakers use their series' YouTube channels as a way for interaction. These series are referred to as ARGs.

10FastFingers See the partners we work with below. Expand each one to see how they process your data. You can object to legitimate interest processing per vendor. Third Party VendorsAccept all | Reject all Privacy policy: Purposes (Consent): 120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Here are 120 things you can do starting today to help you think faster, improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash your brain’s full potential. Solve puzzles and brainteasers.Cultivate ambidexterity. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, comb your hair or use the mouse. Write with both hands simultaneously.

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True Sometimes conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts. (ANTIMEDIA) In recent years, the mere notion of conspiracy theories has increasingly been stigmatized and ridiculed by mainstream news outlets, internet trolls, and “rational” thinkers. Yet, with powerful revelations by Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks, and generations of intrepid journalists, we now know that many outlandish geopolitical and domestic “conspiracy theories” were and are cold-blooded truths of the modern world. Here are 10 that are well-documented and profoundly disturbing… The Gulf of Tonkin incident, a major escalator of US involvement in the Vietnam War, never actually occurred. How to Write a Thank You Note for Any Occasion (With 3 Examples You Can Use) From an early age, my mom instilled in me the importance of writing thank you notes. I can’t remember the exactly how old I was when I wrote my first one, but I imagine it was as soon as I was able to write. After every birthday party, Christmas, or any other occasion where someone had given me a gift, my mom wouldn’t let me rest until I’d written a thank you note to every last person.

Telegraph stories affected by EU 'right to be forgotten' But David Smith, deputy commissioner and director of data protection for the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), hit back and claimed that the criticism was misplaced, "as the initial stages of its implementation have already shown". Full list: Telegraph content removed from Google search results • A story about a British former convent girl who was jailed in France for running a ring of 600 call girls throughout Europe in 2003. Police were tipped-off about Margaret MacDonald’s operation by a former colleague following an argument.

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