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40 Great Photographer Portfolio Websites for Inspiration

40 Great Photographer Portfolio Websites for Inspiration
Inspiration by Bill Jones 38inShare Here is a collection of fantastic portfolio web design. Jeremy Cowart Koen Demuynck Mitchell Kanashkevich Joon Brandt Frederik Clement Brent Stirton Les Forrester Alberto Ovied Ashley Lebedev Jill Greenberg Paolo Boccardi Eric Ryan Anderson Lara Jade Corey Arnold Andrew Gransden David Hill Gavin Gough Your Beautiful Photography Dimitris Theocharis Robert Dann Chase Jarvis Jonathan Glynn Smith Jan Sochor Lisa Bettany Denis Reggie Christian Oth Levon Biss Little Hellos Mark Velasquez Daniel Kennedy Photography Rinze Van Brug Emmanuel Rouzic Raven Photography Carlos Alonso Bodas Kenn Reay Jason Bell James Day Photography Evaan Kheraj David Vasiljevic What’s your favorite portfolio site? Create an amazing portfolio site using Work, a beautiful wordpress theme by Theme Trust or check out more premium wordpress themes here. Like Our Site? 104 Comments Related:  Navigation Web

30 Inspiring Niche Photography Websites to Explore Photography is a vast and ever changing creative industry that is closely linked to graphic design. Everywhere we go we see photography on billboards, posters, websites and the news. Below are 30 inspiring photographer or photography related websites. Have a look at the best of advertising, photojournalism, wedding, manipulated photography, glamor & fashion photography websites. These websites illustrate a variety of creative methods to present the same thing: photographers and their work. Photojournalism Websites Burn Magazine Mike Ross Photos Great Photojournalism Rethink Dispatches Noor Images McCall Studios Advertising Photography Websites Marge+Casey Associates Vendrame Tim Tadder Sonja Muller Ciril Jazbec Cake Factory Wedding Photography Websites Josevilla Photography Karen Wise Luna Pics Photography Bentley Gray Photography Elizabeth Messina CM Photography Manipulated Photography Website Dark City Revisited Blue Chimp Ivan Bajic Garrigo Sastudio Erik Johansson Glamour and Fashion Photography Websites

Perfect Full Page Background Image Easily manage projects with This post was originally published on August 21, 2009 and is now updated as it has been entirely revised. Both original methods are removed and now replaced by four new methods. The goal here is a background image on a website that covers the entire browser window at all times. Let's put some specifics on it: Fills entire page with image, no white spaceScales image as neededRetains image proportions (aspect ratio)Image is centered on pageDoes not cause scrollbarsAs cross-browser compatible as possibleIsn't some fancy shenanigans like Flash Image above credited to this site. #Awesome, Easy, Progressive CSS3 Way We can do this purely through CSS thanks to the background-size property now in CSS3. Works in: Safari 3+Chrome Whatever+IE 9+Opera 10+ (Opera 9.5 supported background-size but not the keywords)Firefox 3.6+ (Firefox 4 supports non-vendor prefixed version) View Demo #CSS-Only Technique #1 Here is the CSS: View Demo #CSS-Only Technique #2 View Demo #Enjoy

Comment faire de la photo infrarouge Vous avez certainement déjà vu des photos infrarouges. Celà consiste à filtrer la lumière pour ne capturer que la partie "infrarouge" du spectre lumineux, ce qui donne un rendu mystérieux et saisissant. Ce procédé existe depuis longtemps : "au temps de l'argentique", on utilisait un film spécial, avec un filtre. Au premier abord, une photo infrarouge peut ressembler à une photo noir et blanc "normale". Photo par boonna Voici quelques pistes pour savoir comment s'y prendre. Retirer le filtre devant le capteur Il faut savoir que la plupart des reflex numériques actuels ont un filtre anti infrarouge devant le capteur, pour améliorer la qualité des images prises en conditions "normales". Si votre appareil est équipé d'un tel filtre, vous devrez le démonter. Attention : il vaut mieux faire ceci sur un vieil appareil, et être conscient des risques de déterioration liés à l'ouverture du boitier en cas de mauvaise manipulation. Nikon : D70/D70s D50 D100 D1X Canon : 5D 10D 20D Rebel XT Rebel

10 jaw dropping responsive landing pages ‘Responsive’ is the latest movement in web-development – and one that’s needed pretty badly. Every day, the number of devices, platforms and browsers that are used to access the internet grows. And while the majority of users still access the web from traditional platforms, the demand for fluid and adaptive websites is stronger than ever. Many designers are taking this change to heart and creating some spectacular pieces that thrive in mobile, tablet and desktop environments. The following sites fuse beauty with responsive web design techniques and really showcase what can be achieved with a little innovation. When you open this site on your desktop, it’s immediately captivating. With its wide layout, the clean lines and simple structure this site is a fantastic example of minimalist web design. The use of color is striking and the innovative placement of the 3D figurines in the foreground of the site really engages the viewer.

25 Fresh Designer Portfolio Websites Posted by Chris Thurman on Feb 22nd Check out some of the freshest, most interesting designer portfolios from around the web. Many of these are new for 2011 and all of them are worth a look or two. Enjoy! A designer’s portfolio website is absolutely essential in attracting new clients. For other design inspiration be sure and check out some of these other galleries: Chris Thurman Dan Sweet Heck House Gerren Lamson Forefathers Group Chigo Design Asthma Studio Shift Creative Visual Republic Forever Heavy Pointless Corp Elegant Seagulls Mark Hobbs Brizk Teixido Brad Langdon Andrew Tebbott Stephen Gacheru Ruudvan Eijk Pieoneers iGeekify Ben Darby Karel-Jan Tolsma Hugo Rodrigues Vinu Mamen

35 Beautiful Photography Websites Advertisement Interest in photography has exploded over the last 10 years, largely thanks to the developments in digital photography. Cameras and computers have become cheaper and more powerful, software more sophistocated and printers can now print photos that are as good (if not better) than anything produced in a chemical darkroom. Now, once you’ve acquired a digital setup, the economic restrictions of film and development costs have been removed and the cost of photography is virtually nil. Along with these developments in photography has been the parallel development of the Web. Ten years ago websites were largely clumsy, HTML driven constructions. The result is that photographers are finding new and exciting ways to showcase their best work online. You may want to take a look at the following related posts: Beautiful Photography Websites Bottle Bell Photography5 The graphic design of this website perfectly complements the fantasy world of the photographer’s vision. Last Click Resources

Photographier un feu d’artifice avec un filtre de densité neutre Tout photographe de paysage a sûrement déjà pensé à utiliser un filtre de densité neutre pour photographier un paysage avec un temps de pose assez long. En effet, si jamais il vous arrive de vouloir utiliser votre trépied en plein jour pour effectuer une pose longue, sans ce filtre, le résultat sera une photo toute blanche, même avec les réglages les plus bas (ISO 100 et f/22) car il y a beaucoup trop de lumière en journée pour cela. Le filtre de densité neutre sert alors de lunettes de soleil pour votre objectif, afin d’atténuer les rayons lumineux qui touchent le capteur. Alors que la période des feux d’artifice bat son plein, et que vous avez déjà lu notre Mercredi Pratique pour savoir comment réaliser une belle photo de feu d’artifice, voici un conseil un peu décalé pour obtenir un résultat non moins étonnant : utiliser un filtre de densité neutre sur votre objectif lors d’un feu d’artifice.

20 tools to help you create responsive web designs Building responsive design has become a huge trend in the web design world. There is a good reason for that: responsive websites are much more relevant than fixed web designs in a time where a lot of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In this article we take a look at some of the most useful tool to help you with the creation of responsive designs. Sketching / wireframing tools First things first, responsive design need to be well-thought or you’ll get much more work than you would have otherwise. These tools will help you to make planning decisions and sketch your responsive website. 1. A common problem you’ll run into when planning a responsive web design is to chose which devices and sizes you’ll design for. 2. Simple PDF templates to help you map out how layout sections will change in different resolutions. 3. Quickly get the CSS for creating your fluid grid website with this simple tool. 4. Responsive design elements 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Templates and grids 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Louisville, KY Web Designer | Chris Thurman How To: Resizeable Background Image Published by Chris Coyier If you are looking for how to do FULL SCREEN BACKGROUND IMAGE, go here. My friend Richard recently came to me with a simple CSS question: Is there a way to make a background image resizeable? As in, fill the background of a web page edge-to-edge with an image, no matter the size of the browser window. Also, have it resize larger or smaller as the browser window changes. Wow, that's a tall order. Finished Project: What's The Weather? Go ahead and resize your browser window around and notice how the image will resize to fit. First Attempt Well my first thought was that this really needs to be a CSS background-image. You guessed it, jQuery. Second Attempt (better) While the first attempt did a decent job, it failed at the most fundamental level: it wasn't "resizeable". We can, again, use jQuery and the dimensions plugin to get our browser window's width. Third Attempt (best) Forget this javascript business! See a demo of this in action. More about

Jason Lee : photographier ses enfants de manière créative En ce samedi de weekend prolongé, découvrons le travail de Jason Lee, un photographe de mariage devenu papa et qui expérimente des idées très créatives avec ses deux filles, Kristin et Kayla. Jason Lee a commencé à prendre en photo ses deux enfants lorsqu’il a appris que sa mère était atteinte d’un cancer. Pour lui permettre de prendre des nouvelles de ses deux petits enfants, Jason a lancé en 2006 le blog Kristin and Kayla, toujours en ligne aujourd’hui. Un conseil donc : l’enfance est un moment important dans la vie, alors n’hésitez pas à photographier vos enfants de toute les manières, pour conserver des souvenirs pour eux lorsqu’ils seront plus grand, mais également pour faire partager leur croissance avec le reste de votre famille ou de vos contacts. Voici quelques unes des photos de Jason Lee que nous avons apprécié : Avec ça, fini les portraits de famille classiques et tristes, laissez place à votre imagination ! Pour aller plus loin :

Joint. A new creative business in London. 50 Awesome Portfolio Websites Portfolio websites are often excellent sources of design inspiration because every designer and agency wants to create a great impression with a quality design. Portfolio sites frequently show creativity and innovation that might not be as common yet with other types of sites. While browsing through the portfolio sites of other designers can provide inspiration for your own portfolio site, it also provides inspiration that can be used on all different types of projects. It’s helpful that there are so many high-quality portfolio sites out there that can be sources of design inspiration. In this post we’ll showcase 50 excellent portfolio sites so you don’t even have to go out and find these great designs on your own. Looking for hosting?

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