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Call me cupcake

Call me cupcake
Spring is here! When the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, you know it is spring for sure. For me, spring is the start of something new and it always leaves me feeling inspired and thankful. I have been imagining this cake for a few weeks now. That's where I get most of my ideas nowadays, from my imagination (and I always say my imagination is the worst). Sometimes I feel like a little kid, daydreaming about all the cakes I'm going to make.

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sketch restaurant London The triple dream of launching a centre, a “lieu” or destination place, for food, art and music has been realised by Mourad “Momo” Mazouz and his team of chefs and designers over two expansive floors of a converted 18th century building in Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. sketch is a complex and unique site. Conceived by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mazouz, it has attracted unprecedented media reaction for its myriad food, drink and entertainment styles since it opened in December 2002. Gagnaire's culinary genius has inspired the menus throughout sketch. His eponymous Michelin three-starred Paris restaurant has a distinctive menu style, which Gagnaire had adapted for sketch. Executed by his acolytes, the food is imaginative, bold, ground-breaking and delicious.

Brownie Sandwich Cookies Black and White Brownie Sandwich Cookies I’m not sure if retooling a recipe for another post is some kind of food blogger faux pas, but I did it. I couldn’t help myself and since we’ve established that I’m not very good at rules and such, I retooled those awesome brownie cookies from Monday into today’s awesome brownie sandwich cookies. Along with that, we all know my issue with boredom, so I decided to turn what was left over of the cookies into something new. The Best Buttermilk Recipes Have you ever bought buttermilk for one recipe, but then had no idea what to do with the rest of it? And likely, you never did figure out what to do with it before it spoiled and you had to pitch it. If that sounds familiar, or if you find yourself not even buying buttermilk for that one recipe, because you don’t think there’s anything else to make with it, these 25 recipes will keep you busy.

EDDIE ROSS I'd like to think that if all good things must end, even better and more beautiful things start right up again! 2013 brought changes at home and at work, with family and friends and, most of all, in our selves and the course ahead. After three and a half years of life in the country chronicling our adventures, shopping flea markets with new friends and producing stories for magazines, Jaithan and I took one last look at our Butler's Pantry... ...and packed it all up. Every. the LIFE LESSONS blog {things crafty, thrifty, family, yummy & rambly): Lesson# 144 The Best Gifts are Homemade {Natural Chapstick} After searching FAR AND WIDE for an awesome Christmas gift for my girlfriends this year... I finally landed on the best gift project I'm made thus far. I mean, this is way better than painted frames, decorated mugs and puff painted totes. Introducing the gift that's inexpensive, fun to make, and is actually useful in real life!

From ‘Moby Dick’ to ‘The Great Gatsby’: Classic Lit Dishes Brought to Life (Photos) There is nothing like reading a description of a meal that is so vivid you can almost taste it. For one photographer, imaging the iconic delights wasn't enough. For a design project that turned into a book, Fictitious Dishes, Dinah Fried decided to create and photograph the food described in her favorite books.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies Here is a flourless cookie that will leave people questioning if they are truly flourless. You can’t even tell they lack flour with their deliciously chewy texture, soft centers and slightly crisp edges. They are everything you look for in a cookie. Their chocolatey decadence really shines through because there is no flour to tone down that rich flavor. Sweet potato and orange melting cake Carrot, beetroot, zucchini, … Vegetables are often great allies in cakes. They bring a nice melting texture. And this is true with sweet potato. I found a recipe using sweet potato and orange in Clea’s cookbook “Recevoir en Bio”.

» Recettes de soupes chaudes Discover « Sweet Macarons » by Mercotte! Tame the macaron in 21 recipes! Tips and tricks, failure analysis, product selection and equipment, all steps are explained here simply to optimize your success. Buy the book:Amazon US - Amazon CA - Amazon UK - Amazon IT - Amazon DE - Amazon ES - Amazon FR Food Librarian Valentine's 5-Layer Finger JelloStrawberry, Cherry and Raspberry Jell-O with milk filling The other day, I was going through old cookbooks (pretending to clean) and found the 1979 Arlington Elementary School PTA cookbook. You know, those spiral bound, type-written fundraising cookbooks. In other words, the mother lode of nostalgia. Emma Dibben - Illustrator Click a thumbnail above to choose a portfolio Emma grew up in Sheffield, early on discovering a love of nature in the surrounding Peak District. An urge to live by the sea took her to Cornwall in 2001 where she studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts. This included a term studying etching and stone lithography at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under the Erasmus program. Whilst working on both reportage and editorial projects she discovered her love of still life and food illustration.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies - Spoon Fork Bacon We haven’t posted a cookie recipe on here for a long time. We finally have this Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie recipe up because it’s my new favorite. It’s not too sweet, and it’s really chewy, and really light. My Favorite Pancake Recipe We've all had blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, and pancakes with blueberry syrup, but what about a tall stack of golden butter-kissed pancakes with blueberry maple syrup? I'm going to go out on a limb and say these Whole-Grain Pancakes with Blueberry Maple Syrup are the best pancakes I've ever made, my favorite pancake recipe to date. The pancakes are fluffy and golden and light, and the blueberry syrup is delicious, fragrant and beautiful without being overly sweet. I've been playing around quite a lot recently with white whole wheat flour. It is the Trojan horse of whole-grain flours, because for finicky people who won't eat anything brown or good for them you can pass it off as white.

A collection of vegan recipes A collection of vegan recipes Vegan Recipe Collection Hi there, my name is Paula. I post vegan recipes here for inspiration... Home Archive Random Ask me anything Theme One Green Planet vegan vegetarian recipe palak spinach pakora

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