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Griottes, palette culinaire

Griottes, palette culinaire

Obsolete Collections Fine Art Events We Love Contact All New Arrivals Gifts Surfaces ANDRESGALLARDO Andresgallardo is a new, creative approach to fashion jewelry. Brokenporcelain is the concept behind ANDRESGALLARDO collections: Inspired by elements of flora and fauna, combines metal, leather and crystal fragments with porcelain figures that have been reworked and set into whimsical, nature-based jewelry pieces. Porcelain figures are broken and repolished by hand and then assembled into subjective and sometimes surrealistic compositions. Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies I am not a bossy person by nature. I pretty much go with the flow- I'm a middle child for heaven's sake. But I'm going to tell you to do something. Now. Eat Drink Chic » Archives ...we've had our fair share of cold and foggy winter mornings. Inside our home, however, I've been attempting to ramp up the colour! My current decorating project- our living room- is progressing slowly at the moment.

Le voyage créatif Let me take you with me on one of my afternoon strolls through the city. It takes time to get to know a new place, and I’m an eager explorer. So I use as much time as I can running between work and some classes to sniff out places I can call my own. Now, Sir Drake hotel may not be mine, but last week after I had met this model, I needed a petite moment of awe and quiet to get back out there. I opened the big glass doors to this old classic of a hotel and skipped up the stairs to an area that was absolutely empty. Wittenoord Wittenoord (2010) This is the story of a woman who lived in Wittenoord. Here she found almost jewel like pieces of nature.

Broccoli Cake recipe There's lovely little patisserie in Paris Called Rose Bakery. Here, in defiance of all sense and logic an Anglo French couple have opened in the heart of the pastry version of Disneyland that is Paris aka Pastryland and they serve up lovely little Anglo French treats to a roaring trade. There isn't a traditional shop window and only a door to entice customers. 3D paper diamonds Hello there. Hope you all had a great Easter! We had a lovely relaxing holiday (….well as relaxing as it gets with kids).

Inspirations pastel world credits and source: 1 photo by Tim Walker, 2, 3, Tattoos for your wedding Did you know that we can create your own fake Tattyoo for your wedding or for any special day in your life? Our custom temporary tattoos are perfect stylish detail for your wedding favors! You can simply send us your own design, choose an existing one or we can propose you to work with Paris-based designer Mister M Studio. Here are some examples designed by Mister M Studio Customize the font! choose here Panna Cotta Tricolore This is the last dish of the menu that I have created to celebrate the 150 years of the Unification of Italy. When I decided to make a theme menu for the occasion, this dish was the first I pictured in my mind. I knew I wanted to make a layered sweet to represent the Italian flag. The choice of panna cotta came naturally, being a typical Italian dessert.

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