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Griottes, palette culinaire

Griottes, palette culinaire

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Rise and Shine How about some yummy muffins to get your Monday started off right. These aren’t just morning muffins though – filled with lots of melty, chocolatey goodness – they’re great any time of the day. I’ve been going through my pantry the last few weeks trying to use up some supplies that didn’t get any attention while I wasn’t feeling well earlier this year. Modern Lighting This massive sputnik chandelier by .PSLAB makes its new home in the THE JANE Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium. I don’t know how many times I have written about the work of .PSLAB, maybe because their work is outstanding. With this project they were able to collaborate with Piet Boon architects. Not only did they design,fabricate and install this massive piece of art but they also designed the lighting for the rest of the areas of the restaurant.

Tender Times by Scott C "Pollens" We are so excited to have Scott C. here at Cotton Candy Machine for his first solo show in Brooklyn! Scott's paintings have appeared in galleries and publications around the world. festive ice skate tag card… there’s a festive chill in the air this holiday season so time for a little winter fun. i always get asked what to do with all of the tags i make? well you can use them as an actual tag and place in a journal or scrapbook page, or use as a gift tag, or perhaps cut the top off the tag and layer on a card…but what about making an actual card from a tag? today i wanted to share a simple tag card using the bigz ice skate die i designed for sizzix this year. i must say many people are loving this new ice skate die and the coordinating mini movers and shapers ice skate die (sure seems to bring up lots of childhood memories for many). one of the cool features of the bigz ice skate die is the ability to lace the skates since the die actually cuts lacing slots - here’s how…

Top Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2015 - WOW TRAVEL The number of travel blogs published grows quickly and deciding which are the most interesting to read can be tough, since so many travelers turning their advice into some of the best travel blogs online. Blogs written by independent travelers are becoming the majority of information and inspiration to go travel by many people across the world. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite travel bloggers that we enjoy following. Here are the top 12 travel bloggers we think you should follow in 2015. Alex In Wanderland – Alex is a New York native with a passion for aquatic adventures.

new york cheesecake New Yorkers have a reputation for being pushy and over-the-top — these are things you learn when you leave the city for a weekend, and a ticketing agent at the airport in Tulsa, for example, informs you that you’re so much more polite than she thought a New Yorker would be. We apparently like things bolder and taller and shinier and more intense and while I’m not sure if this really applies to your average straphanger commuting from walk-up to cubicle and back again everyday, I am absolutely certain that it applies to our cheesecakes. (No, the other kind, silly.) decordots Elegant country house Simple and elegant country house with a modern Scandinavian feel. These interesting floors are from unfinished wood, which is weathered from being outside. I love those uncovered minimalist windows with the green, picturesque view! // photos by Maxwell Tielman, from Design Sponge, found via April and May // Bathroom inspiration from IKEA

Gorgeous Bird Paintings by Adam S. Doyle Artist Adam S. Doyle who recently relocated to Hong Kong creates beautiful gestural paintings of birds, where the seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form the feathers and other details of the animal. In some strange way it reminds me of the story of the Renaissance painter Giotto who is rumored to have been able to draw a perfect circle without the aid of a compass, as if Doyle just picks up a dripping paint brush and in a few seconds paints a perfect bird. In reality his work demonstrates a profound control of the paintbrush and careful understanding of the mediums he works with.

A Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home DAY 1 - Beach Decor Blog, Coastal Blog, Coastal Decorating 14 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 13 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 0 Buffer 0 14 Flares × Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home! G’day! I’ve been quite over-whelmed by the huge response I have had to Love Your Christmas Home! …when I first was thinking about Loving Your Christmas Home after I had had, over the course of a few days, email after email about the perfect Christmas and how to be so super-organised I would have checklists of checkslists and a clean and tidy bathroom cabinet ready for the Christmas matron to inspect , I decided to put out a little note in my newsletter to see if anyone else would be interested in not a purrrrfect Christmas with every single thing done and dusted but Christmas with a calm loved home and a mama, while not super-woman and definitely having forgotten things, who was actually having quite a nice time herself too this year. One with a bit of festive sparkle, you know?

5 STEPS FOR RESEARCHING YOUR NEXT TRAVEL DESTINATION (SO YOU FIND ALL THE COOL PLACES) 16th July 2015 We’ve all been travelling before and felt as though we missed out on seeing the best things, those hidden places that sometimes you stumble upon if you’re lucky, but otherwise you won’t ever find. That’s why research is absolutely key to getting the best out of travel.

Beautiful Cupcakes I first want to thank everyone for such a wonderful first year of blogging! I started blogging last February and would never have thought that blogging would have impacted my life so much. I absolutely love sharing my passion with everyone in the world and all of you have been so nice and encouraging along the way. I have taken a look at this last year’s posts and tallied up the numbers, so here are the top ten posts of the year…hope you enjoy them!

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