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Marginal Revolution

The Conglomerate Blog: Business, Law, Economics & Society Workawesome | For People Who Want to Be Awesome at Work The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog by Mike Michalowicz for First Speaking Speed Have you ever been talking with someone and they speak so slllooowwwlllyyy, that you want to shake them? Or, have you ever been talking with someone who speaks so quickly that you want to shake them even more? The reason is that we feel the most comfortable with people who are the most like us. […] Read more The Key To Persuading Others It’s about passion. First, They Got To Like You I don’t care what you sell or how amazing your offer is; If I don’t like you, I’m not buying. The New Entrepreneurship Way Entrepreneurship has changed forever. How To Use Color In Your Business Looks matter. How To Determine What You Are Passionate About When you have passion for something it will get you over every brick wall, help you weather every storm, and even when you’ve been knocked down for the hundredth time, compel you to get back up and try again. Why You Can’t Motivate An Employee I get it. When Is The Best Time To Start A New Business? No “No.” For audience members, typical is boring. - An edgy humor blog that's fueled by awkwardness and insanity. The Career Doctor Blog W.J.S. writes: I am a middle-aged, formerly middle-management, middle-income man who has been downsized from a corporate position. I have been actively seeking employment and have been trying to network, send out resumes etc. I have had my resume professionally written, have a B.S. and an excellent career history with excellent reviews. All this considered, I am working as a security guard which I took as an interim job. The Career Doctor responds: I think the most important words I can say to you are don’t be discouraged. The first issue is being downsized. The second issue is networking. The third issue is your level of expertise and salary. Best of luck to you.

Twitter Fail Blog - Sharing the good, and exposing the best of the worst on twitter The Bing Blog - Fortune on By Stanley Bing FORTUNE -- Ever since my Roomba carpet-cleaning robot ran over my foot and masticated my shoe, I have been wary of robots as substitutes for actual working persons. I particularly felt that my job in management was safe from the incursion of machines with friendly faces painted on the front of their heads, or whatever you call the metal constructions atop their shoulders, if those are indeed shoulders. Now I'm not so sure. Well, you know what? Could a robot work long hours under intense pressure on a project only to see it evaporate when senior management turns its gaze to other enthusiasms? Can a robot sit in long meetings without dozing, doodling, or disgracing itself? Can a robot interject a witticism or bon mot that adroitly lightens the mood? What about sucking up? How about management skills? Certainly, a robot cannot schmooze. What about passion, dedication, loyalty? I'd say this appears to be a tie.

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