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E-International Relations — the world’s leading open access website for students and scholars of international politics

E-International Relations — the world’s leading open access website for students and scholars of international politics
Do Drone Strike Assassinations Render Conceptions of ‘Just War’ Redundant? War on Terror drone policies problematise classic Just War (JW) approaches. However, JW theory inspired international law itself has the ability to ensure accountability. Veiled Colonialism: A Feminist Criticism of the Half the Sky Movement By exercising both the Western colonialist stance and discursive colonialism, “Half the Sky” acts as a roadblock for the very women it supports. Yemen’s Water Scarcity as a Threat to National Security

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Strengthening democracy through private enterprise and market oriented reform Sparking Debate on Economic Policy in Nepal Samriddhi wins an award at the Asia Liberty Forum in Kuala Lumpur. By Sarita Sapkota, Samriddhi Jueves 24 de junio de 2010 Se declara perseguida política por los hechos en Atenco El canciller Nicolás Maduro ofrece consultar el caso a la brevedad Ya no quiero más estar escondida y acosada, manifesta la joven Trini, su madre, llama al presidente Chávez a no desatender la petición Luego de una reunión de 20 minutos con Stanley McChrystal, comandante de las fuerzas estadunidenses y de la OTAN en Afganistán, el presidente aceptó la renuncia del militar y nombró al general David Petraeus (a su espalda) en su remplazo. Así concluyó el episodio que se desató por una entrevista, que será publicada esta semana en la revista Rolling Stone, en la que McChrystal y sus asesores hacen comentarios despectivos del mandatario y su equipo de seguridad nacional.

Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute Modelo de seguridad OS X (II): SIP 18/02/2016, by INCIBE. En el artículo: Modelo de seguridad de OS X (I), se introducen las principales características de seguridad del sistema operativo acumuladas hasta Yosemite (OS X 10.10). Con la última versión lanzada en septiembre de 2015 aparece una interesante novedad en el sistema relacionada con la seguridad. News Front Page BBC News Home Top Stories Trump to drop Iran deal, Macron says France's leader admits he may have failed to persuade his US counterpart to stick to the 2015 accord. Related content Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU) The Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI) was created to accelerate the formation of a community of scholars and practitioners who, despite divides in geography and political culture, will create a common concept of responsible innovation for research, training and outreach – and in doing so contribute to the governance of emerging technologies under conditions dominated by high uncertainty, high stakes, and challenging questions of novelty. “Responsible innovation” (RI) is an emerging term in science and innovation policy fields across the globe. Its precise definition has been at the center of numerous meetings, research council decisions, and other activities in recent years. But today there is neither a clear, unified vision of what responsible innovation is, what it requires in order to be effective, nor what it can accomplish. Representatives from VIRI Network Member Institutions, Summer Meeting 2015 Mission

Die Euros Am 18. November 2012 wurde zum 12. Mal der Siebenpfeiffer-Preis verliehen – und Die Euros haben von der Jury eine lobende Anerkennung erhalten. In der Begründung der Jury heißt es dazu: „Dieses Online-Portal von Studierenden und jungen Absolventen unterschiedlicher Universitäten in Europa bietet Informationen und Reflexionen zu Europa und zur Politik der Europäischen Union. International Jobs, Global Jobs, Jobs Abroad Visez Plus Haut. Allez Plus Loin. Rêvez Davantage. Une meilleure carrière vous attend. Nous vous aiderons à la trouver. Avec des dizaines de milliers d’offres dans le monde, nous sommes votre première étape vers votre job idéal. Critical Atlas of Internet Spatial analysis as a tool for socio-political purposes Travail de recherche théorique et graphique mené par Louise Drulhe. Juin 2015. Internet is a Point Online, Distance is Not Relevant A Global Object Projected at the Local Level

Decent Digitisation Over the past months, we called in experts from a wide variety of disciplines to reflect on how we can bring decency to our digital society. We threw down the gauntlet and saw that government institutions, civil society organisations and researchers rose to the challenge. They shared their solutions in seventeen separate blogs, brought together in this publication. The blog series focused on four questions: ‘How can we create an inclusive digital society?’