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Speak Victorian, Think Pagan

Speak Victorian, Think Pagan
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Current Intelligence Slouching Towards Columbia Hegemonic Obsessions howl at pluto Ink Spots The Duck of Minerva Dear all, I'm currently the program chair for ISA Midwest 2014. The conference will take place from November 7th to 9th at the Hilton Ballpark in St. Louis. This is a fabulous conference - one I'd really recommend for all scholars but one that is especially inviting for junior scholars. Continue reading Dan Nexon argues that efforts to have Ukraine join NATO could be self defeating: Moscow’s greatest fear is that Ukraine winds up a member of NATO. The whole post is worth reading, and those few Duck readers who don't follow Dan's blog should do so as soon as possible. But there's still something puzzling me about Russia's adventurism in its near abroad: Who cares who joins NATO? Continue reading by Brandon Valeriano and Andy Owsiak What follows is a dialog between us on John Vasquez’s contributions to the field of IR based on a recent roundtable honoring his work at the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association in Toronto in March, 2014. Continue reading Bob Dylan Continue reading

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