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Free2Work: End Human Trafficking and Slavery

Free2Work: End Human Trafficking and Slavery

Generation Alive > Programs > Defend Free > Fight Slavery Resources Fight Slavery Resources Slavery is still happening today! International Facts The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24 years of age An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year 95% of victims experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking (based on data from selected European countries) 43% of victims are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, of whom 98 per cent are women and girls 32% of victims are used for forced economic exploitation, of whom 56 per cent are women and girls Many trafficking victims have at least middle-level education National Facts Estimated between 14,500-17,500 human beings trafficked into the U.S. annually. Spokane Area Estimated that there are 415-460 sex slaves in Spokane. (2007 study) Spokane is considered an entry point for underage prostitution due to the homeless population. (2007 study) Victims are cycled from city to city to keep them disorientated. (2007 study) Here is the extended printable version

Performance impact when using VMware snapshots It is certainly not unheared of – “When I delete a snapshot from a VM, the thing totally freezes!“. The strange thing is, some customers have these issues, others don’t (or are not aware of it). So what really DOES happen when you clean out a snapshot? Test Setup So how do we test performance impact on storage while ruling out external factors? Windows 2003-R2-SP2 VM (32 bit);Single vCPU;2048 MB memory;5 Gbyte boot drive as an independent disk on a SAN LUN;VM configuration and 4 GByte performance-measurement-disk on local storage (10K disks RAID1);IOmeter (version 2006.07.27) installed;Configure perfmon to measure both reads and writes per second from PhysicalDisk with a 20 second interval;Build these VMs on both an ESX3.5 and vSphere server to see any differences. Note that the VM configs were also placed on local storage. IOmeter was setup for a total of two tests. Table 1: IOmeter setup How VMware snapshotting works But who ever reverts snapshots on a regular basis? Conclusion

good guide The GoodGuide mobile app makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products, instantly delivering the information you need, when you need it most — in a store and on the go. Comprehensive: Find health, environmental, and social performance ratings for over 120,000 food, personal care, and household products — from baby shampoo to bathroom cleaner.Quick, and Easy: Barcode scanning makes it easier than ever to retrieve product ratings and information on your phone while you shop. Or browse and look up products with just a few taps.Personalized: Select the issues you care about most to see how products perform on your preferences. Get customized product recommendations. Create your own personal shopping lists. Simply download GoodGuide’s mobile app from Apple’s iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace to start shopping smarter today! “…Sorting through labels that are at best confusing, misleading or at worst, inaccurate, makes it tough to know what to buy.

Beyond the Talking Points: The Current Refugee Crisis | Go-Before Grace Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to be the judge of a high school debate competition. Not surprisingly one of the debate topics centered around “the current refugee crisis.” Unfortunately I only got to listen to one such debate. Those arguing in favor of accepting refugees did an okay job at listing out several economists, historians and anthropologists who all argue that accepting refugees will most likely improve a country’s living standards over a long term period of time (up to 1oo years!). Those arguing against it did a fascinating job of listing out everything that is happening today. They won the debate. Yet I remain in absolute favor of open borders worldwide, starting with our own. The narrative of Scripture leaves little room for gray when it comes to feeding, clothing and accepting foreigners, even dangerous ones. You can look at the prologue to the 10 Commandments where God says, “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt.” At least that’s my two cents.

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video In September 2015, the body of a three-year-old Syrian boy was found floating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Photographs of the boy were quick to get circulated world over, and the world responded with a massive outcry over the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. This was the first time the Syrian crisis was globally recognised as a burning issue, and one that needs to be addressed with utmost urgency. This video, by In a Nutshell , speaks about how the Syrian crisis is an international issue, and how it all started with countrywide unrest and the civil war in Syria. Watch this video to get a better understanding of the larger Syrian issue and learn about what measures we can take to offer help to the affected people. Video created by In a Nutshell .

Password Safe - Quickstart Guide Quickstart Guide Steve McPherson has created this amusing clip highlighting the cooler features of PasswordSafe (Thanks, Steve!) has written a nice introductory guide showing how to get started with PasswordSafe. Here's a short video demonstrating PasswordSafe's menus and features, courtesy of FindMySoft: [The following short guide is taken from Password Safe's online help] Creating and Opening a Safe Password Safe allows users to store all passwords in a single "safe" (password database), or to create multiple databases for different purposes (e.g., one for work, one for personal use). If you are using Password Safe for the first time, press the New Database button. Create a New Database There are two ways that a new database can be created. Note: By default, Password Safe will show the database last used, and displays a combination prompt for it. Using Stored Passwords Password Safe provides several mechanisms for using stored names and passwords.

Appalachian Awakening Sees Mass Salvations in West Virginia Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at Students who have walked the halls of Mingo Central the last couple years say the West Virginian high school has a different feel these days. Prayer has mostly replaced profanity in the hallways. "The Lord has swept through this area," said Aerianna McClanahan, a junior who is part of the Mingo Central prayer club. Today, on the National Day of Prayer, many southern West Virginians plan to stoke the flames of their regional revival by standing with Franklin Graham during his Decision America Tour stop in Charleston. "We know this [revival] was birthed in prayer so we know the only way for it to continue is to stay in prayer," youth pastor Katie Endicott said. An 'Appalachian Awakening' Many credit a Tennessean evangelist, who has conducted several revival services during the last month in Mingo County, for triggering change. A Generation Rising Up

La principal función de la aplicación es clasificar las empresas y marcas según sus políticas para prevenir el trabajo infantil mediante una escala de la “A” a la “F”. by alexandre_durrande Feb 18