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Fake News. The Essential Underpinnings Of Shifting to ‘Modern Learning’ Effective leaders connect first with students. How Schools Can Help Students Develop A Greater Sense Of Purpose. Jamie Vollmer. “If I ran my business the way you people operate your schools, I wouldn’t be in business very long!”

Jamie Vollmer

I stood before an auditorium filled with outraged teachers who were becoming angrier by the minute. I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me. The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs. You don’t have to look hard to find an education blogger.

The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs

The internet is full of experts ready to share their knowledge. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive: Which Cloud Storage Is Best for You? I was a huge cloud storage skeptic when Dropbox debuted a decade ago and popularized the idea for everyday consumers.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive: Which Cloud Storage Is Best for You?

Of course, back then the world wasn’t so internet-connected as it is today, plus storage limits were much tighter and syncing algorithms weren’t as robust. What happened when one school banned homework — and asked kids to read and play instead. ACHS students share solutions for local and global problems. ATLANTIC CITY — Priyanka Shah remembers playing on the Kingston Avenue playground as a young child.

ACHS students share solutions for local and global problems

Today, at 15, she is concerned about the rundown condition of the park. So she and five classmates at Atlantic City High School decided to make “Problematic Playground” the theme of their Project Citizen proposal, suggesting community involvement to help fix them up. 21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020. Flickr: Corey Leopold Inspired by Sandy Speicher’s vision of the designed school day of the future, reader Shelly Blake-Plock shared his own predictions of that ideal day.

21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020

How close are we to this? The post was written in December 2009, and Blake-Plock says he’s seeing some of these already beginning to come to fruition. [Update: I asked Blake-Plock to respond to comments to this post. Apple to Join Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google in Artificial Intelligence Research Alliance. Artificial Intelligence Apple to Join Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google in Artificial Intelligence Research Alliance Apple may be the latest company to join the Partnership for AI, a consortium that was established to develop best practices for artificial intelligence (AI), reported Bloomberg News and various other news organizations.

Apple to Join Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google in Artificial Intelligence Research Alliance

The alliance already includes Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Deepmind. The Partnership for AI was founded late 2016 with the goal of advancing public understanding and awareness of AI and its potential benefits across industries, including education. Joining the consortium provides a structured platform for AI researchers and key stakeholders to communicate directly and openly, according to the organization’s website. Apple had a relatively early start in AI with the introduction of its virtual assistant Siri in 2011. About the Author. Bill would allow coding to take place of foreign language. RICHMOND — A bill has been introduced in the House of Delegates that would allow high school students to substitute computer coding for the foreign language requirement for a high school diploma.

Bill would allow coding to take place of foreign language

The bill was introduced on Tuesday and referred to the committee on education. The sponsor of the bill is Del. Glenn R. Davis, R-Virginia Beach. The summary of the bill is: "Requires the Board, in establishing high school graduation requirements, to provide for the substitution of computer coding course credit for any foreign language course credit required to graduate, except in cases in which such foreign language course credit is required to earn an advanced diploma offered by a nationally recognized provider of college-level courses. " Ohio unveils new plan to boost student achievement - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH. By Catherine CandiskyThe Columbus Dispatch A new statewide plan to improve student achievement sets a number of goals for reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing the graduation rate and providing more help to children in military families, those who are homeless and others facing similar challenges.

Ohio unveils new plan to boost student achievement - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH

Ohio's draft proposal, unveiled Thursday and needed to comply with requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, must be submitted to federal regulators by April 3. If approved, it will be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. Passed by Congress in 2015, ESSA eliminated many of the requirements of the old No Child Left Behind program, and allows states to set their own plans for holding schools and districts responsible for student achievement and boosting performance of struggling kids.

The focus, Woolard said, remains on low-performing schools and students. Augmented reality sandbox gives Bay Middle School students a unique perspective of Earth. BAY VILLAGE, Ohio - Visitors to the eighth-grade science classroom at Bay Middle School might be surprised to find what looks like a sandbox on wheels.

Augmented reality sandbox gives Bay Middle School students a unique perspective of Earth

It doesn't appear to be anything special, until teachers turn on the attached computer, sensors and projector. Hill uses Rubik's Cubes to teach math. Amesbury Middle School seventh-grade teacher Catherine Hill wanted to teach her students about algebra, problem-solving and perseverance.

Hill uses Rubik's Cubes to teach math

She also wanted to finally solve a Rubik’s Cube. “I wanted them looking for patterns,” Hill said. How Design Thinking Became a Buzzword at School - The Atlantic. At a recent teaching conference in Richmond, Virginia, a session on “design thinking” in education drew a capacity crowd. Two middle-school teachers demonstrated how they had used the concept to plan and execute an urban-design project in which students were asked to develop a hypothetical city or town given factors such as population, geography, the environment, and financial resources. 5 charts that explain the future of education. Children need to learn social and emotional skills if they are to thrive in the workplace of the future, a World Economic Forum report has found.

The new research shows that as the digital economy transforms the workplace, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills such as collaboration, communication and problem solving will become ever more important as more traditional roles are mechanized. With more than half of children now entering school expected to work in jobs that don’t yet exist, adaptability is becoming a core skill. Social and Emotional Learning skills are those abilities that lie outside core literacies such as reading, writing and arithmetic. They allow creativity, problem solving and communication and have at their heart social interactions. Of 16 skills identified in the report as important for the 21st century, 12 are SEL. Students require 16 skills for the 21st century. Outlook Web App. District Administration Magazine. As in years past, this new year will bring all sorts of new technology to schools.

The question for educators is: To what degree do these technologies enhance education? “Figuring out which tech belongs in education is just the start,” says Kelly J. Calhoun, research director at Gartner Research, a Connecticut-based market analysis firm. Here’s Why You Should Step into the Future with Facing History. How American Parents Prepare Their Toddlers for School - The Atlantic. The word “parent” wasn’t used as a verb until a few decades ago. An Open Letter To Betsy DeVos From America's Public School Teachers. How to Combat Fake News Online? Bring Reddit (and Other Online Forums) Into the Classroom. Taking Small Steps Towards Change At A Big, Traditional High School. Amazon launches $3/month 'Rapids' reading app for kids, telling stories in the style of chat sessions. Educational Leadership:Disrupting Inequity:Code Red: The Danger of Data-Driven Instruction.

State may soften graduation requirements. Why A School’s Master Schedule Is A Powerful Enabler of Change. 8% of teachers leave the profession each year – why? Log In. These Are The 10 Best States For Teachers - Zippia. How do regular kids outdo class genius? Grit. Programs Address Need for Youth Mental-Health Resources. This is the first in a three-part series about the relationship between education and mental health. Across the United States, up to one in five children suffers from a mental disorder in a given year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The problem with the growing effort to ‘disrupt’ teacher preparation in the United States. After 25 Years, This Teacher Says It's All The Paperwork That Made Him Quit : NPR Ed. Breaking up the summer break: Is year-round education good or bad?

It’s Time to Stop Averaging Grades: Considering Alternatives to Traditional Assessments and Grading. Education Experts Describe the Perfect School Calendar. Americans Are Concerned About Direction Of Public Education, Two New Polls Show : NPR Ed. 5 ways to improve your school website design right now. Measuring the impact: Schools struggle with incarceration from multiple angles. Money Won’t Keep Teachers in Schools.

Neosho students 'take ownership' of their education. In Finland, Learning Matters More Than Education. ESSA spurs shift to new state accountability models. What Does Amazon Inspire Mean for Education? Forbes Welcome. Beyond the Genius Bar: Cultivating Leadership With a Student Led Tech Team. How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom. Pokémon GO: What Do Librarians Need To Know? Unity Technologies, Maker of Pokémon Go Engine, Swells in Value. The Case for Starting Schools Later. Since 1980, spending on prisons has grown three times as much as spending on public education. What Obama's $4B Computer Science Initiative Means for K–12 Schools.

Lawmaker: School shootings have made teachers 1st responders. State board adopts computer science standards for Florida schools. Ohio bill: Parents could pay if their child threatens school. Are we asking too much of US teachers? Poll reveals widespread frustration.