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Common Cents: George Lucas Foundation details strategy of exploring innovation without being prescriptive. This is the latest in a series of Q&As exploring the areas of focus and goals of people and organizations with K-12 philanthropic interests.

Common Cents: George Lucas Foundation details strategy of exploring innovation without being prescriptive

Check out the previous installment, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles' Zach Ertz, here. Some 28 years ago, at a Marin County, California, location not so far away, the George Lucas Educational Foundation — yes, that George Lucas — set out on a mission to celebrate and encourage K-12 innovation. Co-founded by the "Star Wars" creator and film director alongside Polaris Ventures Co-Founder and Partner Emeritus Steve Arnold, then the vice president and general manager of LucasArts Games, the foundation grew from a mutual passion for education. "My educational background is in developmental psych, and I thought I might actually be spending my career doing work in education, innovation and related things," Arnold told Education Dive recently.

Why Google Maps—not Netflix or Amazon—Points to the Future of Education. “He who controls the metaphor controls the debate.” – David Gergen Among the many lessons I learned from my time working for David Gergen, an advisor to four U.S presidents and now the director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, was that metaphors matter in public life.

Why Google Maps—not Netflix or Amazon—Points to the Future of Education

The prevailing metaphor in a field shapes the contours of a conversation. Google’s Wing drones approved to make public deliveries in Australia. Wing, the drone delivery company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is launching its first public drone delivery service in Canberra, Australia after the country’s aviation authority granted it regulatory approval.

Google’s Wing drones approved to make public deliveries in Australia

Around 100 homes in the suburbs of Crace, Palmerston, and Franklin will initially have access to the service, but in the coming months the company plans to expand it to homes in Harrison and Gungahlin. The service works by partnering with local businesses including coffee shops and pharmacies to deliver their products “in minutes.” Wing’s regulatory approval comes with restrictions. How I empowered my students to love learning. Metal detectors, panic alarms, and active school shooter drills are often what come to mind when the education community first thinks of school safety.

How I empowered my students to love learning

However, addressing this issue reaches far beyond the secure doors of our schools, taking into consideration factors such as school and classroom climate, positive discipline measures, and wellness promotion, according to A Framework for Safe and Successful Schools. Teacher Goes Viral After Holding Student’s Baby So They Could Take Notes. A photo of a teacher holding a student’s baby so they could ‘take good notes’ has gone viral after another student shared the story and image on Twitter.

Teacher Goes Viral After Holding Student’s Baby So They Could Take Notes

Dr. I’m a Neuroscientist. Here’s How Teachers Change Kids’ Brains. Teachers change brains.

I’m a Neuroscientist. Here’s How Teachers Change Kids’ Brains.

While we often don’t think of ourselves as brain changers, when we teach we have an enormous impact on our students’ cognitive development. Recent advances in educational neuroscience are helping educators understand the critical role we play in building brain capacities important to students’ learning and self-control. To understand how teachers change the brain, we need to begin with a reasonably new understanding of the biology of learning. The human brain is an experience-dependent organ. Throughout our lives, the cerebrum—the largest portion of our brain—fine-tunes itself to adapt to the world around us. Proliferation is associated with brain building, and is highly dependent on childhood experiences like play, socialization and hearing stories read aloud. Eu.vcstar. A dog named Quinn visits Tierra Linda School three days a week.


When he visits the classrooms, the students practice their skills reading aloud. Mindfulness - Classroom Study Shows Remarkable Results for Kids, Teens and Teachers - Like physical health, mental health exists on a spectrum.

Mindfulness - Classroom Study Shows Remarkable Results for Kids, Teens and Teachers -

We will all slide along that spectrum to varying degrees from time to time, and kids and teens are just as vulnerable to the dips. Increasingly (pleasingly!) , research is focusing on the positive ways we can strengthen our mental health. Untitled. NASHUA — Struggling to find enough substitute teachers, school officials are exploring a concept that would eliminate the need for such teachers at Nashua High School South and Nashua High School North.


The Board of Education is studying the benefits and drawbacks of creating an independent digital learning center at each school where students could go when their usual teacher is unavailable. The learning center, essentially a library of digital tools created for academic pursuits, would be overseen by a certified teacher and allow collaborative and online work as well as independent learning.

A licensed educator would oversee the classroom and provide assignments, likely for 60 to 90 students, members of the Nashua Board of Education’s finance committee were told earlier this month. Teachers use meditation apps to rewire kids' brains, improve focus. Brooke Waterman shuts the lights off in her classroom and the students settle in.

Teachers use meditation apps to rewire kids' brains, improve focus

50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out - Getting Smart by Guest Author - “50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out” by Julie DeNeen first appeared on the informED blog. Maybe you don’t have time to sit down and sift through the latest education blogs for ideas and inspiration. If the thought of trying to carve out more hours in your day leaves you feeling overwhelmed, this list is for you. Podcasts are a great way to get information when you’re driving in your car, making dinner at home, or waiting at the DMV to renew your license.

Podcasts don’t force you to find more time in your day; they give you the opportunity to capitalize on all the dead time that already exists in your day by simply downloading the .mp3 or syncing a podcast to your iTunes account on your smartphone. Even though podcasts have been around awhile, a lot of people still don’t utilize the hundreds of free podcasts available on the Internet. Below are 50 educational podcasts you should look consider. The Pivotal Role Movement Plays in Learning. Education Technology: Top 23 EdTech Bloggers To Follow In 2018. Top 23 EdTech Bloggers To Follow In 2018 For educators, teaching is not the only job. Staying up to date with technology changes in the classroom is almost a full-time job on its own! There are EdTech bloggers who constantly talk about the latest happenings in EdTech. That’s why following them is a time-saving way to remain knowledgeable about this constantly evolving landscape in education.

Edutopia. Four-day weeks bring smiles in rural schools. But will they work in big cities? Techlearning. 35 of the Best Apps for Kids in the Seventh Grade. At last count, there were over 80,000 educational apps available to teachers. There are apps for everything: literacy, STEM, productivity, audiovisual, etc. There are apps which improve accessibility for students with different learning challenges, i.e. text to voice, voice to text, etc. While many of these may be a dream come true for educators, the dizzying array of choices is also a nightmare. How Google is Taking Over the Classroom. Have you noticed how prevalent Google is in today’s academics?

Students from elementary school all the way through high school have taken a part in a monumental shift away from most sought-after products to the variety of apps and devices made by Google. In many ways, Google has made a lasting effort to take over the modern classroom with its variety and cost efficiency. Ban Homework? Researchers Say the Practice Isn't Inherently Good.

After a Montreal school announced it would ban homework, the question feared by parents across the world reared its head once again: Why should anyone do their homework? The role of homework in classrooms is not a new debate, and studies differ on where the focus should lie. A well-known 2006 meta analysis of research between 1987 and 2003 suggested some correlation between the amount of homework done by a student and future academic achievement for middle and high schoolers—but not so much for younger kids.

In Malta, age-based differences are being put into public policy, with the government announcing guidelines for slowly increasing amounts of homework for public-school children. Kids in grades one and two start at a maximum of 20 minutes of homework a day before climbing to a maximum of eight hours a week for the eldest students. A Stanford study from 2014 suggested that the same was true for students in California’s affluent communities. Rural versus urban access.

Are 4 Day Weeks the Answer to Problems Facing America's School Districts? As funding questions persist and states face the possibility of West Virginia-style teacher strikes, more school districts across the country are asking whether changing to a four-day week could answer a number of their problems - or even prove beneficial to students.

Techlearning. SWOCA's Lunch & Learn with Nearpod. Thursday, March 15, 2018 (11:45am -12:45pm) Learning Specialist, Matt Young Introduces Nearpod. Nintendo Labo Lets You Build DIY Cardboard Creations. 3 Misconceptions About Innovation in Education. “Innovation” is one of the most used words in education right now. It is something that I am obviously passionate about, hence the reason I wrote the book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”. I am scared that we use the word “innovation” in the wrong way when there is power to this type of thinking. The Next Big Idea Club. Edutopia. U.S. ranks No. 13 in new collaborative problem-solving test. The United States may be known for its rugged individualism.

U.S. ranks No. 13 in new collaborative problem-solving test. Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Oh My! 4 Tools for Picting in the Classroom. At Maryland high schools, teaching empathy in a time of controversy. Strategies for Talking and Listening . Talking With Kids . PBS Parents. 7 tech innovations that are drastically changing the way people learn. Untitled. Private schools seek to dump A-to-F grading. What is Team Based Learning? About ETR Community. The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs. Education Week. More schools considering later start times for older students. Obtaining Permission to Blog With Students – The Edublogger. Education Week. Video gamers are now varsity athletes with scholarships at some Ohio colleges embracing eSports. The Tech Edvocate’s List of 50 Must-Read K-12 EdTech Blogs – The Tech Edvocate.

The 2017 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed Blogs. Ditch That Homework is OUT! Make homework obsolete - Teacher Tech. Control Alt Achieve: 8 Ambient Sound Websites to Help Students Focus. Two state tests eliminated for Ohio school students. 3 Ways Schools in Arizona Use Technology to Empower Future-Ready Students. College Board, Khan Academy to Offer Free AP Test Prep - High School & Beyond. The end of the valedictorian? Schools rethink class rankings.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Bite-Sized Learning is Better for Your Learners (and You too) Fake News. The Essential Underpinnings Of Shifting to ‘Modern Learning’ Effective leaders connect first with students. How Schools Can Help Students Develop A Greater Sense Of Purpose. Jamie Vollmer. I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me. The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive: Which Cloud Storage Is Best for You? What happened when one school banned homework — and asked kids to read and play instead. ACHS students share solutions for local and global problems. 21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020. Apple to Join Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google in Artificial Intelligence Research Alliance. Bill would allow coding to take place of foreign language. Ohio unveils new plan to boost student achievement - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH. Augmented reality sandbox gives Bay Middle School students a unique perspective of Earth.

Hill uses Rubik's Cubes to teach math. How Design Thinking Became a Buzzword at School - The Atlantic. 5 charts that explain the future of education. Outlook Web App. District Administration Magazine. Here’s Why You Should Step into the Future with Facing History. How American Parents Prepare Their Toddlers for School - The Atlantic. An Open Letter To Betsy DeVos From America's Public School Teachers. How to Combat Fake News Online? Bring Reddit (and Other Online Forums) Into the Classroom. Taking Small Steps Towards Change At A Big, Traditional High School. Amazon launches $3/month 'Rapids' reading app for kids, telling stories in the style of chat sessions.

Educational Leadership:Disrupting Inequity:Code Red: The Danger of Data-Driven Instruction. State may soften graduation requirements. Why A School’s Master Schedule Is A Powerful Enabler of Change. 8% of teachers leave the profession each year – why? Log In. These Are The 10 Best States For Teachers - Zippia. How do regular kids outdo class genius? Grit. Programs Address Need for Youth Mental-Health Resources. The problem with the growing effort to ‘disrupt’ teacher preparation in the United States. After 25 Years, This Teacher Says It's All The Paperwork That Made Him Quit : NPR Ed.

Breaking up the summer break: Is year-round education good or bad? It’s Time to Stop Averaging Grades: Considering Alternatives to Traditional Assessments and Grading. Education Experts Describe the Perfect School Calendar. Americans Are Concerned About Direction Of Public Education, Two New Polls Show : NPR Ed. 5 ways to improve your school website design right now. Measuring the impact: Schools struggle with incarceration from multiple angles. Money Won’t Keep Teachers in Schools. Neosho students 'take ownership' of their education.

In Finland, Learning Matters More Than Education. ESSA spurs shift to new state accountability models. What Does Amazon Inspire Mean for Education? Forbes Welcome. Beyond the Genius Bar: Cultivating Leadership With a Student Led Tech Team.