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Trivium Education Home - Trivium
General Grammar, Aristotelian Logic, and Classical Rhetoric comprise the first three rules-based subjects of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences. As these disciplines are learned and practiced together, they form the overarching, symbiotic system for establishing clarity and consistency of personal thought called the Trivium. [1] General Grammar (Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.) Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge [2] Formal Logic

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Logic Self-Taught: A Workbook (by Dr.P.) Logic Self-Taught: A Workbook © Katarzyna Paprzycka (dr.p) [Katazhyna Papzhytska] How to Solve Google’s Crazy Open-Ended Interview Questions Getty One of the most important tools in critical thinking about numbers is to grant yourself permission to generate wrong answers to mathematical problems you encounter. Deliberately wrong answers! Engineers and scientists do it all the time, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t all be let in on their little secret: the art of approximating, or the “back of the napkin” calculation. As the British writer Saki wrote, “a little bit of inaccuracy saves a great deal of explanation.” For over a decade, when Google conducted job interviews, they’d ask their applicants questions that have no answers.

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception or Mystic Christianity is a Rosicrucian text by Max Heindel (ISBN 0-911274-34-0) Western Wisdom Teachings[edit] The first edition was printed in November 1909. The order of publication was placed by Max Heindel on the New Moon[1] of November 1909 and the book was published a couple of weeks later by the Full Moon, some 5 short weeks before the end of the first decade of the 1900s.[2] It has little changed since then and it is considered to be Max Heindel's magnum opus. It is a reference work in the Christian mysticism practice and in the Occult study literature, containing the fundamentals of Esoteric Christianity from a Rosicrucian perspective. The Cosmo contains a comprehensive outline of the evolutionary process of man and the universe, correlating science with religion.

Wyoming Catholic College: Academics » Our Curriculum » Trivium Wyoming Catholic College News IntegritasPosted September 12, 2014 Skip to Section Subnavigation Skip to Page Content search Modus ponens and Modus tollens Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens are forms of valid inferences. By Modus Ponens, from a conditional statement and its antecedent, the consequent of the conditional statement is inferred: e.g. from “If John loves Mary, Mary is happy” and “John loves Mary,” “Mary is happy” is inferred. By Modus Tollens, from a conditional statement and the negation of its consequent, the negation of the antecedent of the conditional statement is inferred: e.g. from “If today is Monday, then tomorrow is Tuesday” and “Tomorrow is not Tuesday,” “Today is not Monday” is inferred.

Logical Reasoning Fibonicci A logical reasoning test is a type of aptitude test that is widely used by corporate employers to help assess candidates during their recruitment process. Logical reasoning aptitude tests are designed to measure your ability to draw logical conclusions based on statements or arguments, and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments. These tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability using the information provided.

Adding Tools to Your Mental Toolbox In The Art of War Sun Tzu said “The general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” Those ‘calculations’ are the tools we have available to think better. One of the best questions you can ask is how we can make our mental processes work better. Charlie Munger says that “developing the habit of mastering the multiple models which underlie reality is the best thing you can do.” Those models are mental models. They fall into two categories: (1) ones that help us simulate time (and predict the future) and better understand how the world works (e.g. understanding a useful idea from like autocatalysis), and (2) ones that help us better understand how our mental processes lead us astray (e.g., availability bias).

Essential Oils With Sensual Qualities Ylang Ylang Oil Ylang Ylang is an essential oil that addresses sexual issues by both men and women. It begins by arousing emotional feelings between sexual partners, thus intensifying any inherent sexual and passionate desires that both share. This essential oil also has the ability to re-energize the body, thus improving overall sexual performance for total satisfaction. Agarwood Essential Oil This is considered as one of the most effective aphrodisiac essential oils.

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