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Texts From Last Night

Texts From Last Night
Favorite My snow day: told Cam, "we're not dating today, we're just roommates." No bra, boxers, drinking whiskey by myself for the past 2 hours, yelling at The Ultimate Fighter reruns from 3 years ago. Press ctrl+c (windows) or cmd+c (mac) to copy the text to your clipboard (317): My snow day: told Cam, "we're not dating today, we're just roommates." No bra, boxers, drinking whiskey by myself for the past 2 hours, yelling at The Ultimate Fighter reruns from 3 years ago.

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George Monbiot on climate change and Big Tobacco ExxonMobil is the world's most profitable corporation. Its sales now amount to more than $1bn a day. It makes most of this money from oil, and has more to lose than any other company from efforts to tackle climate change. To safeguard its profits, ExxonMobil needs to sow doubt about whether serious action needs to be taken on climate change. But there are difficulties: it must confront a scientific consensus as strong as that which maintains that smoking causes lung cancer or that HIV causes Aids. So what's its strategy?

The Best Tools for Saving Web Pages Forever Your favorite content on the Internet may disappear. Learn about the best software tools and web archiving services that will help you save any web page on the Internet, forever. Web pages change or may even disappear with time. Thus if you would like to preserve a web page forever, you should either need to download that page to your computer (and put it on Dropbox) or you could use a web archiving service that will safely store a copy of that page on their own servers, permanently. There are quite a few ways to save web pages permanently and your choice of the tool will depend on the kind of web content that you are trying to archive. UnREAL season 2 will be at 'the intersection of the men's rights movement and feminism,' says Sarah Gertrude Shapiro When UnREAL debuted on Lifetime the summer of 2015, showrunner Sarah Gertrude Shapiro had no idea the show’s provocative premise — about producers behind the scenes of a Bachelor-like franchise — would win audiences in droves, nor did she expect that viewers would come to appreciate the series’ focus on two central female figures, Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby). But the show became a breakout hit, and by the end of the year, EW picked the drama as one of 2015’s best new series and praised it for its take on feminism. Related

Mind Blowing Hyperrealistic Sculptures Artists that produce photorealistic sculptures, for the most part, aim to show us our bodies and life as it really is. Technically, artists who strive for a high resolution level of detail in painting or sculpture are called “hyperrealists”, although all hyperrealists are also considered to be photorealists. Every detail is slavishly recreated as close to the real life model as possible, even if the sculpture is larger than the original scale. Fashion Police Files BRIDAL FASHION WEEK – Part 1 I don’t know about you, but I love, love, love a really good wedding !! I love the gorgeous look of it, the general feelgood atmosphere, and even the inevitable little drama that happens at every wedding, but, most of all, I love the fashions – this is one of the few times you can really get all dressed up to the nines, with a hat and everything - even the men ditch their trainers and jeans for a day... They don’t happen too often these days what with everyone taking the living-together option as a lifestyle choice instead of choosing to tie the knot, but every so often, you get invited to a memorably good one... Weddings have been on my mind recently because this is the most popular time of year for the happy event, and also, I have just finished the “Together Forever” Promotion window displays at Peter Jones –

Depression Part Two I remember being endlessly entertained by the adventures of my toys. Some days they died repeated, violent deaths, other days they traveled to space or discussed my swim lessons and how I absolutely should be allowed in the deep end of the pool, especially since I was such a talented doggy-paddler. I didn't understand why it was fun for me, it just was. But as I grew older, it became harder and harder to access that expansive imaginary space that made my toys fun. I remember looking at them and feeling sort of frustrated and confused that things weren't the same.

Our Partners - Postano Want to become a partner or integrate with the Postano Platform? Contact us today You broke me - I sit here with tears in my eyes because I told myself I was done caring about you when in reality, I don't think I'll ever be. You screwed me over countless times and you made me lose myself countless times but the fact that I still think about you and how much i want to help you change for the better is the only thing that's stopping me from making a big mistake. I know 100% that if I go back to you, you'll break me again.

How feminist blogs like Jezebel gin up page views One of my friends posted a link to last week's Jezebel post titled "The Daily Show's Woman Problem" as her Gmail chat status, alongside the words "Every woman must read this." Obediently, I clicked, and read a lengthy post that began with the assertion that The Daily Show is a "boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed." When I finished reading, I was outraged! But not, as the majority of Jezebel readers and commenters seemed to be, at The Daily Show. Favomatic — A To-do List for your Favorite Websites We internet beings all have a list of our favorite websites that we want visit almost every day. These websites may either be our source of news, entertainment, social media or simply our email service. We check these websites regularly, and most of us have this list bookmarked in our browser. But doing this on your iPad’s browser is not only cumbersome, but also seems cluttered. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Favomatic is an app for iPad that lets you maintain a list of your frequently visited websites and presents these in a gorgeous UI.

New Standout Bitters to Add to Your Home Bar Looking for fun new cocktail bitters? We narrow down your best options. [Photo: Bittercube] Man. Gweek 061: Trust Me, I'm Lying Click here to play the podcast. In this episode of the Gweek podcast I interviewed Ryan Holiday. Ryan’s the author of Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. He's a media strategist who started his career as an assistant to Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power and is currently the director of marketing at American Apparel. Bonus! Here's an excerpt from Trust Me, I'm Lying [UPDATE] Irin Carmon responds on this essay she wrote for Salon, "Did I ruin journalism?".

inklewriter - Education Education inkle is looking to bring interactive stories to the classroom, and give teachers free and simple get-stuck-right-in software to use with their students. From within a web-browser, the inklewriter will let students make and play interactive stories with no programming required. Why make stories interactive anyway?

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