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MSN : Hotmail, Messenger, Bing, Actualité et Sport

MSN : Hotmail, Messenger, Bing, Actualité et Sport

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Magic Number for SaaS Companies Guest post by Lars Leckie. Another great one and real food for thought. Josh James, CEO of Omniture (a Hummer Winblad There's No Better Breakfast Than Slow Cooker Banana Pecan French Toast French Toast is perfect no matter how you make it, but there is always room to try something new. This Slow Cooker Banana Pecan French Toast is such an amazing way to do it! Who knew you could make french toast in a slow cooker? its such an easy way to get brunch ready while you clean up or chat or whatever else you need to do! This is such a delicious meal and everyone is going to want seconds! Ingredients:

Echoes of Selma - They never linked arms to sing "We Shall Overcome." No one smacked them on the head with a club for trying to vote. They didn't march into a phalanx of armed state troopers who beat them like animals. But the forces that mobilized against demonstrators in Selma, Alabama, 50 years ago launched a movement of their own that relied on an audacious strategy: They blew a hole through the civil rights movement's most revered law by borrowing the same tactics protesters used in Selma. Watch on CNN TV Watch live coverage of ceremonies in Selma commemorating 50 years since "Bloody Sunday" starting at 11 a.m. To My Old Master In August of 1865, a Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee, wrote to his former slave, Jourdon Anderson, and requested that he come back to work on his farm. Jourdon — who, since being emancipated, had moved to Ohio, found paid work, and was now supporting his family — responded spectacularly by way of the letter seen below (a letter which, according to newspapers at the time, he dictated). Rather than quote the numerous highlights in this letter, I'll simply leave you to enjoy it.

Business Case: SaaS Rules of Thumb News Business Case: SaaS Rules of Thumb The transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) has appeared imminent for a few years, but the shift has flowed more like a glacier than a flood. The current economic environment seems to be changing that -- suddenly the model looks much more attractive to customers. Concerns about trusting infrastructure to outsiders are becoming less important than the need to find fast ways to cut costs and improve productivity. The 8 Books Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Every Person Should Read In honor of World Book Day, we've gathered reading recommendations from scientists whose specialties range from astrophysics to neuroscience to primatology. First up is a list of eight books that Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks everyone should read and his reasons why. The recommendations are from a 2011 Reddit Ask-Me-Anything.

Frances Oldham Kelsey, FDA scientist who kept thalidomide off U.S. market, dies at 101 In the annals of modern medicine, it was a horror story of international scope: thousands of babies dead in the womb and at least 10,000 others in 46 countries born with severe deformities. Some of the children were missing limbs. Others had arms and legs that resembled a seal’s flippers. In many cases, eyes, ears and other organs and tissues failed to develop properly. The cause, scientists discovered by late 1961, was thalidomide, a drug that, during four years of commercial sales in countries from Germany to Australia, was marketed to pregnant women as a miracle cure for morning sickness and insomnia. The tragedy was largely averted in the United States, with much credit due to Frances Oldham Kelsey, a medical officer at the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, who raised concerns about thalidomide before its effects were conclusively known.

A Study of Regeneration: Origins & Nature Guest contributor Andrew Bohman examines the origin and nature of the process. (Part 3). Regeneration is one topic which will always hold an air of mystery and wonder. It is difficult to understand and hard to define, some of the many reasons why it has held my interest for so long. In my past installments (Part 1 / Part 2), I have underlined and theorized on what happens to an individual Time Lord during this process, but now it is time to go beyond that and to define the process itself as a whole. Where did it come from? SaaS « Non-Linear Growth The “Leo the Late Bloomer” of Business Models My kids love the book “Leo the Late Bloomer”. As the story goes, Leo was a tiger cub who hadn’t quite hit his stride yet. Leo couldn’t do anything right.

Clear Out Your Sinuses Using Only Your Fingers In A Matter Of Seconds - Good Morning Center Sinus infections are extremely unpleasant, as they often cause intense pain. Also, the pressure which is building up in the head to the constant nasal drip can cause a sore throat and fever. However, instead of using some of the commercial solutions and pharmaceuticals to soothe the symptoms, you can try the following natural ways to treat the sinus infection: Technique A: Try A Mini-Massage With a firm finger, you should press against the notch (round part) of the collarbone and thus stimulate the flow of the stuffed-up mucus.

True, well I figured I'd dedicate this page to all the search engines that made all this possible, It's a sorta historical archive. I built a Cloud Engine though that, makes a search engine look stupid. LOL, but it's only because today things have advanced super quick, and things are much different, then years past when it all began with web crawler & netscape. by cloudexplorer Sep 5

Nothing really special here! But, BING is a good, clean Search Engine. But, do get sick of Logging in, all the time. by rod_parham Sep 5

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