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A recent post by Shopify shows why Pinterest remains the darling for ecommerce and online shopping sites After analyzing data from 25,000 Shopify stores, discovered that referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores is equal to traffic coming from Twitter. Of the traffic from Pinterest, shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites. Of those purchases, the average order...

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Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [May 2012] For a detailed view use interactive chart at the bottom of this post. Twitter has reached 1.82% of market share of visits. This is the highest percentage of market share for them, ever. It seems that Twitter has reached a tipping point and the growth will continue for some time. Twitter has posted 8 months of solid growth and the trend seems to continue.

Breaking Down Manufacturing Cost :iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5 iPhone 5 may cost Apple $167.50 to build, says one estimate | Apple - CNET News: Apple could be shelling out $167.50 to make each 16GB iPhone 5.In comparison, the 16GB iPhone 4S costs Apple $132.50 to build, While the 16GB iPhone 4 has a price tag of only $112. Except for the battery and the NAND flash storage, every component costs more for the iPhone 5 than for the previous two models. The cost to consumer of the iPhone 5 (with 16GB )stands at $199 and the 32GB sells for $299 and the 64GB sells at $399 This is based on the research estimate data from UBM TechInsights. Looking at the entry-level iPhone 5, the firm broke down the potential cost of each of the various components. The State of Social Media 2011: Social is the new normal Brian Solis inShare889 Part 6 in a series introducing my new book, The End of Business as Usual…this is not content from the book, this series serves as its prequel. The state of social media is no insignificant affair.

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook About Facebook is a great service. I have a profile, and so does nearly everyone I know under the age of 60. However, Facebook hasn't always managed its users' data well. Patent Applications by Country - Top Search Trends Posted by Neil on Saturday, December 22, 2012 0 China’s patent office received more applications than any other country’s in 2011, according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, a UN body which follows 125 patent offices. China received 526,412 applications, exceeding those to America and Japan. Globally filings rose by 7.8% last year, breaking the 2m mark. Growth was over 7% for the second year running, thanks largely to another surge in China (which has accounted for 72% of the world’s patent-filing growth between 2009 and 2011; America contributed 16%). Almost 1m patents were granted in 2011; Japan approved the most.

Instagram Traffic Up 38 Percent In July, Tumblr Surpasses MySpace [ComScore] Interest in Instagram rose significantly in July, enough to make it the top gaining web property in comScore’s monthly tracking of traffic to U.S. websites. ComScore’s July 2012 Top 50 shows a 38 percent traffic gain for Instagram between June and July, with unique visitors rising from 16.5 million to 22.7 million. Overall, that puts Instagram just outside the Top 50 at No. 56. The numbers appear to coincide with Instagram’s self-reported growth. In late July, Instagram announced that its community had surpassed 80 million users and nearly four billion photos shared. Meanwhile, in another sign of the changing times, Tumblr surpassed MySpace for the first time.

The 5 parameters which google uses to rank mobile friendlness The 5 functionalities which google considers relevant for your site's mobile friendliness The new Google mobile friendliness search update has been a watershed in the history of search marketing.Its an indication of how the Internet is moving towards digitally connected devices and how "the nature of search" is moving from content driven approach towards functional led approach The chart shows what you need to actively invest in when it comes to your key focus areas. Feature and functionality are the biggest issues when it comes to your mobile site.Assume if a person who does not know " a mobile search" from a desktop search who is suddenly asked to navigate your sites content on a smartphone.That is half the problem solved.

Your Professor Tweets More Than You How many of y’all are friends with your professors on facebook? I have friended a couple of my past teachers, but not very many. I feel that the learning community didn’t really know to jump into the social media wave, but they ultimately went for it. Over 90% of college faculty engages with social media compared to less than 50% of other professionals. Those in higher education seem to care less if students know about their real life as to someone with a business client. Privacy and safety - Social Media Statistics Two-thirds of parents claim to set rules on their child’s use of social networking sites, although only 53% of children said that their parents set such rules. While communication with known contacts was the most popular social networking activity, 17 % of adults used their profile to communicate with people they do not know. This increases among younger adults. Sixty-nine per cent of adults who have a social networking page or profile used social networking sites to talk to friends or family who they saw regularly anyway, compared to 17% of adults who used sites to talk to those they didn’t already know.