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Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project - Public Opinion Polling, Survey Research, & Demographic Data Analysis

Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project - Public Opinion Polling, Survey Research, & Demographic Data Analysis

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Impact Studies - SLIM - CISSL The School Library Impact Measure (SLIM) is a toolkit that enables you toassess student learning through guided inquiry in the school library. It consists offour instruments that elicit students’ reflections on their learning at three points intheir inquiry process. The toolkit will enable collaborating school librarian –teacher teams to chart changes in students’ knowledge and experiencesthroughout the process. Inquiry LearningThe school context for using the SLIM toolkit is an inquiry unit. An inquiryapproach to learning is one in which students actively engage with diverse andoften conflicting sources of information and ideas to discover new ideas, to buildnew understandings, and to develop personal viewpoints and perspectives. SLIM Handbook

Social media marketing personal y profesional, Ejemplos exitosos Si estás teniendo dificultad para entender cómo utilizar las redes sociales de tu tienda virtual de tal manera que logres que tu audiencia crezca, la mantengas interesada y conducir ventas y tráfico; no te desesperes. Te compartimos 10 ejemplos inspiradores de manejo de redes sociales, a través de diferentes plataformas, para diferentes tipos de tiendas virtuales. Puedes aplicar estos ejemplos inmediatamente en tu propio plan de redes sociales para ayudarte a atacar resultados y generar crecimiento y compromiso. Para cada ejemplo, voy a explicarlo, decir por qué es efectivo (y lo que ayuda a que otros negocios en línea lo logren) y cómo se puede aplicar en una estrategia de redes sociales. Si amas estos 10 ejemplos y quieres más de otras tiendas virtuales que utilizan las redes sociales para crecer, asegúrate de revisar el siguiente PDF para descargar gratis con 5 ejemplos.

National Wedding Show How Libraries are Advancing and Inspiring Schools and Communities Students learn how to take great product photographs using equipment provided by Etsy’s pilot Craft Entrepreneurship program held at the Chattanooga Public Library. (Courtesy of Mary Barnett) It’s well known that public libraries are no longer just about the books — even e-books. Many community libraries are receiving 21st century digital-age makeovers: Numerous digital technologies, maker spaces to invite creation, even video production suites and 3-D printers now inhabit many libraries across the country. But a report just released by the Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries asks us again to reconsider how the library can serve communities in the 21st century. “Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries” aims to “capture the momentum and excitement of the innovations taking place in public libraries across the country, and the impact these are having on communities,” said the group’s director, Amy Garmer.

5 Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website Among the major tenets of web design, five include: appearance, usability, content, feature functionality, and standards compliance. An award-winning website must be visually-stunning, easy to navigate, seamless to use, without bugs, and filled with information worth consuming. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with several designers to build dozens of different websites and noticed a few common things they did to produce work people raved about. Here are 5 of their best-kept secrets. 1. Utilize white space. Wedding Planning + Wedding Ideas by Top Wedding Planning Sites

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The Internet Will Disappear" Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted the end of the Internet as we know it. At the end of a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where his comments were webcast, he was asked for his prediction on the future of the web. “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” Schmidt said. “There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it,” he explained. Las Landing Pages o páginas de aterrizaje en español, son uno de los usos más comunes y más comerciales del diseño web, básicamente la Landing Page persigue un objetivo en concreto “Ganar Clientes”. Los usos de una Landing Page van desde la venta de aplicaciones, ebooks, videos, entrenamientos, servicios, eventos, entre muchos otros usos. Hay muchas experiencias que podemos encontrar en Internet acerca de la adecuada construcción de una Landing Page. En esta nota queremos presentarte una estupenda Infografía llamada Anatomía de una Landing Page Perfecta, producida por Kissmetrics y traducida al español por Bluecaribu. Esta infografía es un estupendo recurso didáctico que nos permitirá conocer los principios esenciales del diseño de una Landing Page. Según esta infografía los elementos esenciales que debe tener nuestra Landing Page son:

the publication for wedding planners, professionals & designers Middle School Maker Journey: Top 20 Technologies and Tools "It's not about the tool," they say -- but sometimes it is. In our middle school makerspace, students have been using a variety of tools and technologies in a variety of projects and activities. And there are many more that we've yet to explore and experience. While our makerspace is still in its infancy, it feels like we've had the program forever. As of this writing, a second group of students is in the midst of Design Experience One. We haven't had that much time to delve into projects in depth, but you can expect more from us later in the year.