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The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter

The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter

Facebook the king of shared content: report Just how big a part of the link economy is content sharing? According to a study which looked at behavior across some 300m who share content monthly using the ShareThis button, sharing now accounts for approximately 10% of all traffic on the internet. And when it comes to the source of this sharing, one site stands out above all others: Facebook. ShareThis' data shows that the popular social network produces 38% of all sharing traffic, slightly more than bookmarking services and blogs, which account for 34% of sharing traffic. Facebook handily beats out both Twitter and email, which each generate 17% of sharing referrals. For the first time ever, Facebook now accounts for more than half of all content shared, clicks and traffic notwithstanding.

Who Likes What: Social Media By Demographic Do you ever wonder what social networking sites you should be focusing your marketing efforts on? This handy infographic breaks down the top social networking sites by gender, age, income, and education demographics. We also discuss the affinity score of certain keywords for a few social networking sites. The sites included in this graphic are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon and YouTube. Click on the graphic below for an enlarged view. View an enlarged version of this Infographic »

Facebook Page iFrame Plugin for Wordpress Create Facebook landing pages – no developers required Want to create attractive Facebook iFrame landing pages easily using a simple WYSIWYG editor? With the Facebook landing page iFrame plugin for WordPress you can; use the easy and intuitive WordPress interface to show your content in the very best manner without the need for any developer knowledge. Forget Generation Y: 18- to 34-Year-Olds Are Now 'Generation C' It's hardly news that young adults are the most digitally connected, but now Nielsen has come up with a new name for this group based on their common behaviors: "Generation C." The C stands for "connected," and the group comprises Americans between 18 and 34 — who are defined by their digital connectivity, Nielsen and NM Incite’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report says. They consume media, socialize and share experiences through devices more than other age groups. The most recent U.S. Census finds 18- to 24-year-olds make up 23% of the population.

Clash of the titans: Email v social media 25 November 2011Last updated at 05:05 By Fiona Graham Technology of business reporter, BBC News Vital signs: Is your email inbox hanging on by a thread, or are reports of its imminent demise greatly exaggerated? The headlines were unequivocal - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had announced that email is dead. The truth however was a little more prosaic.

10 of the Best B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Hope you didn’t oversleep this morning, because if you manage a Facebook Business or Brand Page for your B2B company today is the day that the timeline goes live, whether you are ready or not. One month ago, Facebook announced the Page changes, and you had the whole month to get your Page in line. And you were able to launch the update any time during the past month. Many B2B companies have already launched their new timeline updates. The most important functional update for many Page managers is the ability to privately message their fans, after the fan has messaged the Page first. But the most visual update in the timeline is the Cover Photo.

STUDY: 7 Percent Of Facebook Brand Page Posts Are Considered Spam According to a recent survey among 9,000 Facebook brand pages, 7 percent of all posts published are considered spammy by the users. It is Komfo – a social media marketing suite provider – who has conducted the research and it further shows that the spammy posts lead to a significant decrease of the reach of the pages. How Facebook Determines Spam The exact Facebook algorithms defining spam are as well hidden secret as the Coca-Cola recipe and there is an obvious reason for that – spammers should not learn how to game the system. What we know is that Facebook constantly observes the users’ behavior and interactions with posts in order to recognize patterns and create an algorithm that determines discrepancies. There are three ways a user can give negative feedback to a page which will cause your spam score to increase:

5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic Are you sharing compelling images across social networks? Do you want more engagement and traffic from your efforts? If you’re not regularly sharing images that resonate with your audience, you’re missing out on a ton of engagement. In this article you’ll discover the essential elements of shareable images that increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. Why Use Images to Drive Social Engagement? People are drawn to visual content and take action based on its subtle cues faster than any other medium–faster than text, audio or video. Partner Categories is coming to the UK Partner Categories is coming to the UK Marketers in the UK will soon have access to partner categories, a feature that allows marketers to reach audience segments based on people’s interests off Facebook. This offers the ability to create a more relevant ads experience for people on Facebook. How Partner Categories work

These Are the Types of Posts People Share the Most on Facebook As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to build brand loyalty, nurture relationships, and keep the sales funnel engine humming. One of the best ways to accomplish all of this is to use Facebook posts. We’ve seen corporate and small business social media meltdowns, but what kinds of posts are likely to get shares, likes, and comments? Like vs. Social Profit System 2014 – Webinar Instant Replay FREE Preview – Facebook Marketing Masterclass Orientation Session This special webinar will provide you with an opportunity to get a sense of the Masterclass format, what you’ll learn, whether the course is for you or not, and – most importantly – what results you can expect to achieve by the end of the course! Please also enjoy the INSTANT REPLAY below of Mari’s latest mega webinar: Access the slide deck that goes with this webinar here: If you enjoyed this webinar and would like to share it with your friends, fans, followers and peeps, please feel free to do so — just head over to this link (opens in a new window) and use the social share buttons up top. Thank you!

B2B Marketers rejoice: Facebook ads now break out workplaces, job titles, industries, and office type - Alex Houg Published on April 10, 2014 by Alex Houg Did you see this today? It’s in the ads manager. You used to have just workplace targeting. News for Page Owners: The New Version of Page Insights is Here