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The size of the World Wide Web (The Internet)

The size of the World Wide Web (The Internet)
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Retour sur les enjeux du web sémantique Ces dernières années, l'enrichissement des technologies web a replacé au centre des discussions la notion de « web sémantique ». L'idée est de pouvoir proposer aux internautes un « web intelligent » grâce à la manipulation de données. Mais qu'est-ce que véritablement le web sémantique ? Et quels sont les outils nécessaires aux développeurs ? Clubic s'est arrêté sur le sujet lors de la conférence SemWeb Pro qui se déroule actuellement à Paris. Qu'est-ce que le web sémantique ? Bien que l'internaute ne perçoive principalement le web qu'au travers des pages HTML générées par le navigateur, une multitude de données sont véritablement stockées dans des bases et invisibles aux utilisateurs. Ivan Herman, l'un des responsables du groupe Semantic Web Activity au sein du W3C, explique alors : « l'intégration des données sur le web est un problème majeur. Il peut s'agir d'applications publiques ou privées par exemple dans le cas d'une utilisation sur l'intranet d'une entreprise. Ivan Herman

• Mobile Internet - Statistics & Facts As of 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 73.4 percent. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90 percent of internet users will access online content through their phones. Mobile internet usage has worked its way into the daily life of smartphone and tablet users, enabling consumers to access information and share their lives on the go. Mobile social networks and apps are increasingly popular during everyday activities and social events. This constant connectedness to social networks is perpetuated by the fear of missing out. According to recent studies, 56 percent of U.S. social networkers suffer from FOMO. Mobile devices and internet also influence the way consumers interact with media and has many further implications for TV ratings, advertising, mobile commerce and more. The usage of mobile devices for shopping activities has also become increasingly popular. This text provides general information. Show more

WebAssembly 101: a developer's first steps This article will guide you along the necessary steps to port a JavaScript library of the Conway's game of life to WebAssembly (wasm). This is a simple exercise that is perfect to start beyond a trivial Hello World. I recently got interested in WebAssembly and decided to take the leap this weekend. WebAssembly is an emerging standard to enable near-native performance for web applications. I went through the awesome-wasm list which is a good starting point but still had to work two days on this to get some working code. There's a demo of the game of life re-implemented in wasm at the end of the article :) The following tutorial was written using Ubuntu 17.04, so your mileage may vary. This article has five parts: Setup the toolchain The provided packages are a little outdated, I got some warnings. $ . Now depending on your network speed go make yourself a coffee or read a book. $ . Make some sample C file counter.c: int counter = 100; int count() { counter += 1; return counter; } And, tada !

Espiral Edublogs La Asociación Espiral, Educación y Tecnología de conformidad con las presentes bases convoca el XI Premio Espiral Edublogs 2017. El concurso está dirigido a profesionales del ámbito de la educación.... La participación en esta convocatoria implica necesariamente la aceptación de siguientes bases. 1.Objetivos Valorar la importancia y repercusión de las buenas prácticas educativas, apoyadas en herramientas digitales, para el desarrollo de contenidos curriculares y motivación de los alumnos. Reconocer el trabajo de los distintos profesionales de la educación a través del desarrollo de buenas prácticas en el aula. 2. Las candidaturas podrán ser presentadas por profesionales de la educación rellenando el formulario del apartado “Inscripciones” que se habilitará en esta misma página. 3. Modalidad I: EXPERIENCIAS EDUCATIVAS Categoría 1. Experiencias basadas en distintas actuaciones educativas dirigidas a la transformación y mejora social y educativa. Categoría 2. Modalidad II: ESPACIOS VIRTUALES

Sådan fungerer Google Søgning - Hjælp til Search Console Crawl Crawl er den proces, hvormed Googlebot registrerer nye og opdaterede sider, der skal føjes til Googles indeks. Vi bruger et enormt antal computere til at hente (eller "crawle") milliarder af sider på internettet. Det program, der udfører hentningen, hedder Googlebot (også kendt som en robot, bot eller spider). Googles crawlprocedure begynder med en liste over webadresser, der er genereret i forbindelse med tidligere crawlprocedurer og udvidet med sitemapdata fra webmastere. Hvordan finder Google en side? Google bruger mange teknikker til at finde en side, blandt andet: Ved at følge links fra andre websites eller sider Ved at læse sitemaps Hvordan kan Google vide, hvilke sider der ikke skal crawles? Sider, der er blokeret i robots.txt, bliver ikke crawlet, men kan stadig indekseres, hvis en anden side linker til dem. Sådan forbedrer du crawl Brug disse teknikker til at hjælpe Google med at registrere de rigtige sider på dit website: Indsend et sitemap. Indeksering Visning af resultater

Mieux exposer des données hétérogènes grâce aux outils du Web sémantique : l’exemple de La Bibliothèque nationale de France conserve des millions d’ouvrages. Il s’agit de livres, mais aussi de manuscrits et de documents divers. Ces ressources sont ouvertes au Web par la numérisation, conduite depuis des années. Pourtant, elles sont souvent dissimulées dans le "web profond", c’est-à-dire dans le fond des catalogues, ou disséminées sous diverses adresses Internet. Une nouvelle interface de navigation sur le Web a été mise au point par la BnF, pour permettre une diffusion à tous publics, avec des pages HTML faciles à utiliser, mais aussi une exposition des données, ouvertes techniquement (RDF) et juridiquement (Licence Ouverte). permet de réunir sur une même page toutes les informations relatives à un auteur ou à une œuvre. L’intervention présentera les logiques des catalogues classiques et des fonds d’archives, pour expliquer pourquoi la notion d’identifiants et de vocabulaires est essentielle, en particulier dans le contexte de la numérisation.

How the internet of things can encourage business collaboration | Media Network The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise for effortlessly enabling complex enterprise scenarios. For the uninitiated, the IoT is the idea that inexpensive sensors and ubiquitous internet connectivity will allow the products and appliances we interact with on a daily basis to become smart. The number of possible scenarios in enterprise to which this can be advantageous is huge. There’s only one catch. In order for this to work there needs to be seamless integration between many distinct and separate systems; hardware, software, and middleware. Escaping a world of point solutions The enterprise has long laboured under the regime of point solutions. In the past if you had an accounting problem, you purchased an accounting package. Partnerships enable possibilities I had the chance to sit down with Bum-coo Cho, senior vice-president of Samsung’s Global B2B Center, and Dirk Boessmann, senior vice-president of mobile development at SAP, last month at SAP’s Tech Ed in Berlin.

Why WebAssembly is a game changer for the web — and a source of pride for Mozilla and Firefox With today’s release of Firefox, we are the first browser to support WebAssembly. If you haven’t yet heard of WebAssembly, it’s an emerging standard inspired by our research to enable near-native performance for web applications. WebAssembly is one of the biggest advances to the Web Platform over the past decade. This new standard will enable amazing video games and high-performance web apps for things like computer-aided design, video and image editing, and scientific visualization. To get a quick understanding of WebAssembly, and to get an idea of how some companies are looking at using it, check out this video. It’s been a long, winding, and exciting road getting here. JavaScript was originally intended as a lightweight language for fairly simple scripts. A lot has changed since then. We’ve always been well aware of this at Mozilla but that has never limited our ambitions for the web. WebAssembly is shipping today in Firefox on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.

"Peleando con las TIC": Community Manager Educativo Ser Community Manager o responsable virtual de una marca es hoy en día una profesión emergente y muy cotizada por las grandes empresas. La visibilidad de cualquier empresa o marca en internet y más concretamente en las redes sociales es vital, sería impensable en pleno S XXI no estar presente en ellas de manera activa. Al igual que una empresa debe tener un Community Manager, las escuelas deberían tener a un docente que asuma ese rol. A diferencia de un Community Manager comercial, el educativo no debe ser un competidor con otros compañeros ni centros educativos, al contrario, debe tener la filosofía del "compartir para mejorar y aprender". En definitiva, el Community Manager Educativo debe ser una persona, sobre todo, con empatía, buen talante y con un alto grado de competencia interpersonal ya que tiene que estar en continuo contacto con otras personas a través de las redes y además debe poseer una gran capacidad para fomentar la participación y la moderación.

Basic Search Education Lesson Plans - GoogleWebSearchEducation Web search can be a remarkable research tool for students - and we've heard from educators that they could use some help to teach better search skills in their classroom. The following Search Education lessons were developed by Google Certified Teachers and the Search Education team to help you do just that. The lessons are short, modular and not specific to any discipline so you can mix and match to what best fits the needs of your classroom. Additionally, all lessons come with a companion set of slides (and some with additional resources) to help you guide your in-class discussions. They are all under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike, so feel free to adapt them and use them as you see fit! Understanding the fundamentals of how search engines work will help your students become better searchers. What is the Web? Search is easy but some practice and technique will take your students a long way. Which link should I follow? More resources:

The Evolution Of Email [Infographic] Email. We all use it. Whether you use it on a daily basis or only occasionally, it can’t be denied that electronic mail has transformed the way we live our lives. But email, like everything else in life, has constantly evolved since the first email was sent over ARPANET in 1971. Below is an infographic, produced by Microsoft, which shows the Evolution Of Email.