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Livin' Cool - Fashion, Design, Art & Lifestyle
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Lovely Package | Curating the very best packaging design Brazil Blog List – 60 websites about the country in English Photo by Luis Villa del Campo/ Flickr [UPDATE: New versions of this post are published periodically. Please, look for the updated version.] Blogs are a great source of curated content with diverse points of view. I would like to call your attention to a few blogs that I would like to include in an hors-concours category, due to their quality: yummy Flavors of Brazil, broad and lively Adventures of a Gringa, deep brainy O Mangue, welcoming Gringoes and edgy The Good Blood. Please, let me know if you have any other suggestions. 3Crumbs – “poetic. emotional. rio based. 3 crumbs has 3 faces. 3 crumbs is 3 me. multiple. multilingual. multinational.” Adventures in the Amazon – “I’m an American, married to a Brazilian who is exploring life in a less explored region of the world. Adventures of a Gringa - “I’m a 27 year-old New Yorker who lived in Brazil for two years before moving back to the US with my Brazilian husband”. Adventures of a Gringa in Brazil – No relation to the previous one.

Spray Magazine | Diffuseur de tendances index | NOTCOT Building Block's Black Collection Bags Ani Tzenkova HOWL London is a Muddle 'London is a Muddle': E.M. Forster and the Flâneur Anthony Lake <1> ‘I used to loathe London when I was young’ wrote E.M. <2> The figure of a man walking the streets of a city has become one of the key tropes of modernism. <3> When we think of city walkers in English writing of the Modernist period, we are more likely to think of Virginia Woolf, and especially of the early pages of Mrs Dalloway, and her 1927 essay ‘Street Haunting’, than we are of E.M. <4> We think of Forster as the novelist of the suburbs and the provinces. <5> Howards End is an exploration of what is often called the ‘spirit of place’, and it is a novel that values the countryside over the city, tradition over the modern world, and stillness over movement and change. <6> The search for a home is a guiding theme of Howards End. I believe we shall come to care about people less and less, Helen. The tide had begun to ebb. I hate this continual flux of London. I used to loathe London when I was young.

How to be a stylish designer. | I love graphics! You don’t know how to dress. Fashion has no meaning to you, other than buying a pair of jeans every two years or so. You don’t get the point of wearing anything otther than black. This is a polyvore set. 1. After this, if you’re mommy still thinks you look like an accountant on a funeral, I’m no help. See you tommorow for a real post, May the ampersand be with you, Zélia. Deeper Into Leather: TL Talks With Mitch Alfus To source luxury leather, Alfus says, he goes straight to the ultimate source: the luxury cow (or lamb). To identify such an animal, Mitch wants answers: “How was it raised? How was it fed? Indeed, Mitch believes, you are what you wear—and what you sit on. Mitch Alfus: I look for the cleanliness of the skin. MA: I have people inspecting it overseas, or the customer is allowed to go and inspect it in the tannery before it gets shipped. MA: We have a reputation not just for selling a commodity of leather, but for creating something… for transforming it into something more: washable leather, for instance, which has been a huge thing over the last 5 years. MA: For spring 2013, it’s layered, bright orange, bright red, and bright blue. MA: For objects [as opposed to garments], I like lasered—buffing off the calfskin grain and creating a quasi-perforation that makes patterns, like a mushroom. MA: It gets better as you wear it. This article appeared on Lincoln Now

P//RETTY P U K E Photo Inspiration Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. read more Don’t you just love it when a couple of people commit to be together for the rest of their natural lives? Ramadan is the most popular month amongst the whole Muslim calender. Long exposure photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Mist Photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Analog photography, it is a term used for that type of photography in which a progressively changing recording medium, which may be based either on a chemical process (e.g., photographic film or plate) or electronic means (e.g., using a video camera tube or CCD sensor) is used. Sometimes you just have to do something out of the ordinary.