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The Sexperience 1000

The Sexperience 1000
Welcome to The Sexperience 1000, an interactive journey through the sexual experiences and preferences of one thousand British individuals. What’s the favourite sexual position of iPhone users in the North? Do country music lovers over 55 prefer to do it in the dark? Explore the 20 questions of our survey and discover what the great British public get up to between the sheets… Filter Filter by region, age, etc. and compare to yourself. Track Track particular groups of respondents to see how they answered other questions. Follow Found someone fascinating? Related:  Trends

Photo Inspiration Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. This gives you an idea... read more Don’t you just love it when a couple of people commit to be together for the rest of their natural lives? Ramadan is the most popular month amongst the whole Muslim calender. Long exposure photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Mist Photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Analog photography, it is a term used for that type of photography in which a progressively changing recording medium, which may be based either on a chemical process (e.g., photographic film or plate) or electronic means (e.g., using a video camera tube or CCD sensor) is used. Sometimes you just have to do something out of the ordinary.

Taking on Facebook, Google’s Social Network Allows Data Exporting | Epicenter  97 Seconds | Refreshing sounds & visual initiatives» Press Pause Play Everybody is an artist. “La révolution digitale de ces dix dernières années a donné un coup de fouet sans précédent à la créativité et au talent , avec des opportunités illimités. Mais la démocratisation de la culture est elle positive pour l’art ou au contraire une menace ? Voici la question que pose PressPausePlay, un documentaire regroupant des interviews des créateurs les plus influents de ce monde au coeur de l’ère digitale.” Cet article ne parle pas vraiment de refreshing sounds, ni de visual initiatives. Et en même temps, il en est à la source, au commencement. A ce lien. Ce qu’on en pense et ce qu’on pense : “c’est quoi, un artiste, en 2011-12?” Et ce sont précisement ces nouveaux venus qui changent pas mal la donne. Cette révolution est celle de la démocratisation de l’art. Le talent ne s’apprend pas, le talent ne s’achète pas, et le talent ne se partage pas. 2011 et sa révolution artistique, la démocratisation de la création artistique, sont merveilleuses .

THE URANIUM CAFE Beta: Turning Your LinkedIn Resume in Infographics There seems to be a commercial market emerging around the idea of automizing the creation of infographics. Toronto based start-up [] is currently developing an online application that can automatically translate any online LinkedIn profile into an online infographic. In particular, the new service aims to overcome the issue of reading overly long or highly complex resumes by showing the same information in a more readable and attractive way. First peeks behind the beta service show how this can become particularly useful for those that like to change jobs often, have a high amount of skills or know quite a lot of languages (unfortunately, my current own resume is not that compelling). While the idea seems certainly useful, one would certainly wish for the availability of more subdued visual styles, in particular for those people who appreciate more classical visual styles when applying for high-end, important jobs.

Franck LEPAGE : Inculture(s) ou le nouvel esprit du capitalisme "L’éducation populaire, monsieur, ils n’en ont pas voulu..." (Une conférence gesticulée) Une autre histoire de la France démocratique, culturelle, sociale, éducative, politique, civique, citoyenne, partenariale, associative, décentralisée, européenne et mondialisée, bref... une autre histoire du capitalisme. Franck LEPAGE et la coopérative d’’éducation populaire « Le Pavé » présentent « Avant, j’étais prophète... durée 2h30 Un philosophe aujourd’hui oublié, Herbert Marcuse, nous mettait en garde : nous ne pourrions bientôt plus critiquer efficacement le capitalisme, parce que nous n’aurions bientôt plus de mots pour le désigner négativement. 30 ans plus tard, le capitalisme s’appelle développement, la domination s’appelle partenariat, l’’exploitation s’’appelle gestion des ressources humaines et l’’aliénation s’’appelle projet. 1ère partie INTRODUCTION 30min 2ème partie LE METIER DE LA CULTURE 24min 3ème partie QUITTER PARIS 22min 5ème partie LE COLLOQUE

If It's Hip, It's Here How British do you feel? Visualised Visualising data online and in a newspaper is like the difference between speaking Spanish and conversing in French; there have the same roots and are ostensibly similar - but in practice are completely different. So it's proven with the results of our online Britishness survey, where we asked readers to rate how they felt about their nationality. The results provide a fascinating insight into how different parts of the UK really feel about the nation as a whole. Online, it works just like a Google map - where you can zoom in and see how people feel in each place, ranked by the maps of each country. It works using the Google Maps API, feeding from a spreadsheet form that readers are essentially filling in. Britishness interactive Photograph: Guardian But the demands of showing the same data in the paper produce a different approach - the results of which you can see above. What do you think? More open data Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian World government data