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Knife-Roller / Rouleau à couteaux /Rollo Faca

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No-till Roller/Crimper Plans. Our work Rodale Institute » Our Work » Organic No-till » No-till Roller/Crimper Plans Organic No-till No-till Roller/Crimper Plans Get the no-till roller/crimper plans.

No-till Roller/Crimper Plans

Cover Crop Roller for Reduced Tillage Organic Farming. Rouleau coucheur d'herbes. Rolofaca LE ROLOFACA C’EST ÉCOLOGIQUE ET ÉCONOMIQUE. Tamil Nadu News : Farmer develops improvised drum seeder. News: ePaper | Front Page | National | Tamil Nadu | Andhra Pradesh | Karnataka | Kerala | New Delhi | Other States | International | Opinion | Business | Sport | Miscellaneous | Engagements | Advts: Retail Plus | Classifieds | Jobs | Obituary | Tamil Nadu Farmer develops improvised drum seeder G.Srinivasan breaking fresh ground:The improvised drum seeder being demonstrated in Tiruvarur on Wednesday.

Tamil Nadu News : Farmer develops improvised drum seeder

TIRUVARUR: A farmer of Manaparavai in Kodavasal block in Tiruvarur district has developed an improvised drum seeder to overcome the problem faced while operating it in wet lands with clay soil. A team of scientists from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Needamangalam, while organising a farmer field school meeting, were surprised at the innovation. He found that the clay sticking to the corrugated wheels of the drum seeder entered the perforations made in the seed drums adjacent to the wheels. Printer friendly page Send this article to Friends by E-Mail.

Grubber Roller and Seeder (GRAS) Machine-Department of Resources-Primary Industry. G.R.A.S. stands for Grubber Roller and Seeder.

Grubber Roller and Seeder (GRAS) Machine-Department of Resources-Primary Industry

It is certainly not a new concept as similar large machines have been around for years. These bigger machines, some weighing as much as 10 tonnes are called Chopper-rollers and are used primarily for controlling sucker regrowth and rejuvenating old grass stands. Being large and heavy they require large tractors or dozers to pull them and are difficult to transport from one area to the next.

Grass seed needs some soil disturbance for best establishment and development. As commercially available improved grass seeds can cost as much as $30 a kilogram it is wise to provide favourable establishment conditions. To do this usually requires a tractor, plough and a fertiliser spreader or seeder. The GRAS machine was manufactured using two old gas cylinders for the rollers.

Figure 1: The GRAS machine in operation mode I manufactured two seed drums that sit above the rollers and rotate via pulleys and belts to each other and the rear roller. 1. 2. 3. WOLF-Garten multi-star Lawn Edge Trimmer, Model RBM - Garden Harvest Supply Inc. Tillers International: Tools. Bending plastic pipe for yoke bows Tillers' international projects emphasize appropriate technology, designing tools and equipment that can be manufactured locally using inexpensive local materials, tools, and skills.

Tillers International: Tools

Traditional American yokes use a wooden bow around each ox's neck that must be carefully steam bent. Native east and south African woods do not have the necessary structure to bend without breaking. Therefore traditional African yoke bows typically consist of two straight pieces that rest along the animal's neck, which require a hump for effective pulling. To improve the fit of these yokes, thus also improving the ox's health and efficiency and no longer requiring a humped animal, Tillers developed a technique for bending plastic water pipe into bows. Organic No-Till Pumpkin Production: Weed Em and Reap.