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TRENDORIGINAL is dedicated to the great trends created or first

TRENDORIGINAL is dedicated to the great trends created or first
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On The Ground Looking Up Interactive Marketing Trends Designklub The Purveyor of Cool In 1974, Dominican immigrant Don Antonio Martinez started a small shop in New York City selling hand rolled cigars. Thirty-eight years later his son, Jesus, carries on the tradition. The shop combines craftsmanship with community, mixing equal parts work and play. Made by Hand / No 4 The Cigar Shop from Made by Hand on Vimeo. A project from, Made by Hand is a new short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand—sustainably, locally, and with a love for their craft. To see more visit Like most, my taste far exceeds my budget. Of course there are dozens of other (read unofficial) events surrounding the scheduled shows. Updates Cole Haan Presents Nobility #DontGoHome | Fashions Night Out AfterParty |@GinnySupperClub | **TONIGHT** | 10:30pm-3am | Hosted by Larry Ossei-Mensah (@youngglobal) I though I had a good idea when I moved from Detroit to Chicago. The fact that he asked me pretty much made the question redundant.

Thinking for a Living™ Gartner Adds Big Data, Gamification, and Internet of Things to Its Hype Cycle Gartner is once again taking a look at the "hype cycle" for technologies and trying to assess where technologies lie along the bumpy road from technology trigger to productivity. This year, Gartner is adding big data, Internet of Things, gamification and consumerization to the Hype Cycle that weren't present in 2010. According to Gartner, private cloud computing has reached the peak level of hype, and cloud/Web platforms are slipping into the "trough of disillusionment" in the face of Platform as a Service (PaaS). For the uninitiated, Gartner tracks technologies through a lifecycle that begins with a technology trigger through the plateau of productivity. The idea is that companies can use the assessments to decide whether to invest in specific technologies. The results this year? Now what does all that mean? As far as Gartner's assessment of the various technologies, it looks about right.

Dailytonic - Your daily Inspiration AHALife adds curation and tastemaker status to sell luxury goods - Social Media The web created pages we wanted to return to, so browsers began saving local bookmarks. Then came the likes of Delicious which allowed people to share their favourite sites and pages. A few years later Twitter revolutionised the way we share content and site links. It can be briefly described as a way of storing and sharing favorite tweets in “sub folders” (bundles). The underlying premise is that allows people to curate and share lists of Twitter favorites around topics of particular interest. Twitter favorites has long been the only way to easily remember and share Tweets of interest. How does it work? allows the user to create “bundles” of tweets which are similar to folders of favorites. … or by adding the Google Chrome extension which will add a “Curate” button to your regular Twitter web view. The bundle can be tagged for easy searching and can be set to either public (i.e. shareable) or private. What doesn’t it do? It also should not overlook mobile.

Infinity List Et si Apple lançait l'iCam ? Accompagnant la création graphique, le dessin, la PAO, la 3D retouche photo ou le montage vidéo, les machines Apple ont passé un cap avec l’iPad, en train de s’imposer comme l’instrument de production musical de la décennie. Reste pourtant un domaine dans lequel la Pomme ne s’est jamais lancée: la Photo. Si l’on excepte le malheureux essai QuickTake, Apple s’est refusé et ce, pour plusieurs raisons: - Le marché de la photo est longtemps resté extrêmement traditionnaliste, et le secteur le plus porteur (les reflex numériques) est resté chasse gardée du duo Canon et Nikon, sans qu’aucun challenger ne puisse venir les bousculer. - La photo demande des expertises au-delà de l’électronique. L’optique est ainsi un chaînon crucial et un métier qui ne s’apprend pas du jour au lendemain. - Et puis surtout, l’iPhone. Le smartphone d’Apple a en effet bousculé le marché à lui seul, devenant rapidement l’appareil photo numérique le plus populaire sur flickr… Toutes catégories confondues. © ADR Studio

THE URANIUM CAFE PocketLoops, un clavier portable pour transformer l’iPhone en studio d’enregistrement DJing Son gear4 iphone ipod touch Pocketloops station d'accueil L’AppStore regorge d’applications diverses et variées permettant d’exploiter la puissance de l’iPhone. On peut aller plus loin encore si on lui associe une partie matérielle et c’est notamment ce que propose les marques Gear4 et Novation avec le clavier portable PocketLoops. Après un succès retentissant aux Etats-Unis, c’est enfin au tour de l’Europe d’en profiter. Gear4 et Novation se sont associés pour proposer sur le marché le clavier PocketLoops, une plateforme de composition musicale portable composée d’une station d’accueil pour iPhone et iPod Touch et d’une application dédiée. Ce kit permet de créer et d’enregistrer vos propres compositions, de les jouer en boucle et de modifier les sons. 13 instruments virtuels sont ainsi disponibles : piano, orgue, guitare, etc. Facile à utiliser et adaptée aux novices qui ne connaissent rien au solfège aussi bien qu’aux amateurs de musique, le Pocket Loops est disponible pour 70 € environ.

Niice. A search engine with taste. The Sexperience 1000 Welcome to The Sexperience 1000, an interactive journey through the sexual experiences and preferences of one thousand British individuals. What’s the favourite sexual position of iPhone users in the North? Do country music lovers over 55 prefer to do it in the dark? Explore the 20 questions of our survey and discover what the great British public get up to between the sheets… Filter Filter by region, age, etc. and compare to yourself. Track Track particular groups of respondents to see how they answered other questions. Follow Found someone fascinating?