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Simon with the 2012 Lotus LMP2 at the Sebring debut. Daniel Simon is a German-born concept designer, author, and producer, with professional roots as a senior designer at Bugatti and Volkswagen. Clients include Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Lotus, and Hamilton. After working in Spain, England, Brazil, and Japan, Simon settled in Los Angeles, where he focuses his acclaimed style on creating iconic fantasy vehicles for Hollywood blockbuster films such as Tron: Legacy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, and Oblivion. He also offers automotive-design services, lectures, and works on his own vehicle-centered fantasy worlds, available as books: Cosmic Motors™ and The Timeless Racer®. To read more about Daniel Simon, click below.

Saizen Media The Slavers are coming! Saizen Media takes over the July issue of 3D World Magazine! Go behind the scenes with an extensive breakdown tutorial showing the step-by-step creative process. View Project danielsimon SKETCH BOOK. Everything I do, starts and ends with a drawing. Between that, there are many weeks and months of digital 3D modeling. Sketchbook pro speed sketch tutorial Here is a very quick speed sketch on the Wacom Cintiq...just sketch up your design in pencil and airbrush and use as an underlay remember to use new layers as you add colour highlights and detail.

Craig Mullins (153 photos) - Posted on January 7, 2009 in Oil Painting If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! acrylic_figure004.jpg alpine_jumpjet1.jpg Cosmic Motors Vehicles Cosmic Motors™ is a fantasy manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds, located in the center of the Galaxion galaxy. CoMo, as it is affectionately referred to by its outer space fans, was founded in the Galaxion year 8966-B.CoMo soon became a rising star among the big established vehicle makers in the Galaxion system, and countless record-breaking CoMo vehicles steadily caught the attention of the public. Besides their groundbreaking developments in transportation, CoMo gained fame by turning retired war machinery of other makers into the finest sports competition vehicles.

ionut predescu from Timisoara, Romania Share Recumbent Tricycle 3 Multitool 5 Socket No 5 5 20 Awesome Products And Design Ideas September 2, 2011 | 48 Comments » | Topics: Design, Pics Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories Fred & Friends » Contact Introduction We are currently working with many designers from around the world, and we generally find the process, fun, constructive, and hopefully profitable for all involved. Here are a few reasons you may enjoy partnering with us… 1. We truly value design and work like crazy to refine and preserve the original idea behind every product. We hate compromises and we don’t dumb it down.

Cg World Group - The Professional CG Network CG World Group We are architects, designers, artists, bloggers and trainers with the passion for computer graphics and photorealistic visulization for marketing and advertising. We provide different services: from 3D modeling, photorealistic renders and animations for architects and any potential customers in different countries.